DiveChamp is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Jean-Baptiste Bolcato, DiveChamp is a Sports game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 1st August 2012 with the latest update 8th May 2022

Whether you are a fan of Sports, Sports, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


56 people have rated 1.45

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The ultimate acrobatic diving simulator!

"The best diving game out there, period!"
"By far the most realistic diving video game on any platform."
"Tons of fun, love this game. AAA+"

Take your diver from the junior 1m local meet all the way up to international top events at the high flying 10m platform.

The game features realistic 2D graphics captured from experienced national divers, ultra-smooth animation and responsive controls for optimal gameplay following closely the beautiful (and dangerous) sport of diving!

Other features:

  • 1 and 3 meters springboards
  • 5, 7 and 10 meters platforms
  • Forward, Back, Reverse, Inward and Armstands dives.
  • Pike, Tuck and Twists positions
  • Allows freestyle practice; enjoy ripping a simple reverse dive or a double back flip with quadruple twist!
  • RPG elements: customize and upgrade your diver thanks to the experience you accumulate by competing and practicing!
  • Offers 3 to 7 judges and a palette of qualifying standards just like in real life!
  • Follows most FINA codes, DD rules and judging regulations
  • Full Game centre support: achievements, leader boards and store transactions.
  • Turn based multiplayer using GameCenter.
  • Latest version supports all devices with iOS beyond 8.0, including iPhoneX, XS, Max

Have you tried the brand new version of the game, DiveChamp2 ?

Updated on 8th May 2022

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

DiveChamp Reviews

We love this game so much . We are a diver myself and the physics and overall aesthetics of the game are phenomenal. You can perform realistic dives. We love how smooth the game look and how you can compete in meets . Overall an amazing game.

We recently placed 20 in the nation on 1m and 3m at USA Nationals in Knoxville Tennessee, we have been looking for a game that resembles what we do for a living. This game is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

This app is the diving game we’ve been hoping to see for a long time. It is fantastic without any improvements needed. That said, we agree with some of the calls for female divers (and divers of color). Other improvements you might consider are allowing players to make minor adjustments to get diver to vertical after kick-out, or maybe a partial/full lockout. Its just really hard to hit that exact perfect kick-out, and the penalty for missing even a little is steep. Also the twisting speeds are ridiculously fast. Im doing ok with it, but we could see slowing it down a bit. Great job on this application, though. Thanks for building it.

Love this game! So real so challenging & so age friendly A game for everyone.

We love how it makes no splashes.

Love the new meets added. We would really love to have the option to create and compete your own 11 dive list. And maybe a half twist button? Keep up the great work!!

Let us start off by telling you that this game is utter perfection. The dynamics are so on and the physics is right which makes it so much fun to play. The ONLY complaint we have is when the diver is doing a type of backwards flip (reverse, back) when you switch from doing a backwards pike to a backwards somersault the guy glitches, he starts in a different position than where you left off on the previous flip and its not smooth. We know this is fixable because when you are doing a forwards dive, it works perfectly. If you could please take a look at this we will surely be buying much more from you guys! Thanks!

A really cool game, but Id love the option to have a female diver, as well as a slower twist maybe.

Best game we’ve ever played, super fun and interesting!! Theres only one problem, there should really be a female diver, only reason its not 5 stars.

We have been playing this game for months & all of our teammates play it as well & I’d like to ask for 11 simple things that will make this game even better than it already is 1. 107b on 1m 2. Back & reverse arm stand dives on the platform 3. Custom lists for meets (6 & 11 dive meets) restricted with a 9.0 overall voluntary DD maximum & free to choose our optionals 4. Custom suits for our diver 5. The ability to change gender & race for more user compatibility 6. A 1/2 twist before 1-1/2 for back & reverse twisters 7. A replay feature (including slow motion) 8. A hurdle for fronts & reverses on the springboard & an approach for fronts on platform 9. Let us upgrade our spin speed in a tuck or pike 10. Let us upgrade our twisting speeds 11. Fix the glitches on backs & reverses when you mix a pike after a tuck or vise versa thanks -Hunter Jaynes.

Absolutely love the game, but we wish there were updates with more levels. We’ve gotten first on every level so now it’s kind of boring to repeat all the time.

Great but needs features like knee saving and somersault saving. Also, we would like to be able to choose our list.

Perfect game for anyone who knows diving!! We are the 2013 Kansas 6A State Diving Champion and we’ve even told our coaches about how great and realistic this game is! The judging, to all the diving diving numbers and DD’s just make it so much more enjoyable to everyone. The only problem is, in diving, you get to compete the dives you want and can do along with some requirements of course. We will love this game this much more if you guys could add 6 and 11 dive custom meets for all diving heights where we don’t compete vs other computer people but just get your score (keep dive list history?), so that we can brag and compete vs other friends scores. Best game!!

This game is super addictive to anyone who knows diving. The only things missing are meets where we can choose the dives we want.

This game is our favorite on our phone but since we recently got an iPhone 6 to play it on but the buttons are too big now and overlap.

We love this game, but there are no back armstands on tower and those are competed very often. In the next update, please add back armstands!! Thanks! And please update soon, hasn’t been on in a long time.

It is our favorite aquatics app! We even have the cliff diving one! Both are our favorite!

We have been a diver through high school, went to college on a diving scholarship, and now am a performer in shows that include diving as well as some other amazing acrobatic elements… This app is by far the best game we have ever play on iPhone and hope to see more after cliffchamp… Which brings us to a thought… It would be awesome to have a Russian swing champ! Essentially, Russian swing is a platform that loops around a center point and is capable of launching acrobats upwards of 40-50 ft in the air. Just a thought :)

We love this game but could u please fix the glitch were the back and gainer quint you automatically fail it… And could you add back and gainer arm stands… We’ve been diving for 7 years and this and dive champ ate The most realistic games. We think you should add more meets in all levels and make it go higher.

The most complete acrobatic diving simulation by far, you’ll find on any device… Great stuff! Love it. Also check CliffDivingChamp : just as good.

Realistic and fun. Has helped us to know when to come out of more difficult dives! We only wish that you could choose you own dives when competing with friends.

Not only is this game addicting but it is so fun and easy to use. We just downloaded the new CLIFF diver one and love it as!

Love this game. Being a state champ in diving we feel like we’re still diving without getting in the pool.

We have always wanted a realistic diving game and this is as good as it gets. A few minor upgrades would be great, A) a front approach animation for springboard. B) for added realism, if you could link the twisting animations together, so if we hit the twist button before the first twist ends, the diver keeps twisting. C) a more professional looking title screen, that reflects the games potential as a great simulation :) Great game, thank you, we would have paid more for it.

Awesome game ! It is so much fun and a great time killer. Just needs an update. Maybe some new meets and to choose your own dives but great game!

We’re a (terrible) diver and this game is as real as it gets compared to all other apps. Worth the money.

This is by far the best diving game out there! Thank you for killing our time every day:) A front approach would be an awesome addition.

Best game ever! Its addicting and rather challenging too.. We dig it! It’s definitely a good time to waste time we don’t have. Ha!

We found this and instantly downloaded it, and we absolutely do not regret that decision! It’s amazing! Very realistic! It may seem easy at first but it gets a lot more challenging! Adding any kind of approach for springboard would add more realism, but it isn’t really a draw back from the game as a hole. It’s obvious the time the game producers took, definitely worth .99c. For us it’s a 5/5!

We’re a diver and a coach and we absolutely love this game… Addictive, challenging, great graphics, and it does a really great job of being true to the sport. Our only feedback: the diver needs to have an approach and hurdle for fronts and reverses! (oh, and what’s with the ‘best of three’ in competitions?? We wish we were that fortunate in the real world!) :-) Download and play this game, you won’t be disappointed!

We love this game it has us hooked. We can do the same dives we so in real life. It is fun and we recommend it for you!!!!!

We’re a diver for almost 2 years now, and we love to do our dives on this before a meet! We’ve got lots of people at our pool to download this, and they all love it! This app is awesome, keep up the good work.

We like the game a lot, but the multiplayer doesn’t work for us. It just brings us back to the home screen when we hit the button to take our turn.

It’s probably almost as good as its gonna get but we deduct a star for no fear factor when learning a new dive. We understand that it would be hard to simulate that but that plays a huge role.

We are a spring board and platform junior national competitor and love this game, but would love an update. This including features like back armstands, an approach for fronts and reverses, more meets and options for meet dives !

  1. it doesn’t count points after 9,999,999 (goes back to 0,000,000) 2) doesn’t let you do the approach 3) the background voices (?) are weird, looks like someone is sacrificing a lamb to the Greek gods Hope they can adjust it – other than that it’s fun.

The competition mode didn’t work. When we press "play" it just reverts back to the main screen. The same thing happens on our friend’s iPhone.

Keep getting a message when we try to "play with friends" which says that we need an internet connection. We have one but the game won’t work. :(

Great game and totally worth the money! It is the most real diving simulation ever!!

Found this app totally by accident but am now totally addicted. Easy to learn but very difficult to master. Gives u real appreciation for diving as a sport. Shud have part of the Olympic apps this summer.

Such a great app! We have been playing so much that we’re actually at level 21… And we have 612 upgrades? It’s obviously a glitch, but it would be sweet to be able to upgrade the diver even more, and have new meets! Great game, so realistic. We’ve been a diver for 10 years this is such a great game. Better than anything else cough*tomdaleysgamecough. Great job, needs another update soon though!

We’re a national level diver and this game is very true to life and very addicting.

This is a great game and very true to life.

Love the game its the most realistic diving game we’ve ever played. We think adding reverse and back arm-stands and adding a hurdle for fronts and reverses on springboard would be really cool. Maybe you could even add some more meets like 1 meter world championships. Also add more space for upgrades on your diver. Lastly we think it would be cool if you could add 1 meter and 3 meter platform to training mode. Still an awesome game.

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