Tennis Club Story

Tennis Club Story


Tennis Club Story is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Kairosoft Co.,Ltd, Tennis Club Story is a Sports game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 9th February 2016 with the latest update 10th July 2017

Whether you are a fan of Sports, Simulation, or Sports games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


14 people have rated 2.00

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Aim for the ace position of tennis club prestige in this simulation! Your leadership decides if players make it to the big time or bust! Customize your training menu to focus on power or technique, molding players as you please for competitions, fame, and snazzy sponsors!

Sponsors will fund hard-working athletes with big bucks, in addition to providing top-notch gear, items, and more. Some corporations might even build you a hot springs spa or restaurant! Sign with a variety of sponsors and live the good life!

Oh–and don’t forget to beef up service for patrons of your tennis school! Hosting barbecues, training camps, and other fun events will stoke motivation. Make your tennis club a fun one to bring customers clambering!

So who will it be that commands the court? From singles and doubles to team competitions, serve up your rivals to win the Grand Slam and stock that trophy shelf!

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Updated on 10th July 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Now available in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Korean!

Tennis Club Story Reviews

Played this one over and over again. Kairosoft only makes bangers. Love it, especially this one.

It’s not their best, it’s just ok we would say 3 and a half stars but we cant so we gave it a 4. If you like pocket league story and grand prix story, you might like this one too. But it can get repetitive and a lot of grinding to get good players. We beat the game but we’re not going for a second play through like the other kairosoft titles.

We have played almost all of the Kairosoft games and love them all. We highly recommend this one, Game Dev Story, and Pocket League Story. A Kairosoft baseball game would be amazing.

PLEASE PLEASE!!! Make Football, Basketball, and Hockey! We played racing first and soccer is amazing.

A Revolutionary Leap Forward for Kairosoft! … Just Kidding! Come on, we all know why we’re here Kairosoft returns with yet ANOTHER ‘Nearly’ Identical sequel that’s just as hopelessly addictive as all the others. The players stats in this one have a bit more depth than in the previous entries. The wide variety of "Styles" available for your players, plus a pretty extensive list of equip-able items to unlock means you might actually need some strategy to get through the late game.

It’s very addicting. One thing we think you should add is when you buy something, it should ask if you really want to purchase the item. More than once have we accidentally bought something we didn’t mean to buy.

Kairosoft has never failed to deliver. You will not be disappointed with this game. It is similar to pocket league and Grand Prix story in gameplay. Have fun!!

It’s great to see the games come out faster.

They have done it again. Just amazing.

We’re really enjoying TCS. Fun, lots to do, and we can see myself replaying this one like we have with many of their other titles. We would really like to be able to skip watching some of the tennis matches though, the ones you know you’re going to win anyway. It slows things down to watch your players replay the same opponent over and over. A way to just skip to the end would be really nice. Otherwise this game is a good one.

The game is amazing! The only thing we see it needs is when we buy items from the store, if it could asked you how many you want to buy instead of buying them one at a time. And that when people level up while on your tennis map, it shows Kanji and not the name.

Once again another fantastic game from Kairosoft. It’s got good pacing, graphics and playability. Though we are seeing some heavy slow down late into the game with 4 tennis courts active. On the options we’re using the pro setting. Also we’re using a iPad Pro too so we don’t think it’s the hardware. Other than that the games a blast, we highly recommend it!

We have played the majority of kairosoft games and have loved them all. This is the first one we truly don’t like. It gives you all the usually kairosoft features which are still present in this game. But the actually gameplay of the matches is flawed. The Cpu player(s) seem to move and play realistically, like they have a goal in mind. On the other hand you will often find your player running around in circles and waiting for no reason to charge up their swing. When playing doubles your players will have no idea what each other is doing and will basically stand right next to each other leaving the rest of the court open as the cpu players spread out and play realistically. Stats aren’t a huge factor in this game as you will always be at a disadvantage due to the lack of ai in your own players. Only buy this game if you want to be frustrated and disheartened by losing to players with worse stats and equipment.

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