Dodge Master!

Last updated on August 5th, 2022 at 01:00 am

Dodge Master!

Dodge Master!

Dodge Master! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Rollic Games Oyun Yazilim ve Pazarlama Anonim Sirketi, Dodge Master! is a Action game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 30th December 2020 with the latest update 25th January 2022

Whether you are a fan of Action, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


62,729 people have rated 3.4.0

You can download the game Dodge Master! from APP STORE.


Forget all other action games and get ready to dive into a super fun dodging and shooting mafia battle! Killing bad guys was never that fun before!

Show your ninja skills and dodge your way out of this mafia fight. If you can escape from the all bullets, then you are the real Dodge Master! Your enemies will be surprised that they missed so it’s your time to hit! Take your sniper gun, shot down, and kill your enemies to get the money… and the girl!

Shots fired! You may not bend or stop bullets like in matrix but you can definitely bend your body and dodge the bullets. Imagine you are like an assassin going after the mafia, shooting with a sniper and dodging all the bullets. Fun right?

Just remember you have limited time, so quickly solve this physics puzzle, pull the trigger and… ACTION! Take all the bad guys down on one shot!

You’ll love the action in this game, and not just that… There are special events for dodging, shooting and killing:

Dodge Mania
Bullet Festival
Headshot Master

Dodge Master is a 3D action game with free and easy to play mechanics. Join the Dodge team now!

Updated on 25th January 2022

Performance improvements and bug fixes. Enjoy!

Dodge Master! Review

We love this so good omg so good cool epic game even billy bob likes it w game w pullout game.

We just started downloading this game and its amazing! Nice details.

The game is awesome its amazingly well made but when we hit level 64 the game crashed and did not let us in we love this game so plz fix this issue.

It was alot of fun with this game so far we’ve played it once but we hope there will be no ads.

Is a fun game to play on your free time but there is one tony issue. Once you get to a certain level the game crashes and when you try to open the app it crashes again. Once this happens in order tor us to play the game again we have to uninstall and reinstall the game in order to play again. Is really annoying but overall a fun game.

After we played a few matches our game stopped working, it just kept popping up to an elephant on a ball whenever we click on it please fix this then Ill put five stars. (Around level 50-60)

We were playing the game in a low signal area and it all the sudden paused like it was gonna give us an ad but than kicked us we try to get back on over and over but it won’t work even when we’re in a area with good signal. It doesn’t seem like the game can go 5 levels without trying to give give you an ad and if it can’t, it will crash the game and not let you back in. Please fix thiS.

The game is super fun and ez (dont fix that ) but after we finish a level it gives us an add every time so pls FIX THAT SUGAR HONEY ICED TEA s-h-1-t.

Every time we get the game it alwees stopes working and we redonloded it three more Tims and it did the same thing.

We were playing we had everything in the game and 2 days later it restarted.

Why we have no hate against this but.. Why.

Why do you guys make it so when you get a hint you cant move.

This game was fun while we first played it but. As usual we get a million ads and Its so boring. Thats all we can say..

The game wont let us join and we actually enjoyed playing so please try to let us in.

We downloaded the app three separate times, Even restarted our IPhone Nothing! App opens up for a few seconds then boom it closes then back to our Home Screen. Was really looking forward to playing this.

We got the game and we were really fun but suddenly it wouldnt let us open the game and we had to uninstall and reinstall it to work. We then lost all our progress and if we didnt watch an ad we would never be able to get the gun. We got a new gun from the matrix event but it wouldnt let us re-equip it then we chose a new one. It was so good until it got all glitchy and money hungry.

We hate it a lot pls stop this man from making games.

Whenever we open the game it only goes to the Elephant on the ball screen then crash’s. Tried closing and reopening but nothing worked. Please fix as soon as you can!

The game is very fun although there are ads after every single game.

We love this game but we lag almost all of the time and we had to delete it to play again.

We like how in the ad theres actually the real game.

Are yall gonna fix the issue with this game crashing like it does, we tried starting it up over 5 times and its not working, uninstalled and re-installed and the same thing and if folks has spent money on this game are yall reimbursing them since the issue has not been fixed at all.

This game dude its not bad but bruh amount of adds gives us no chance to actually play and its rly annoying so ye we didnt keep this game very long.

We love the game but when we were getting on to play it keep crashing over and OVER we did it for the 5th time but it was still crashing pls fix this crashing problem.

We cant even launch the game and its annoying fix this please because this is bad.

After a while it gets boring cuz none of the levels are hard and if you play long enough it loops the same levels. This isnt an endless game! Make it so people can keep the app longer. Make it so that y oh have to BUY weapons instead of watching ads.

All we have to say is that its crashing every time we load up the game.

Crashes around 55-60 and is unplayable unless you restart everything.

Was fun at 1st, then after like lvl 11 or 12 you get an ad after EVERY SINGLE COMPLETED SEGMENT. We mean seriously uninstalled just for that.

This is nice love it, and its our first time playing it.

Today we just went on to play and then we noticed we had the starter pistol and we thought oh maybe Im using the pistol then we notice that we were on level 1 and that we lost everything we were really mad because Im so high and we had almost everything pls fix this so Im not mad anymore.

So we were playing this game and really enjoyed it we had just got it yesterday and was playing a lot we loved the idea of dodging than shooting but we went to play the next level and our game crashed. We went to delete the tab and redo it we did and nothing worked. Im now fully locked out of the game and cant play we were really enjoying the game and how you can get better guns and weapons but we cant anymore we cant figure out how to fully delete the game without losing all of our progress and all our cash. We dont know why it crashed but we enjoyed the game so for all other people stay out there and keep shooting you Dandy dodger. (; Ps: It was around lvl 60 we believe we crashed.

This is a weird but very fun game in our opinion.

Good game we love playing but we wish there were more skins.


We played this game and we loved it but when we unlocked every gun we noticed the money was worthless then. We have uninstalled this app now.

We love the game but we were at level 324 and it restarted us and then we still played and it restarted us AGAIN.

We also have an issue with this game. We have not even gotten the chance to play.

No need to explain. Just a poorly optimized mess.