Domino for iPhone

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Domino for iPhone


Domino for iPhone is one of the best $3.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Jose Varela, Domino for iPhone is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 3rd July 2010 with the latest update 30th June 2020

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Board, or Strategy games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


57 people have rated 1.3.3

You can download the game Domino for iPhone from APP STORE.


Play the Latin American version of the classic game of Dominoes against virtual players or real players using the multiplayer option via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or the Game Center. You can play against anybody from around the world. With the version “Domino for iPad” you can even play using an iPhone against an iPad or vice versa.

Against a virtual player, you have the option to choose the level (beginner, medium or expert). In addition, in the Options Menu you can configure the game to suit all kind of different modes, such as game points (100,200,300, 400), determining the starting piece (double 6 or any other random piece), and choosing who starts the game, among other options.

Also in the Options Menu you can change the speed of the game or the color of the pieces.

You can consult your record (win/loss matches) in the statistic menu.

Enjoy the game

PD: In Multiplayer mode, one person hit "Create Game" and the other(s) Join Game

Updated on 30th June 2020

Fixed an issue when dragging the dominoes.

Domino for iPhone Reviews

Latest update fixed some of the issues the previous update had callled. We love to play this. Its good practice for our family get togethers.

Despus de actualizar no veo las fichas del jugador a mi izquierda.

Era una buena aplicacin pero le hicieron unos ajustes que la dao. Qu lstima.

Hi, your latest update shows the game zoomed in and when tapping and dragging one of the pieces this one moves away from the finger like going to the right side of the screen.

The game would be better with the possibly of rotation.

El juego es bueno pero sale muy grande los domins lo podras arreglar gracias.

In the latest update you made the bones to big.

Es la peor aplicacin de domingos de todo el AppStore y lo triste es que resiente la actualizaron y funciona peor!! Quiero mi dinero!!!!

Us encanta este juego. Lo nico que hiciera este juego mejor fuera si le pusieran la opcin de cojer premios. Por ejemplo 1-si alguien sale y el de la derecha no va=25 2- si alguien pone una ficha y nadie el la mesa juega y vuelve y juega la persona = 25 3-si alguien gana con una ficha y esa ficha va por los dos lados ( capica) = 25. Por favor si pudieran hacer esto. Sera la mejor aplicacin de Domino latino. Gracias.

Les escribo para felicitarlos por la excelente aplicacin de Domino 2010, creo que es la mejor dentro de este ramo. Desde hace tiempo haba estado buscando un juego de domin clsico hasta que al fin us top con la de ustedes. Pero us estaba preguntando si le van a hacer algn tipo de upgrade, ms que todo a nivel cosmtico, como jugar con piedras de colores o pintas de diferente color o como cambiar el color del fondo de la mesa.

Apreciados seores , el juego extraordinario lo juego todos los das , pero ahora no he podido juagar entre celulares y nunca en lnea . Quisiera que pudiera uno regresar la jugada para aprender ms , tambin seria interezante poder colococar dinero real pata hacer apuestas Mil gracias Atentamente EDUARDO BUENO PEREZ COLOMBIA +573184610590 Whatsapp & Telfono.

Am from the Caribbean. We would really like if you make this app active again. By upgrading the multiplayer. Make it available for androids. This is the best Domino app their is. It can be much better if you had multiplayer for 4 players.

Love the game can you please add capicu for 25 points Also 25 points for making them pass on first tile and if they all pass thats also 25 And making multiplayer available other than beating on same WiFi Or Bluetooth Otherwise great game but if you want to make it Latin domino style these definitely are must.. !!!!! Please strongly consider this because we’ve tried every single domino game and this by far is the best and smoothest just wish you can add these minor adjustments to make it phenomenal or come out with a newer version that has all of this available!!

We love the game, but it has some bugs. Every so often we can’t move our block onto the table and we either have to click on scorecard or leave the app and return before we can play our block. The game is also missing some key rules for scoring. For instance, "capicua" or getting points when your winning block plays on both ends. Also, getting points when you make all three players pass. And finally, getting points when the player doesn’t go on their first try. Online play would be great, but not necessary to make it five stars. If you just want to play. Worth the money.

This App needs to be updated and needs to add in-house rules options like scoring bonus like capicu and chuchaso.

Do not download this game, we just made our friends download this game and it doesnt work at all, we couldnt play not even one time !!! If you dont want to lose your money, do not download this game !!

Se desconecta fecuentemente cuando estas jugando con 4 amigos, intercambia los nombre de los jugadores. Esta chevere la aplicacion pero tiene muchos errores.

Please fixed… Por favor Chamo, us gustara tener un fix. Gracias/Thx.

Need update app is great but we need more rules and fix wifi and Bluetooth play sometimes it’s crashes.

Great app… Just needs a few updates.

Te escribo en espaol porque veo que uds los creadores son venezolanos. La aplicacin esta perfecta pero seria mejor si uds permitieran que uno hiciera los ajustes para las reglas. Como cojer 25 a la salida. Hacer capica. Que los tranque solo sea con el de abajo ect.

Game is great ! You should update some of the Latin American rules to the game of domino that Latin Americans use . 1. Capicu 2. 25 pts of the person who starts the game makes the next guy pass 3. 25 pts if one player can make everyone pass etc..

But can’t play against others :( doesn’t works. Please fix … Computer is boring.

Is the best domino game but when close and open again the app in the iphone 6 the app not respond and lose the game.

But it crashes and can’t play whit other players only whit computer . Please fixit is the only app that plays like latinos plays it.

Love the game play, but every time we take a call we have to reboot the game really frustrating, needs to be fix… We see everyone is having the same problem, but problem goes on ignored.

This versin as contrast to The game in our IPad, once we take a phone call it does not work, you can not play again and have to reboot iphone. It frustrating because this is real game in most Latinoamrica countries. The other problema is when you play again at computer, your partner is a traitor, pulls the game for him, even if he has bad hand. Also closes the game when not needed and when he has to close the game, he doesnot. Squares the game most time incorrectly. Variables have to be improved.

Unable to resume game after switching to another app on iPhone 6+. Please fix.

Have been playing this particular version of dominos for a couple of years. Not working very well on iPhone 6. And should have a setting for capi ku. Fix this please!!

App crashes if you close & return to continue. Very frustrating have to reboot phone every time. Partner in the game seems to be playing war & does not play as a partner would play on the contrary. The opposing partners play very well. Why does our partner play against us trying to win alone without following our moves?

It does open in full screen making it imposible to play.

Es juego es muy bueno en esta versin pero le falta mucho para la versin venezolana usarla en los iPhone 6 plus.

Its the worst version of latin dominos i’ever seen when 4 are playing you have to play against 3 because your partner is programmed to play like an idiot.

Muy bueno el juego!! Pero siempre que estoy jugando se congela el juego y tengo que resetear!! Arreglen eso por favor!!

We were waiting for this app for a long time , Thank You so much we love it.. Good Job guys!!!

Almost the same as international dominoes. Will want to see an updated version conforming to pure international rules. Also, a bit of real life logic will be perfect. You do not to lock a game most of times. Also, cooperation with partner will be a plus. Again, great game.

Though it should have a strategic guide it is the best app to play Spanish style dominos. It is our favorite app to pass time with and it certainly is the best app out there! It would stop some bad votes if it was more clear that this is not the style played in other parts of the world!

Finally an great app with the kind of domino game that we’re used to play in Venezuela. We love it and recomend it !!!

Es excelente para venezolanos!!!

It isn’t bad, but it isn’t great. I’d like to see the AI partner play with you, not what seems to be like for him/herself. Also, I’d like to see the option to play with either double 6s or double 9s.

It’s better if it got an option to play individual.

We would give it a five is only it fixes a certain problem when you grab from the right side of your hand.

On four men game with partner the players lock the game at the first opportunity regardless of the situation.

The game is good! It needs a few more improvements though on the AI part. The AI should be able to distinguish when to lock the game at its best guess instead always trying to lock it. It should learn to play with the partner to make the game more realistic. And where’s the credit for the CAPICU or CHUCHASO?? The game would be more authentic!! Please improve to keep Dominoes alive!!

Besides all the fixes from other users, we would like to be able to move the score card out of the way so we might be able to see the whole cards to analyze the final plays.

This App is Great.. But Really Needs an UpDate for iOS7 & iPhone 5S.. & Some New Features in the Game..

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