The Room Walkthrough

The Room Walkthrough

The Room Chapter 1-5 Walkthrough, Solutions, Cheats, Answers for iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle, iPod Touch and other device by Fireproof Games

The Room, the most stunning 3D graphic in so many escape game we played before! Brought to us by Fireproof Games.

The Room is now top app in so many country and awarded by many multiple organization! The room come with 5 chapters in game now, from chapter 1 to the newest chapter “Epilogue”.

The stunning 3D graphic and sound effect make me really can’t wait for more new level! And the puzzle is really good, you can’t believe that everything is happening in few small boxes!

Download it and enjoy the best 3D escape game now! Walkthrough are proudly presents by

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The Room Walkthrough Chapter 1 a

The Room Walkthrough Chapter 1 a

The Room Walkthrough Chapter 1 a Walkthrough, Solutions, Cheats, Answers for iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle, iPod Touch and other device by Fireproof Games

  • Check the envelope and collect a key from inside.
  • Spin the treasure box to match the lock.
  • Now insert key and unlock the box.
  • Pick up the eye piece and read the paper.
  • Now zoom out and check one of the cabinet’s leg.
  • Tap it and collect a key from inside.

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  • L Wat

    I have re arranged all the small brass discs to match their counterpart on the drawer and turned the cog handle but the drawer still hasn’t opened. Tried a few times now but it still won’t work!! Can anyone help please?

  • Karen Stacey

    Hi need help please! Am in epilogue, just finished piano puzzle but cannot find anywhere to use the handles – no black board, even with eyeglass! Can anyone help its driving me mad 😳

  • Ashley Kardos

    Epilogue c…step 4….how do I stop the key so I can get in that dang compartment?

  • JJ

    Epilogue last room. Just typed in 573 and the prisms left I know to point the star key to the bottom left and can see the drawer handle but a screen is in the way. How do I move the screen please

  • ahmed mohammed

    how to open that box i will write sigil in it

  • Bee

    I’m stuck at aligning the numbers … nothing happens, I’ve shifted several times but can’t get it to match …

    • Marc4it

      Sorry Bee, which level and which part you playing?

      • Bee

        Hi Marc4it! Got through it (I was in one of the Epilogue levels) and have since passed the game and also completed The Room Two … Thanks for responding!

  • Jaclyn

    Help! I literally cannot get past this part. When I tap the button labeled as Number 7 in the picture, nothing happens! I can’t figure out how to get the dagger!

    • Marc4it

      Sorry Jaclyn, which level and which part you playing?

  • Kat

    Please help! I removed the blue gem, no problem, but the next two won’t slide out.

    • Tough Pain

      when you remove the blue gem, the block will still be there. you need to slide it to an empty box and then slide another colored gem

      • Kat

        I’m such an idiot! Thanks so much for your help!!!

        • Tough Pain

          You’re welcome

  • Christine Osterman Wright

    Help please. Here is where I am stuck. There is no getting to the numbers under the brass!!!!!! Ugh. I have gone through a hundred times!!!!!

    • Tough Pain

      press 3 and 4 simultaneously

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