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Dominoes Pro Offline or Online

Dominoes Pro Offline or Online

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, Dominoes Pro Offline or Online! Developed by the innovative team at Maysalward(MRD), this Board game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 4+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 15th June 2012, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 15th July 2023.

Are you a fan of Board, Puzzle, or Entertainment games? Then Dominoes Pro Offline or Online is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of Dominoes Pro Offline or Online

Over 1,243 players have rated Dominoes Pro Offline or Online. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does Dominoes Pro Offline or Online Cost?

Good news! You can download Dominoes Pro Offline or Online on your iOS device absolutely free!

Dominoes Pro Offline or Online Release Date

Eager to know when Dominoes Pro Offline or Online first graced the App Store? It was launched on 15th June 2012.

When Was Dominoes Pro Offline or Online Last Updated?

The latest version of Dominoes Pro Offline or Online was updated on 15th July 2023, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download Dominoes Pro Offline or Online?

To get started with Dominoes Pro Offline or Online, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into Dominoes Pro Offline or Online

No matter where you go, you can play Dominoes Pro on your smartphone or tablet. Compete against other players around the world to become a domino master.
You can play offline against artificial intelligence and online against real players in random multiplayer mode or private rooms with friends.

In Dominoes Pro’s single-player offline mode, you’ll never get bored because there are powerful computer opponents that will also challenge your memory and skills. So, be sure to use your strategy, logic, and a bit of luck to beat your opponents!

In multiplayer mode, you can play against random players online from all over the world. Or you can create a private room and invite your friends and family to join you. All are available with free chat rooms and funny emojis.
In addition, you can unlock various theme items to customize your bones and make your gameplay even more enjoyable.

Download Dominoes Pro today, and start playing a classic game of dominoes! It’s easy to learn but challenging to master. Play online against friends or random players, and try to get the top score on the leaderboard. The game is fun for all ages.


  • 8 Different levels of challenges: NewYork, Babylon Gardens, Colosseum, Pyramids, Eiffel Tower, Manchu Picchu, Taj Mahal, and Great Wall of China.
    -Multiplayer online with players from around the world or private rooms with friends.
  • Offline Single players
    -Chat and send emojis to other players while you play.
    -Play with a random player in 2 or 4-player matches
  • Challenge your friends and brag about your scores and achievements.
  • Leaderboard to compete with international players.
  • Track your progress! Start as an amateur and work your way up to Domino Guru.
  • Get free bonuses and coins Daily.
  • Amazing colorful graphics.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Choose between a series of rounds 1, 6, 12, 20 or play 100, 250 points.
  • Classic Dominoes Tile Game.

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What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of Dominoes Pro Offline or Online updated on 15th July 2023:

New Challenges

User Reviews on Dominoes Pro Offline or Online

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of Dominoes Pro Offline or Online below:

Game keeps freezing and then Id have to reset and then we lose our money!

We love this app! The only complaint we have is that the game freezes and we have to close the game and re enter to continue playing.

It pauses alot durning a game especially when game bout to be over.. We have to close app and end up losing points.

The games freeze when the player wins the game.

Game keep freezing lost all our coins either that or it says your turn and the clock resets over and over till u gave to start again.

Anytime a call drop or by accident you get out the app the game finishes.

Try to write support but email never send, this is a very fun game please, please keep it that way! You cant chat and play at the same time! Games is keep freezing for no reason at all, not because the ads,dont blame the ads. Same peoples, same games. Little bit boring.

Game kicks you out and freezes all the time. The actual play is fine a fix to hold your place or continue when game freezes should be updated.

We like the game is nice , but this app keep on freezing while playing them we have to leave the app and when we come back in they took our bet money away from us , not nice , need to fixed.

The game closes periodically and we lose our game and our coins, it should be able to open right back up to the current game.

Ads after every round. There is a wheel to spin to multiply your winnings, then you have to watch an Ad to actually get the multiple, but when you click to watch the ads.. It says no ads available. Game also freezes up after about 5 games, having to reboot iPad to play more. Not worth downloading even for free.

Out of all the games of this type that we’ve tried, this is the best one guaranteed!

The game is cool accept ur app crashes way too much n doesnt reimburse lost coins. Very frustrating.

The game always freezes when playing a private game. Every single time!!!

We can barley play it the game glitches so much.

We lose millions with hung game or stop They must resolve this problems.

The game locks up during online games & the play order should be clockwise not counter clockwise. It would also be nice to play a regular style game where players can play off of 4 sides of the spinner dominoe.

This is a very nice put together game.

Every time something pop up on our phone it kicks us out the game.

Awesome fun, just like playing with our grandfather!

Love game play but disconnects often causing you to loose coins.

The game is fake it dont play like a real domino game now they trying to charge you money in the game have bugs it better game out there online at first we like in the game but now they wanna charge money to play it Im out no stars. Other games out there do not charge money good games we will never play this game again. Youre not getting our money and Ima spread a rumor that you were not a good app now you trying to charge us to play the game we already have Qons and you still wont let us play because youre trying to get our money we are gonna spray this on social media for people to know you robbing usAnd Im gonna report you to the Apple store we do not like you you just trying to rob us for money and you taking coins and trying to help us to buy some Im done and Im gonna report you and we will leave a bad review on you Im giving you one week to fix it if you dont Im gonna report you and Im a protest that no one wants to load down this app specially on YouTube and Instagram Im gonna report it to FacebookAnd we snapshot the picture where you have a bug in there you could peel put a 4 on a 8 we took a picture greedy people just want to take your money thats All after ur moneyYou lost a customer and Im going to spray this on YouTube and social media because that is ridiculous what you Trying to do to take our money and take our course that we won on your site but you being greedy and you lose a customer no Im going to spread it because you are not being fair youre being greedy.

This site is horrible! You lose connection all the time. We have over 56,000 points and wont let us play the higher levels because it says we dont have enough points and asks us if we want to spend $3.99 for an additional 800 points. Many times a game starts and gives one of the players points without completing one round of play. Games get stuck many times. This app is ONE OF THE WORST!

EDIT 3/4/2022: Thanks to the game developers for being receptive to our comments and fixing the bug in their game. Now Im ad-free and loving it. Much appreciated! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Previously: we’ve enjoyed playing this online game and was particularly happy when the last bug fix helped with playing against live people. Now for the reason for a poor review- Having advertisements between every game or two was enough to make us pay $6.99 plus tax to eliminate ads. Sadly, we still receive adsmany many ads. Irritating.

The game is good if youre playing alone, if you invite a friend to play it freezes ALL THE TIME!! How can you play like that!?

The game is great, but there are moments that it freeze a lot and you have restart the game.

The game is fun but the game freezes and when you reload it takes away coins.

Man we cant play this stuff they keep kicking you out of games when we both in the room.

We bought this app and there no way to restore. Dont waste your money. Although we had bought the app we see adds and interrupt our game. Also the app keep asking to see an add among others things.

One game takes about 45 second. Between games there is 45 minutes adds Too many hackers. Worst game ever just waisted our time.

Love the fact that you are able to play with all the dominoes, it need some work though. Need more back grounds and there are some bugs to fix, because a couple of time we lost our coins. O and another thing, when we but our international flag up it defaults to flag.

Best funnest dominoes game out. A lot of play options. Online mode is kind of meh but offline is good.

Pretty decent game to pass the time. Especially for double six island domino. Wish the online opponents were more.

We just want to know how to delete this app. We see no option to uninstall.

After the last upgrade unable to restore purchased version.

Actually enjoy playing on this site! Thank you!

Constantly crashing. Freezes mid game more times than not. Wasted many coins because of this issue. Dont waste your time with this game.

We bought this game a while back, it then was updated to a version that wont let us restore. It became useless, unless you buy it again.

Looking for a simple offline dominos game and as soon as it installs it gives you only one option to play around the world which is Yes; no skip, no NO etc. Deleted and removed this app as soon as it launched.

We were recommended this game by a friend, but since we’ve downloaded it we’ve only had one successful game. The UI is constantly freezing. At first we thought it was just modals or other pop ups that we couldnt dismiss, like when you get the 250 coins after logging in with Facebook. Or the score after playing a 4 player game. But we entered a game awhile ago and could not pose (start) or sent a chat message to our opponent.

Creo que el desarrollador debera enterarse ms sobre este juego, este juego tiene su ciencia; no es tirar las piezas altin Marin de dos pinge. Si entiende el espaol le recomiendo leer Ciencia y Arte en el Domin Ah, te ensea cmo salir, y cmo jugar, si lo entiendes mejorars el programa.

After paying for add free app, it is still sending adds. Robbed. And yes, restoring the app does not help.

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