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DOOM II is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Bethesda Softworks LLC, DOOM II is a Action game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 30th July 2019 with the latest update 14th September 2020

Whether you are a fan of Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


319 people have rated 1.1.6

You can download the game DOOM II from APP STORE.


Celebrate DOOM’s 25th anniversary with the re-release of DOOM II. This beloved sequel to the groundbreaking DOOM (1993) gave players the brutal Super Shotgun to bear against deadlier demons, and the infamous boss, the Icon of Sin.

The re-release of DOOM II includes:

  • The Master Levels, 20 additional levels made by the community and supervised by the developers

To save Earth, you must descend into the depths of hell, survive demon hordes, and take part in the fiercest battle ever.

Updated on 14th September 2020

With all new touch controls, controller support, and 16:9 rendering, our new update for DOOM & DOOM II on all platforms is our biggest one yet! We have also improved performance, and now support 120hz devices, which can be enabled in Video Options.

DOOM II Reviews

We LOVE that Doom 2 is now on our phone . The controls were a bit hard to master but after a week or so we got used to them and now actually prefer these to the original port a few years ago. How do we make enough noise to have all the wads ported over ? Plutonia experiment ? Final doom ? Can we look forward to updates to this app. Id pay 20 bucks for an expansion…. UPDATE: The latest download (09.17.2020) completely ruined all our saved games. A new control system , now it is counterintuitive and we cant run…. What gives guys ???

Ignore what we say below, the problem has been fixed! Easily a 5 star title and one of the greatest video games in history. Buy it immediately and revel in the retro goodness! This is a 5 star title but the devs broke it with the last update, over 3 months ago, removing strafe function. Doom NEEDS strafe to be played properly. FIX THIS and we will adjust our rating. Do not buy this game until and unless this is fixed, waste of money.

Been waiting so many years for this!! The fact thwy have the master levels/final doom and the other add ons as well as future add on releases and support. Very happy even though there are some issues. The issues are not game breaking at all. We just need Doom 3/ Doom 64 on mobile next!!

This is a great Port of doom 2 we like to see a port of doom 64 doom 3 doom 2016 and doom eternal with the ancient gods 1&2.


We used to play DOOM Classic and DOOM II as a kid and this game brings back awesome memories of playing this game and its awesome that this Classic game is finally on iOS and this game is the most awesome game.

The port is great now and we have so much fun ripping and tearing while Im away from home!

Now we need doom 3 and 64 or better yet what if you guys make a doom classic collection that has doom 1 doom 2 doom 3 and doom 64 in one game and make it like 20 dollars and for every platform with mod support we and a lot of other people would buy it heck Id buy it for every platform.

Portable Doom with controller support and all the extras. Everything we’ve always wanted.

Our only asking is that you add a custom mod browser, so that we can play other cool map packs like Maps of Chaos.

4 months and counting. HOW are devs not aware or fixing this MAJOR issue with an otherwise perfect port of this master piece. . .? *Update-the new update fixed the controller not strafing! The iOS port is amazing once again. Im off to battle the legions of Hell for the 1000th time. Worth the price of admission! Brings back memories of playing this game on our familys IBM 486DX, Devs thanks for the over due but appreciated update.

Well we like the game but we want it to be more like the pc version.

New controls and FPS are great! Thank you!

Deserves better than the rating it’s getting. We play it on ipad using mfi controller and it works great.

New update fixes the broken touchscreen and game pad controls, while adding 120hz support for iPads. This is now a very competent port.

We got a Backbone One controller and it makes a big difference! Its not the same without a Bluetooth or connected controller on your phone. Very fun game!

Both of DOOM 1 & 2 are great! Bring back so many great memories! Thanks!

Can we get Wolfenstein 3D already?? Its almost certainly be heavily censored, but thats ok. Or how about Commander Keen?!

Whoever is continuing to add more add-ons is killing it. We absolutely cannot wait to try out every single one. Thank you so much for the continued support on this often overlooked platform that is ios. We literally do not have another way to play Doom or Doom 2, so we cant thank you enough.

Why aint the master levels synced together you bet 1 level you have to select the other and you loose all weapons, please make the master levels together!

Add custom control layouts, maybe even add the old controls, and add online multiplayer, cross platform would be awesome and definitely doable. Doom is eternal.

We’ve discovered that you cant go inside the icon of sin anymore and destroy Romeros head. Disappointing. Other than that this game is the bomb.

Nothing crazy but adding the option to move some of the buttons on the screen like the shoot and action button to make it bigger smaller or just move it where ever the user would like. Another alternative could be adding the option to just tap the right side of the screen to shoot, itll be more comfortable especially for somebody like us with big hands. We keep missing the shoot and action button cause of our thumb covering the buttons. We believe this fix will help a lot of players and itll defined make us dump more hours to this convenient port of the best fps!!

Not a fan of the new controls. Can we have an option to have the old controls back?

This applys with Doom one and two. First, it needs online deathmatch. Its much fun with that and it makes it more awesome. Second. IPad controls need to be fixed. And third, Id like it where we could create our levels and Addons and stuff in the game instead of going to the website. That would make it much easier.

A phenomenal classic! The introduction of Pain Elementals and the Super Shotgun were spectacular. Id never have dreamed of playing this on ha handheld when it was released. Now we have our own YouTube mix playing through a browser in the background from the same device. We’ve made it back to level 13 on this play-through and we’ve hit a bug in the yellow card room. The lift wont go up all the way. Only complaint, unless you count the absence of multiplayer.

Button position and size need to be customizable with precision. We cant react accurately under duress, moving and shooting feels like Im running with our shoelaces tied together. Please fix!!!!

Just needs customizable controls!

Please change back the old controls at least these new controls are horrible. We SHOULD have customizable controls but we would at least settle for the old ones.

We love this game! Our only complaint is that you cannot adjust the transparency or just turn off the joystick and bullseye icons. They are really distracting and make the screen look like a cluttered mess. We dont believe in the previous ports that this was an issue, as there was an option to turn them on or off. We have gone through all settings to look for a fix and cannot find one. If there is a solution and we are just missing it, can someone help us out?? Thanks!

This isnt a bad port, but the control options are so lack luster, no hug opacity scaling, no allocation or movement of the buttons at all is what makes this port annoying to deal with. If the team who port this cared, they would of honestly allow the players to tune this. We just wanna play this game with touch controls and a saved system that doesnt corrupted the game for no reason.

Im enjoying Doom and Doom 2s releases. Problem we have is your limited to the WADs that Bethesda approves, and Id like to play Jenesis like we could with another source port a while back.

If you could add classic keyboard controls to be used when a Smart Keyboard or Bluetooth keyboard is attached, that would be amaze balls!

If theres was an option to use the older control scheme thatd be awesome. The new one just kind of gets in the way and is cumbersome in our opinion.

We just recently learned you can play this with a PS4 controller and it. Is. AWESOME! Controls are so crisp and clean, and Doom II is a classic for a reason: the game is amazing. So if you have a PS4 controller lying around (or presumably any Bluetooth controller) we STRONGLY recommend this as a five star buy. Im giving it three stars because with default controls well. You can have fun playing with God Mode enabled or on Im too young to die difficulty, but besides that its basically unplayable. The fire button on the right side is so tiny you cannot fire at will. Then on the left side the fire button is so close to the use button that you waste ammo constantly when trying to open a door (or take a rocket to the face) With an external controller this game is AMAZING. Thank you guys so, so much for making it so intuitive. With touch screen controls dont even bother though.

So we have actually enjoyed this port quite a bit although touch screen controls arnt the best there still good one thing though is that whenever we try to play the game/load a save as of late it crashes the game and we havnt been able to play and this goes for doom 1 as well.

Bethesda, please allow users to map their own keyboard buttons for controls, or add in support for the arrow keys on magic keyboard/BT/etc. Wasd is nice but theres no good way to turn left and right! Purists will remember playing this game with the arrow keys on their keyboard – and the left and right key were for turning, not strafe.

The original control scheme groom the original IOS port was SPOT ON!!!! Bring it back PLEASE!!!

If we could custom map where the touch controls were.

The new controls are garbage and theres no way to remove the on screen control scheme. Please fix it asap! Im not the only one complaining!

Works best with controller, the touch screen is clumsy at best but the keyboard need more improvement if not keyboard mapping for the end user for more classic game play.

Everyone seems to be saying the same thing about this version, so one hopes it will get sorted. Basically on the old version your could customize the controls and on this one you cant. Sort it out dear chums, or we will set the imps on you.

Recently updated the controls which are a lot better than that god awful control scheme they had a few months back. Still not as tight or easy as the original iPad version though. We also think some customization for button sizes would be much appreciated. Our biggest complaint though and the reason for the 2 stars is the app crashes. No excuse for a large name developer to be putting out buggy software. Shameful.

On the Nintendo switch version you can tilt the switch to aim its Alamo as accurate as a mouse. Its the closest youll ever get to mouse aiming and could easily be added. You also need to be able to customize the button location and size. If you could it would be perfect and get 5 stars and Id buy doom 1 on here. We own the doom 2 floppy disks our grandmas had. Doom final doom doom bfg doom brutal doom doom3- eternal. We’ve beat them all on nightmare. We know what the game needs.

There should be multiplayer. Also the buttons should be placeable and resizable and we liked being able to double tap the right side of the screen to shoot, you just need to figure out sustained fire. Only then is there doom for your phone.

We bought the iPhone because we always heard they have superior games. But this game is both sad and pathetic compared to the android counterparts. You even have to create an account to try to use different maps. Wishing we could get our money back.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to play doom 2 as a drunk and high doom guy who is wearing a neckbrace while zooming around in an electric wheelchair. Controls are atrocious, and you cannot customize the HUD or where the control buttons are to fire and open doors. All in all, harder to play than the GBC Doom 2. No changes or care went into porting this for the IOS, so thanks for nothing Bethesda. Unless you want it for the nostalgia factor, this is a complete waste of money. We deleted it after going down to 48 health in the first map! Almost impossible to play. Don’t get fooled!

Config customization, gyroscope support. Emulation is better.

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