Apollo Justice Ace Attorney

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Apollo Justice Ace Attorney


Apollo Justice Ace Attorney is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by CAPCOM Co., Ltd, Apollo Justice Ace Attorney is a Action game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 1st December 2016 with the latest update 18th October 2022

Whether you are a fan of Action, Adventure, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


189 people have rated 1.00.05

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Court Is Back In Session

Star as rookie defense attorney, Apollo Justice, as he visits crime scenes, questions key witnesses and collects vital evidence before stepping into the courtroom to prove his clients’ innocence.

· All-new high-resolution graphics
· A new touch screen interface
· Interactive forensic testing mini-games that allow players to reveal hidden clues by dusting for prints, testing for traces of blood, and other exciting techniques.
· Two distinct gameplay segments:
o Investigation phase – survey crime scenes, interview witnesses and gather forensic evidence that will be used in court
o Trial phase – present findings from the investigation to support your case, listen to testimonies and examine witnesses
· An eclectic cast of characters:
o Apollo Justice: Stepping into the shoes of Phoenix Wright, the new rookie attorney leads the series into an exciting next chapter
o Klavier Gavin: Lead prosecutor, Apollo’s nemesis and rock star legend
o Kristoph Gavin: the coolest defense attorney on the judicial circuit, and Apollo’s mentor.
o Trucy: A mysterious magician and Apollo’s assistant

The initial purchase price includes half of episode one. The remaining episodes can be acquired through in-app purchases

Recommended Devices:
Please check the following URL for a list of operating environments (devices/OSs) supported by this app.

Note: Although you can purchase this app using devices and OSs not listed as supported, the app may not function properly.
Please be aware that we can neither guarantee the app’s performance nor offer refunds if you use a device or OS not supported by the app.

PLEASE NOTE: “Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney” offers some optional in game content that requires payment. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

Updated on 18th October 2022

Fixed various system-related issues.

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney Reviews

EDIT: After an update, the game works as intended and the money we’ve spent on unlocking all of the cases works properly. Thanks for the fixes! OLD REVIEW: Im so excited for the mobile ports of the AA series! It plays super smoothly and its great to have the auto save feature in case you need to put your phone away. However, we’ve purchased the other episodes and the app doesnt recognize that we’ve done so. Thus, Im unable to play past the first half of case one. Which is frustrating considering that we’ve spent money that went apparently nowhere. Hopefully that can be fixed soon!

We very recently have been playing this series again after only playing the original Phoenix Wright game in 2020. After finally playing through the original trilogy games on the Switch, we went to go see if the rest of the games were available for us to purchase without spending an arm and a leg, and we were very delighted to find that we were able to! The game played very well for us, and we didnt experience any bugs whatsoever either! (I have an iPhone 11 if that helps at all) we 100% recommend this game to anybody that enjoyed the original trilogy of the game, as well as for those that are looking to get into the series without playing the first three games! Im looking forward to purchasing Dual Destinies when we get the chance to next, and after that Spirit of Justice! :)

We purchased the full game, which did not unlock the additional episodes – restore purchases didnt fix the issue, and attempting to repurchase resulted in a transaction failed message. We contacted the developers and followed their troubleshooting, only to be told that its not comparable with our phone (iPhone 11 Pro with iOS 15.6.1) because while their website lists 15 or later as compatible software, and the iPhone 11 as comparable hardware, it doesnt list that specific version number.

Im so excited for the mobile ports of the AA series! It plays super smoothly and its great to have the auto save feature in case you need to put your phone away. However, we’ve purchased the other episodes and the app doesnt recognize that we’ve done so. Thus, Im unable to play past the first half of case one. Which is frustrating considering that we’ve spent money that went apparently nowhere. Hopefully that can be fixed soon!

This is a port of a DS game and honestly the gameplay fits perfectly on mobile. For 16 dollars total between the 4 episodes youll easily get your money worth. Total playtime for us was about 20-25 hours and its well worth it. PS you can play this one without playing the other Ace Attorney games as this one has very little to almost nothing to do with the original 3.

We really wish there were more than 4 episodes but oh well, it was an enjoyable ass game filled with some emotional stuff along the way. The game itself worked fine for us, and we didnt encounter any glitches or really anything unusual as we just bought this game in 2020. Anyways, ITS REALLY GOOD PLZ CONSIDER PLAYING IT, IT WAS A SUCH A GOOD STORY AND THE ENDING MADE IT WORTHWHILE!!


A SUPER step up in graphics from the DS version! That aside the game was writhe with twists and turns, and the sense of end game kept building and building and it felt so good to finally reach the end Doesnt retain purchases when you go offline, but thats easily remedied by hitting restore purchases.

This was by far the best ace Attorney game in our opinion, and we can play it on our phone! Best thing ever!!!!

We love this game and Kristoph Gavin is a loser. Capcom do a Miles Edgeworth attorney 1 and 2 on mobile please. Keep up the good work.

We went ahead and purchased the full game despite the reviews warning of glitches and freezing. We only encountered freezing in a certain part of the third case, which seemed to resolve itself after we closed out of some other open apps and let our phone cool down a little (game tends to make our phone run warm if played for a long time). We played on an iPhone SE… So if you have that or something better the game should run fine for you. The game is even better than we remember. The graphics are sharp and clean. The user interface has been optimized for mobile devices (especially easy to read on our small phone). Definitely worth the price and one of our favorite Ace Attorney games!

No issues whatsoever during our play-through of the game. A lot less visual and text bugs from the HD trilogy, in fact, we saw none at all. The port works fine and we are happy with our purchase.


Great story and sequel to the trilogy.

Ok so, we have much to say about this game, so Ill split it into two parts. Part 1: The Game Itself The first trial was so cool because they left many things unanswered, similar to Trials and Tribulations. The second and third trials were somewhat lackluster in our opinion, but the fourth more than made up for it. For anyone who has played the Ace Attorney Trilogy, you will enjoy this game a lot. It takes the formula we know and love and then twists it a little to make a game with an entirely different feel. The direction they took the characters in was really cool (though we do wish there were more than 4 returning characters with two of them cameos, but we suppose its believable because of the time skip). Phoenixs character especially was super cool to see. Viewing him from the outside, in contrast to the Trilogy where you play as him, shows him in a completely different, darker light. While we do think this game was a bit too easy to solve, and some of the mysteries were obvious, the way the first and last episode complement each other and how the whole game is one continuous story is what brings this to be so great in our eyes. Part 2: The Port So, reading other reviews, it looks like people were struggling with glitches or something like that. We never experienced any major issues. In fact, the game ran better than we expected. The only mild annoyance we had was that the audio cut out a few times, which could only be remedied by closing and reopening the app, but thanks to auto-save that wasnt that big of a deal. We wish they would keep these updated to fix glitches and stuff but oh well, for what it is, its a very solid port.

Great game, each episode is 4.99 though. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Duel Destinies only take up around 900 megabytes and they have way more content then this game. So why does this game take up more than 2 gigabytes? It’s ridiculous and we need an explanation.

As a longtime fan of the series, this port is definitely a higher quality remaster than PW trilogy. While the game itself isn’t the best Ace Attorney game by any means, we think it has the best visuals of any Ace Attorney iOS port. Additionally, we see a lot of people complaining about glitches and such however we experienced no such thing. Overall, while it is a little pricey if you plan on playing the whole game it’s definitely worth it.

Game is a good port and conversion, but suffers two critical errors. 1. Can’t detect purchases offline. 2. The game crashes on "Turnabout Succession" after final investigation of the "Yellow Letter" with Kristof Gavin, right before returning to the MASON SYSTEM. Please fix there immediately, Capcom. (Or however is responsible for the port.)

We love the Ace Attorney series, there really is no better game of this quality for this price. Please keep the translations coming! We wanna play the 6th one so bad..

Capcom has really learned from Ace attorney trilogy court. None of the problems that were in that game are in this one. This was a high production port just like Ace Attorney duel Destinies. Smooth animations Beautiful backgrounds and characters Great menu UIs High-quality sound and music Keep up the great work team.

We’ve played the original and was floored by the experience, so when we heard an HD iOS port was out, we couldnt wait to play it with refined sprites and assets. Since we didnt have enough funds, we were only able to purchase two of the four available cases. When connected to the internet, we had no problem playing the cases we owned, but while we were offline, despite having already been paid for, we were unable to access them as a text reading Purchase Content restricted our entry. We hope Im not asking for too much, but please fix this Capcom.

Look up that is what this game is.

We dont usually write reviews (Im lazy that way) but we remember being hesitant to purchase these ports because of the negative reviews, so heres our experience: our game worked just fine! We had one minor glitch, where the music would stutter for a moment, but this was rare and happened maybe 3 or 4 times in the entire game. Otherwise, everything was great, the HD sprites look fantastic, and we really enjoyed this game and its story. If it matters, we played this on a 7th generation iPad (10.5), fully updated to 14.7.

We didnt expect to like this game as much as we did honestly but it was amazing! Super fun, great story, perfect soundtrack!! Loved it.

Love how they spent the time to put the highest resolution graphics for this edition. They could’ve been lazy and used the old low res graphics, but this is as good as it gets. We loved playing the series on the DS and we didn’t hesitate to purchase the episode pack.

This game gets unnecessary hate in our opinion, you play as a different character, but honestly we found him to be quite entertaining after a bit. The cases are great. Especially the first and the last ones. Worth it!

We don’t know what everyone’s problem with the game is. Compared to the many glitches and problems we had to face in the Phoenix Wright Trilogy, this is a piece of heaven in our book. First off, the HD is great. The animations and artwork look amazing and clean. The gameplay is a major upgrade from how the Trilogy was done. Sections like the map examinations aren’t so glitchy compared to the Trilogy and forensics sections are very smooth to control. Sure the music at times faces a glitch, but it can be fixed by closing the app and entering it again. The app is great and is something people should definitely buy if you wanted to know the story behind Apollo Justice’s first year as an attorney.

This game is fantastic! The new mechanics, and it looks amazing! However, whenever we reached the fourth episode, for some reason, our game froze. We’re unable to unfreeze it, as every time that we open the app again, it stays on the loading screen. If you could possibly fix it in the future, that would be fantastic!

The last episode isn’t working. It just freezes on us in the intro. Which is a shame because we really love this game. The graphics have really improved from the original trilogy, and everything looks so smooth. So can you please fix this issue?

The game freezes on Turnabout Serenade when they talk about the cocoon being lost in the fire we can’t proceed!!

No, this game doesn’t retain purchases offline, but this port is no worse in quality than the others, and we personally never experienced any crashes. If you enjoyed the first 3 games, then you will enjoy this one, and we think it is still worth the money, even though the 99 cents to play just the first half of the first case is a bit ridiculous.

This is our first time playing Apollo Justice, and we are really enjoying it so far, but it freezes at some of the cutscenes, we have gotten it to work in most of the circumstances, but in turnabout serenade, It keeps freezing at lamirior’s performance, we can see many other people are having the same issue, so please fix it, Capcom.

We really love this Ace Attorney series and we’re really glad that you brought apollo to iOS. However there is one major issue we’ve been having. There’s one part in the game that freeze with a brown screen in episode 1 part 2. If you can fix this, we’ll give it a 5 star.

A very unique addition to the Ace Attorney series. Most of the gameplay from the other games is still the same, but the perceive mechanic adds a cool new way to see past lies. The comedy and drama are at their prime, but it does get a bit too twisty at the end. Some of the logic seems very off, but by now, it looks like that’s an Ace Attorney norm. The game ran great on the iPad mini 2. No frame rate issues or crashes.

This is the first time we’ve played ace attorney and we love how it’s played but when we get to the point where the witness in episode 1 part 2 said that the defendant wasn’t the one that attacked the victim with the bottle it stops at the cutscene. Help please?

AWSOME game but having to buy all the trials is annoying….

This is an awesome game get it for yourself! But we are experiencing a little glitch where we’re watching a video of Laminoir sing (this is after the first day of court/trial) the video freezes and we’re unable to continue on with the game until we’ve seen the video. Please fix this! Thank you!

This game was great and love it! But there was two problems, it need to improve… First problem was it kind of slow and the second problem was the game crash in middle certain spot like in middle of how to do get make a clay footprint but end up crash many times… Could you please fix this? We will definitely give you full five stars.

We thought the game was fantastic until the last case like one of the other reviewers our game is stuck on a cutscene.

Case 3 freezes during the period you’re supposed to rewatch the guitars aerenade.

We love this game series but the app crashes very frequently and cannot progress further some episodes due to crashes in the same point of investigation. We never had a problem with the Trilogy or Dual Destinies apps. It also seems that the dialogue proceeds unusually slow during some portions, which can be amended with the text skip option. We hope they will release an update that fixes the crashes…

Good game! We should say, good part 1 of Episode one. You get half a episode for one dollar, then hit with the ~$15 paywall. Oh well.

We were really enjoying this game. But it crashes every time we go through the ‘footprint’ part. Waiting for an update to fix this.

Why is it that when you show arms the slipper as being what created the mystery print (which it DID) she ignores it?!! BROKEN!!!

We love this series. However we can’t progress because the game hangs during a movie in the introduction to the 3rd case.

Having read many of the other reviews, we have realized that we are not the only one that had n issue with the freezes. We are hoping that the team is working on an update to fix all of the bugs and freezes. This is our only concern with the game. The freezes completely set off he mood of the game. We personally experienced a freeze at the intro performance of the third chapter. We have one request, that of which is recurring, an update to fix the freezes and bugs.

We love the Ace Attorney series but the game seems to crash constantly on our phone. We were able to play on our old SE V1 but not on our new iPhone! Just weird.

The game is an amazing port of this entry of the series however we have one major problem. When played offline the game no longer recognizes the episodes already purchased. This isn’t the case in any of the other ports for this series so it’s both odd and game-breaking here.

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