Doors and Rooms Chapter 5 The Kingdom

Doors and Rooms Chapter 5 The Kingdom

Doors and Rooms Chapter 5 The Kingdom Level 5-1 to Level 5-6 with Explanation for every Walkthrough level. All Solution could help you solve Easily.

Doors and Rooms 5-1

Doors and Rooms 5-1

Doors and Rooms 5-1 Chapter 5 The Kingdom Level 5-1 Walkthrough, Cheats, Walkthrough, Answers for iPhone, iPad, Android App.

  • Collect the pin on top of the wooden box.
  • Now collect a switch and place it to the wine barrel and open it.
  • Collect a toy from the pot.
  • Now use the pin to open the music on bottom right.
  • Place the toy and collect a key from inside.
  • Now collect sword and mace on the right of the door.
  • Use sword to cut the carpet on the left and collect a piece of paper with music note.
  • Use sword again, open up the wooden plank on the floor and collect a wooden handle.
  • Now use key to open the piano, and play the music on piano.
  • Collect a ring from piano after you done.
  • Now use mace to break the floor at bottom and collect a axe blade.
  • Combine axe blade with the handle and break the wooden block at the door.
  • Now check the puzzle on the door, insert the ring and play it.
  • Answer of the puzzle showing in the picture.

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Doors and Rooms Walkthrough

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