Draw N Guess Multiplayer

Last updated on May 29th, 2023 at 08:20 pm

Draw N Guess Multiplayer

Draw N Guess Multiplayer

Draw N Guess Multiplayer is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Time Plus Q Technologies OU, Draw N Guess Multiplayer is a Family game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 24th June 2012 with the latest update 27th December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Family, Social Networking, or Word games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Draw N Guess Multiplayer ?

2,114 people have rated 6.1.13

What is the price of the Draw N Guess Multiplayer ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Draw N Guess Multiplayer released ?

Draw N Guess Multiplayer was released on 24th June 2012.

When was the Draw N Guess Multiplayer updated ?

The latest updated date of Draw N Guess Multiplayer on 27th December 2022.

Where can Draw N Guess Multiplayer be downloaded ?

You can download the game Draw N Guess Multiplayer from Apple Official App Store.



Draw N Guess Multiplayer is one of the best real-time online multiplayer games. This game is all about drawing and guessing the word online with your friends and family. The fun begins when you get connected with thousands of people around the world and start playing with them.

An exclusive mobile game that can be played by anyone, anytime and anywhere in the world while talking with them through group voice chat. The objective of Draw N Guess multiplayer game is, one player has to draw the word and the other players should guess the word and vice-versa. A turn based drawing and guessing game mode is also available which helps to express your artistic skills. So, here you get to experience the craziness of the players with their funny guesses and sketches.


  • An online real-time Drawing and Guessing game providing a platform to exhibit your artwork.
  • Best Pictionary type game
  • 2 to 6 players can play together online
  • Talk while you play through group voice chat
  • Play at your own pace in the turn based drawing and guessing game mode.
  • Unlock the distinct color sets, paints, crayons, stickers, smileys and variety of brushes for best painting and drawing experience.
  • Guess the word of the drawing based on the artistic skill of the painter.
  • Draw awesome doodles in the turn based game mode.
  • Start with a quick game and match up with the new players around the world.
  • Play with your friends and family in a party mode alongside chatting and talking with them.
  • Find new friends showcasing your drawing and appreciate each other through chat.
  • Get connected socially through FACEBOOK and share your drawings if they are cool.
  • Winning the games by completing the achievements fetches you precious trophies and coins.
  • Playing well automatically progresses your way to top the global leaderboard.

How to play ?
Register an account by logging in using Facebook or Google. Or play as a guest.

The fun begins here! If it’s your turn to Draw, start drawing pretty pictures for the given word. If it’s your turn to Guess, start making funny guesses. Beware!!! To win a round, you need to be the first one to guess the word. So hold on tight and start making guesses!
You get bonus points too, if you play good.

The fun doesn’t stop here. You can also play with your DRAW N GUESS friends online by clicking PLAY NOW –> PLAY WITH FRIENDS
You can play live games with your family, friends or other players from all around the world.

Turn Based Game Mode:
Enjoy the fun and addictive turn-based drawing and guessing game with infinite time on the clock in this mode. Sketch, paint and show your creativity with colors. You could also guess what other artists have drawn and challenge your friends and family to find your drawing in this mode.

If you have any queries or if you encounter any difficulty when playing Draw N Guess, please drop a mail to us at [email protected]

Sounds simple, but it’s unbelievable how amazingly fun and addictive Draw N Guess can become!
So what are you waiting for? Download Draw N Guess and start having FUN!!!!!
If you like Draw N Guess, please support us by rating the app.

Updated on 27th December 2022

Minor bug fixes

Draw N Guess Multiplayer Review

It is so fun to play with our family the only problem is there are so many ads but it is very fun to play with friends and family.

We just recently purchased an iPad and remembered we used to play Draw Something on our phone all the time so we assumed I’d get the chance now. To our surprise its no longer available which was very disappointing. This app however has managed to quell our crave for a decent drawing for fun app so we are ok with draw something not being around for a while. Lots of fun and underrated.

It doesnt tell you how to play or change your name to change our name we had to look it up on Google.

This game is a lot of fun but most of the time it will freeze in the middle of the game or you will pick something to draw and something else will come up. Please fix!!!

Its a fun game with a beautiful community of players around the world. It really helped us with our English language and we recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their vocabulary. When someone doesnt know the meaning of the word they got so they go and google it or search for it on the internet the game glitches and they have to close the game and reopen it just to find that they were kicked out the lobby they were in. And many other issues if fixed this would be great and it has so much potential to be worldwide with every language included.

Its fun when it works but many times it cant load. And out of all the colors, no brown? Weird.

We like this game but it wont let us change our user we go through the log in and then put in the name we want and it loads and then goes back to the okay button for us to press and it loads again and does nothing we cant even exit out of the change name so we deleted it and redownloaded it and tried again it does the same thing and if we reload/swipe up our tabs and it still brings up the okay button and it loads and loads and doesnt work we like the concept of this game but it doesnt work when we try to do things other than play the game also it keeps things for us to pay popping up so we give this game a 2.5/10 P.S. Im sorry if this was long but we had to state all the bad things just in case. Have a great day!

Its really fun. We miss draw something so we found this and it was good at the beginning but its been 2 days and it wont load. Only had it for a week. And its glitchie too. Wont send the drawing so when we watch replay of our teammate its just blank so they obviously cant guess it. And Im sure same for us when we get a blank screen when Im suppose to view their drawing. Also a lot of video ads. Too bad. Was fun when it worked.

This game is not easy to play we wanted to be able to play with our little brother as a way to bond but he needs to have an email in order to play thats lame. Why does it need an email for us to play multiplayer.

Couldnt get through one game without it glitching.

Dont waste your time, super glitchy game. Doesnt work.

Us robaron 19.99 por el premium y nisiquiera pedi comprarlo son unos ladrones.

We can only play two times with a friend then it starts to freeze and not work at all.

This game makes it hard to find users and is almost impossible to navigate. No fun.

Worst game we’ve ever played and wouldnt let us delete our account when we typed delete and it wouldnt let us delete our account. Never ever ever download this game it is the most awful game and glitches too much as well. Fix your game whoever made it, its a trash game. We wouldve given 0 stars but it wouldnt let me.

This game has so many bugs its impossible to play!!

So many pop ups, constantly having our game being froze then having to close and reopen because its just stuck on the screen mainly when we draw smhh, but randomly ill get those stupid remove ads pop ups then just cant close it after we close and reopen it, it wont let us play, personally we think everyone we’ve played with are bots(not real ppl) because they all the guest name and they all lvl 0 and got 0 trophies, id just highly recommend to never spend money on this game lookin out for yall fr.

After Draw Something was tragically taken off the market we looked for the best alternative, and was unfortunately fooled by all the fake reviews on this app in the AppStore. It is absolutely littered with nothing but glitches. We could, and have made better apps than this. You want to draw with a friend? Have fun redrawing your art 3-4 times because it gets stuck in a loop of failing to send. You finally get it to send? Your friend has received a drawing that shows nothing but a white screen. And you are forced to get endless games started with bots/strangers that dont give you the option to reject, because they dont even send a request. You are stuck with it. If 0 stars was an option, we would have chosen that because 1 is entirely too many. This app is comically bad.

We dont recommend it. It feels so laggy and its so complicated for no reason.

Ugly interface, cheap looking game. Cannot log in with apple account.

This is twice we’ve put your game on our tablet. And each time you needed our age. Which is ok with us. Every time we tried to put our age there was no place to type it. We wish you would put back draw classic. Everyone enjoyed playing with our friends on that game.

The game is so much fun but the platform is AWFUL. Constant ads, harassing us to join with microphone every two seconds, so many glitches. We have to restart the app multiple times just to play. Its so annoying and we hate that it gives us choices but we only have one free choice. Why bother giving us choices at all? Its stupid and we would never recommend anybody to play it.

Horrible nasty rank peeyew our disabled grandmas legs work better than this app delete this.

Id give it zero if we could, it was glitching so bad and would draw and guess even when our sister and we would get off the app, and our mom would see us guessing and drawing when we werent even playing. Then it hacked our sisters facebook. Bad idea just dont.

Cant swipe up screen while in game or it will pause n mess up Tell us why we had guessed mirror before everyone else. Typed and entered it like 5 times and it didnt work. But then someone guessed and the answer was mirror. Just downloaded the game and finna delete . Got us messed up.

We were playing this game and whenever it was someones turn it didn’t show their drawing. And the same for them, they couldn’t see our drawing, it wasn’t fun because it ruined the entire point of the game, fix that issue please, to make your game playable. Im never playing this game ever again, its so bad. It deserves a one star.

Exactly what we wanted but even after paying (and an awful experience in the UI..) you lock avatars behind impossible repeat scum ads??? Requesting refund from Apple. Nasty app smh.

Couldnt even add friends so we deleted it.

We cant play with anyone this is a horrible game is this a joke.

Our fianc and we wanted to play a picture drawing/guessing game together and downloaded this. Right from the get go it was so glitchy. Had to kill the app several times just to sign up using apple, then turns out it doesnt work. Then signed up using Facebook and it finally went through. After all that, we tried sending each other friend requests and that took several minutes as we had to kill the app and get back on for the friend invite to pop up. Then we tried playing and it took a while for the app to recognize it was getting a request. The microphone feature we could absolutely do without. And should be optional. We were in front of each other but even playing with other people we wouldnt use that feature at all. When we finally got through all the permissions including the microphone which wouldnt let us join the party without it. Our fianc went first and chose a word, started drawing, we saw 3 lines of it and after that it froze. Even though he kept drawing we didnt see any other part of the drawing even though the time was ticking. Then after time ran out, we got to pick and we started drawing, he was still in his drawing with no indication that we had even started. So we deleted the app right away and started looking for something else. Cool concept, but not executed correctly.

Needs a lot of work on the backend. Fix your UI and the fundamentals of the app before trying to add all the extra stuff on top (like daily spins, customization, avatars, etc.) Its just putting lipstick on a pig.

Couldnt even do something as simple as logging in to play with friends. Deleted after 15 minutes of frustration,

Every game you play it will glitch in the middle of it after playing a little , and it wont let you add friends even though it says because it glitches and it doesnt fix, only worked a hour for us. Now will not work at all ever. Worst game ever. It will make you very mad we dont recommend at all.

It doesnt work at all glitches lags and its says that no one is drawing never playing again heartbroken frfr.

We really like the game however, more color choices are needed and for some reason, our opponents drawings dont show up? Brown colors are needed, please!

So this game isglichy with all the reviews of glithis so this is TIME STOP??? So basicly the time stops at surtain people like us so ill give it a 2.1 (sorry forgot to mencion at surtain time so okay).

This game has the potential to be great. We love the concept or it, however most times we cannot make it through an entire game without something glitching our. Recently the game has claimed that ____ is not drawing and kicked them off- even though they have drawn things. Often when this happens it also will no longer allow you to guess what the drawings are and forces you to restart the app. Needs to adjusting. Unfortunate, but we will be deleting it. Might try again at a later time.

It is a beautiful and could be fun game it just simply has waaaaaaay too many glitches to even be considered playable. We even gave it a chance. Tried playing multiple games and out of 5 only 1 worked and even it was very buggy.

Sooooooo many bugs. Dont download it.

Not fun. We guess the answers right all the time but when we draw something SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OBVIOUS no one gets it. Its like they are ALL bots. – this is his kid speaking.

App completely crashes and you cant even start matches with friends. Such a bad app.

This game could be huge if it didnt turn your phone into a slug the second you download it. So many glitches and issues playing. Wanted to play forever but will not be deleting.

The game constantly freezes and our friends will be onto the next game while Im still stuck on the same screen. Rarely will work correctly. Im on a iphone 11 and on wifi so surely not on our side.

Nothing but lags, connection issues, and glitches. Not to mention the immediate ads and the advertisement of in game goods.

Bad game this a horrible game its a very horrible game do not download we hate this game.

Game is fun but it keeps crashing making it difficult to enjoy.

Draw and Guess Multiplayer will not play without using your microphone or buying without ads. Can not even try it out to see what it is like ~ without repetition of ads and does not pull up / add your invited friends … Wasted time & good mood.

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