Draw Rider Plus

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Draw Rider Plus


Draw Rider Plus is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Anton Vazhinsky, Draw Rider Plus is a Racing game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 6th April 2013 with the latest update 6th February 2021

Whether you are a fan of Racing, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


133 people have rated 9.5

You can download the game Draw Rider Plus from APP STORE.


Features Draw Rider Plus:

  • No Ads
  • All tools in the editor
  • 2x experience
  • Color inversion
  • Slow motion mode

Draw Rider – one of the best arcade racing on iOS!

Can you get to the finish line safely and securely? Draw Rider is not an ordinary race, here you are waiting for insidious tests from many hardcore levels. Get gold medals, becoming the best racer on each track, to unlock new levels and new characters.

Thanks to the level editor you can create new tracks and share them with other players. Participate in the race for a while, communicate and evaluate the tracks of other players, become a part of the Draw Rider community!

Crazy figures:

  • Over 20,000,000 Game Over!
  • Over 6,000,000 downloads worldwide!
  • Over 200,000 amazing levels created by users!
  • Over 500 new levels every week in the community!


  • Funny ragdoll physics
  • Realistic bike physics
  • Blood, blood, blood (can be disabled in the settings)
  • Seven vehicles (bicycle, motorbike, ATV, electric bike, segway, mini motorbike, flying skateboard)
  • Customizable management
  • Character customization
  • Various game modes (time trial and race for points)
  • Over 320 exciting races
  • Level Editor
  • Ability to share your levels with friends!
  • Mode of color inversion and delayed action when falling
  • Great community game

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Updated on 6th February 2021

Friends, hello in the new year!
We have read all your comments. In this update, bugs were eliminated, character and bike customization was redone. Now the cards do not need to be opened, you can get them for completing the game or buy them for coins.
We are trying very hard to improve our games for you! We hope for support with estimates. Thanks!

Draw Rider Plus Reviews

Just went back through our past installed games. Found this and a wave of nostalgia hit us hard. We played this back in 2013 (on iOS anyway, we think we played earlier on android, not sure) when we were a kid, every day for a long time. Im now 19 and getting close to living on our own and possibly going to school for coding. We just want to say this game was one of the big influencers in our life to start looking at gaming and making games. Thank you for the amazing memories from this game, especially when it came to the level customization. We couldnt tell you how many hours we spent making our own wacky levels. Thanks.

Our draw rider app wont show the words in English what do we do.

We tried to play hard challenge mode, we clicked continue and our game crashed. We tried to start a new game and our game also crashed. We tried to play a different challenge difficulty besides hard and our game still crashed.

We can not stand how horribly hard the levels are our wheels are always breaking off and its so hard to get gold its always bronze or level complete even the first tutorial is a bronze other ppls levels are better but we do enjoy the game a lot cuz Im always winning by luck and always dying but the game is good and fun and the cars r cool and also can u add more cars and every vehicle has a function to go back like the quad bike so just make the game a bit easier because all levels r pretty hard.

Had this game since around 2016, started playing on android and this game just gets better and better. Keep it up!

We really love this game and overall we think its fantastic but one thing we really dont like is how fragile the bike is. We get the bike breaking is part of the challenge but it will literally break over just about anything and it makes some levels almost impossible. Other than that this is a fantastic app game!

So when that update came out with new customizations and levels for career we noticed a strange bug with the vehicles choices to customize. You would choose it and it would just not load the vehicle and be your character only and when you join a level with that certain vehicle it wont load and will just be an error and you would need to close and open the game again. Later another update came out to fix some problems but our vehicle choice was still the broken unloaded one and so Im stuck not being able to change it since when we go to customize it will just be an error and would need to close and open the game again. So any level with that certain vehicle is unplayable until it gets fixed. It would be great that this is fixed so we can enjoy playing the game again.

This is a great game and we’ve played it for years now but the physics of the game is way to unforgiving. It kills you as soon as you hit the ground wrong because if your bike doesnt break its our neck. We mean sure you can loose a few body parts if you hit the ground to hard but at least make it like 2 limbs off before You die. Some levels are nearly impossible because. We love the game tho. Just wanted to point it out so plz fix it.

When ever draw rider updates their game our gold medals always reset and it happens when our brother logs us out of our account. Its not a big deal. We would like to see that it would save our account Even when our brother logs us out. Dear. Drawrider From rtgdj.

Game is good but keeps going into slomo and wont work again :/

Every time we play a level our vehicle breaks super easily even when we go off a small ramp the wheel just pops off which causes us restart especially when Im close to the finish. (PLEASE FIX THIS BY ADDING MORE DURABILITY) T_T.

We’ve been playing this game for five years. Ever since the new update came out, all our progress has been erased because of this new redesign. The only thing thats left is our account and levels. We were so close to unlocking everything (95% according to the percentage in the old customize section) and now its completely eradicated. Our accounts name is PatDuckOP. We have doubts that this was a bug, and if, by chance, it is, then this bug should be fixed immediately.

Really smooth controls, creative levels, worth the price. :)

Its a great game keeps us well entertained.

We started playing it a few days ago and it was a great experience it was so great That we couldnt stop playing it it is so addicting and so worth it this game is so fun and so hard we are so happy that the person how made this game is great we love love love this game we are going it tell all our friends about it and try to ride our bike whyll we play this game it might work and it might not we play this game ever What a beautiful day. It is so much fun.

Really unrealistic is some ways, for example if your character barely touches sometimes his body will just explode. Also if the bike tire hits a little bump it will sometimes go flying off resulting in you having to restart at the beginning of the level. Another thing we must mention is that the character will be riding his bike then randomly just go flying off and it could happen right at the end of the level. Like seriously this is so annoying. Its a great game though and if you are thinking of getting it go for it :)

For some reason the buttons dont want to register our fingers… Having no other problems with any other apps, either the buttons are too small or something because it is happening very often. Other than that we love the game. Its just frustrating to be in the middle of a track and have the buttons act up.

Its a great game, but with the newest update we cant join the community levels without the game being locked. Should we redownload the game?

Some bug with the new update doesnt allow us to access the online levels. We can play the online racing, but not the player-made section.

Fun game, great to have for some downtime when youve got nothing to do. Big issue is they say draw rider plus has no ads. We keep getting pop up ads that cover up the move buttons while Im in the middle of a track. Forcing us to restart or die. Would be five stars otherwise..

Draw rider is a very unique game with its own mechanics and levels making it stand out. The many levels online always seem fun and come out frequently with amount of players. Our one complaint on the online levels is the search design, we would like to see filters of specific vehicles or difficulty. The online racing is fun but could be smoother with on point recordings of opponents so its more one to one. Otherwise the game is very fun and innovative in its design.

This games satisfies our hunger for racing games and does it quite nicely. The only issue we would like to address is not really an issue but a request. We ask that you add more customizations and make them easier to get, for example, a red bike for 20levels passed online and offline, also heads and bodysuits so the player can feel like their character is unique and can be recognized as theirs like in geometry dash. So please add these and keep up the good work!:P.

Sorry to break it to you guys but, your game it completely dead with only 9 users a day on it. You our as well make a new game and hope it gets popular! And if it dont? Haha-HAHAH.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! YOUR SCREWED!

Fun game…… For the most part. How do we keep ending up dead while still hanging on to the bike? Some of the levels are ridiculously difficult but we guess thats part of the fun. A little too crazy hard sometimes though which makes it frustrating. Id give it 5 stars if it wasnt for the Weekend at Bernies bike operator thing. Its fun to die near the end and do somersaults to get to the finish line. Please fix the problem with the bike breaking in half and the rider dying while still holding on to the handle bars. Its annoying. Do that and you have a 5 Star game.

This game is fun for all ages and the levels are hard yes but thats why you get good.

Played the demo version… Just had to buy the full. For .99 it’s awesome to have a whole game to play and edit levels! It’s a great deal and a lot of fun!

A very fun game, but we haven’t been able to play it since the last update. Whenever we try to open the app it just shows the Corona logo and goes black. Whenever we try to wait, the game crashes.

It was terrible but it’s so actually stupid!

This game is fantastic. We have been playing this game for over 3 years and not on a casual level . Every thing was great on this game but recently we found a bug / error screen that pops up when you go to your downloaded levels . And that blocks you from playing them . That wouldn’t be a issue for a new player but we have beaten all of the levels and the only other thing we do are user levels and this error / pop up screen won’t allow us to play them . But the game is great and it gave us years of fun would be 5/5 but the bug kind of set it back 4/5 overall great game you should try it.

Is this supposed to make people angry or is this a game that is actually not rage inducing, How the hell am we supposed to enjoy a good game if its levels are almost impossible to win, are you supposed to be a pro at this game instantly when you first play it. We would give this 5 stars but Ill have to give 2 or 3 stars since its almost impossible to enjoy this game. Btw, if you know how to make a good game then you can fix the sled problem, cause every time we use it we instantly bail before the level even starts. Also btw please remove the collision from the player and the vehicles its actually very annoying to play without your own bike killing you every time you land wrong.

This should be advertised now, and needs more vehicles!

This is a really great game to play it was only 0.99 cents.

We love this game to bits! We love how the Dev. Still updates the game and adds more and more fun things to do in the game! Thank you!!!

It’s awesome but sometimes it can get a little hard but other than that it’s a great game to play when there’s nothing really to do and it’s fun.

Please look into this, developers.

Awesome game with fluent controls (except when one button breaks from time to time by pressing two buttons at the same moment) and the ability to consistently attract us to it whenever we need something to do. We would recommend it as a must buy for individuals who want a light-hearted game that provides endless entertainment through its physics and interesting play style.

We enjoyed this game because it relaxes me.

It would be cool to see a duel suspension mountain bike added, and also the dirtbike rider needs to be standing and move his hips, to make it a little bit more realistic and easier to use, and also there should be 2 variations of the dirtbike rider, a trials bike, and a regular dirtbike, but either way he should be standing. Thanks! Other than that the game is pretty fun! Ps many of the bike variations should have riders standing, it just works better to move the weight around. Here’s a list of vehicles that should have standing riders: Bmx rider Mountain bike rider(if added) Dirt bike rider(s) Four wheeler rider (Minibike guy should sit)

We can’t seem to sign in to our account any more. We also can’t create a new account. We’ve selected many names that should be available, but it always says Chose a different name. With our account it says "Unrecognized username and password" even though the day before it worked like a charm. Please help us with this.

We had worked REALLY HARD to make ALOT of levels on draw rider then we got draw rider plus and we signed in but our edited tracks are GONE AND SO ARE MY OBJECTS PLEASE GET THEN BACK FOR ME.

It is a awesome game but it has so many features and bugs that are annoying like you can’t move on too another level unless you complete the previous level within a certain time and the editor has too many bugs to list please update this game it’s a amazing game but it needs work especially if people are gonna spend money on it.

This game is one of our favorite games.

Genius in its simplicity and fun. And it has humor too.

So much fun, the 2 bucks is worth it so much more is unlocked from the free version. Our favorite part is that all the single player worlds are unlocked!

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