Draw The Line 3D

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 03:54 pm

Draw The Line 3D


Draw The Line 3D is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD, Draw The Line 3D is a game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 9th December 2020 with the latest update 15th March 2022

Whether you are a fan of games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


25,053 people have rated 3.4

You can download the game Draw The Line 3D from APP STORE.


For the ball to reach the destination, you need to have the proper level of ingenuity and quick reaction, without which you will have a hard time. Watch the ball carefully, do not let it disappear from sight, otherwise you will not be able to direct it, and most likely it will have a tragic accident. You have the opportunity to send your ball into space and admire the beauty of bright stars, but remember that the birds are waiting for their liberator and are ready to accompany you on the way to the finish line.
Prove your skills and save the birds from their cages. Good luck!

Updated on 15th March 2022

  • New inspiring Endless mode
  • Lot of new crazy skins
  • Ball dropping bug fix

Draw The Line 3D Review

A new mode could be play with friends mode! Please make it free! You can friend people.

Utility is nitrogen nitro but not bad we get 5 stars!!!

We can barely play because the adds so please make less adds.

So this is the best game ever because it’s fun for me.

Your game is so calming and fun to play.

When we tell you this game so fun oooh Bc we been playin it for a whole hour a d still havent got bored its as entertaining as tiktok! Anyways you reading this need to get the game if you havent already IMMEDIATELY Bc WHY NOT.

Pls get rid of ads because nobody likes them and make it so you can play with no Internet everyone is asking for it so please read this and do it. People would love it so much better we hope you get this but its a good game and we love it.

So we try to play this all the time on the road but a cant so can you make it were it does not need Wi-Fi.

Its very slow and makes our device slow too kinda annoying but very fun game.

This app is one of the best apps you will ever get from the App Store one thing the first level is pretty hard if you like hard games this is for you :).

Its a pretty good game, the only thing is the adds on the bottom of the screen block you from using all of the space to draw the line. Other than that good game.

Its hard to got to the different levels.

Ok so great game but it is like really really hard for us and other people and the adds so much ADDS and Im more of a battle royal game person like fortnight and stuff like that but if you are really good then you should definitely get it even if your not that good like us well we have to go but you should get this game like it is so good that we play it even if Im bad at it like we are so bad that we cant even beat it like we try to find hacks we found two hacks but they fixed one and the other one we have to get to it and it is hard to get too well bye! And by the way Im a girl and we like football and basketball and taekwondo and also fortnight and finally Spider-Man! And you should definitely get this game oh got to go we need to go to taekwondo bye Spider-Man is the BEST and DC also stans for disgraceful cinema like we HATE DC but we love marvel bye.

Great game graphics are good but there are so many adds like each time a die theres a add :/

This app is nice, we would recommend it. The thing is its one of those games with lots of adds.

This game is a really well made game but they made it impossible to play for more than 5 minutes with the adds every other second if they reduced the ads this could have been great.

We press No thanks for a reason, you know. For a fast paced game its over run with ads. Do better.

Dont get us wrong,the app is fun,but you would have to watch a add if you went 1 or 2 times. And it has came to our attention,that some adds are about harvesting illegal drugs. Id really appreciate it if the creator would stop this just so its a little more kid friendly.

Its an okay game but we got bored of it very quickly and we got really mad when it needed us to be a VIP just to play classic mode.

Its a good game in all but there is WAY to many ads. Also u have to have ads when u play because u have to have wifi. U have ads almost every time u die. Its really annoying but its an good game.

Its like its a random spawn generator every time we launch the ball its runs into a spike >o) Duck (_<

When ever Im playing in a middle of a round it just freezes up on us and we always get adds after a round then our screen goes black. But its a really fun game.

Its a good game with all the game modes and stuff but there is one problem when you get to level 3 and pass it and claim the reward the game crashes pls fix this and the we will reinstall.

Billions of ads and needs internet to play dev this is bullsh** and you know it.

Theres so many ads for no reason.

To many adds every time you die or come back there is a add and no one is going to pay for no adds like what but its fun its just the adds.

This game is very fun but the reason we deleted it is because this game doesnt need ads it doesnt need to be a WiFi game.

This game is so freaking dumb we wanna kill myself.

Dont waste your time watching ads to resume because it just freezes the game and you have to restart plus its super hard on the ad it looked easy but its really just hard.

We have a ad pop up every like 15 seconds.

The developers for this game firstly mislead you with a title promising a 3D game. It is not. Then the developers had the wonderful idea to require an internet connection to even be able to play. Why? Because theres an ad banner at the bottom and top that are distracting as well as an ad with every death. Additionally, there are many modes for the game however only 2 are free. The main mode and free play. The others are locked behind a paywall. We dont recommend this game. Its a fun concept, and we hope another developer can take it and make it worthwhile.

It drained our battery extremely quickly. It glitches all the time especially while Im playing.

Fun game but wayyy to many adds, and worst thing is you cant even play the game offline to enjoy it without adds, there are adds every single game.


So much adds and it Mack buy vp.

Bruh make It to were you dont even need internet to play.

This game is filled with ads to the point where it is nearly unplayable, we can only play one level without getting an ad and even then there is a banner of ads at the bottom and you are offered to watch an ad multiple times.

3d is not the same thing as 2d fix the title.

This game is amazing. They update it a lot and we think we really like it.

Its so cool and to get all of the gamines its only $1. Also they sent us a message saying that they missed us with a sad face.