Draw The Line 3D

Last updated on June 8th, 2023 at 07:50 pm

Draw The Line 3D

Draw The Line 3D

Draw The Line 3D is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD, Draw The Line 3D is a game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 9th December 2020 with the latest update 7th June 2023

Whether you are a fan of games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Draw The Line 3D ?

38,443 people have rated 3.6.5

What is the price of the Draw The Line 3D ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Draw The Line 3D released ?

Draw The Line 3D was released on 9th December 2020.

When was the Draw The Line 3D updated ?

The latest updated date of Draw The Line 3D on 7th June 2023.

Where can Draw The Line 3D be downloaded ?

You can download the game Draw The Line 3D from Apple Official App Store.



For the ball to reach the destination, you need to have the proper level of ingenuity and quick reaction, without which you will have a hard time. Watch the ball carefully, do not let it disappear from sight, otherwise you will not be able to direct it, and most likely it will have a tragic accident. You have the opportunity to send your ball into space and admire the beauty of bright stars, but remember that the birds are waiting for their liberator and are ready to accompany you on the way to the finish line.
Prove your skills and save the birds from their cages. Good luck!

Updated on 7th June 2023

  • bug fixes

Draw The Line 3D Review

The game is awesome and extremely easy.

So when we have bad Wi-Fi this games pretends like that dont even have bad Wi-Fi thanks a lot to the boss god bless you.

We got so good so fast and we love it so much we didnt now we can get so good.

Great fam Noo complain whatsoever and really fun to play.

Its super fun and you need good hand eye cordination but it needs less adds but for all its the best.

All we can say is that the game is exactly like the ad.

There are ads but there is very little. It is challenging so that makes it sooo much fun! We recommend this game 100%

This game is really good for kids or even adults who are trying to avoid being bored. If that happens to you a ton like us, play this game!

We love this game and it awesome. We cant stop playing it. It is like a miracle.

This game is the best u dont even need internet how cool is that hey man have a good freaking rest of your day.

It is hard on the second level.

We love this game it is so satisfying and is fun to play!!!!

This game is great! It starts of easy and as you pass levels, it gets harder. The game is addicting too! This game is good for people who want a challenge.

We payed for no ads and we got an add Thats all but like crazyyy.

This game is honestly really fun, but theres one thing that bothers us. We feel like this game has too many ads. Instead of after every game, maybe every 3-4 games have an ad? Please consider this because we really like this game.

We love this game so much but it has so many ads we know that we can pay to remove but thats a bad use of money we also know it is so you can get your money from advertisers but if you had less ads or like a 1 minute ad every 30 minutes than it would be a lot better if you could please reply to our idea thank you -CJ.

Our daughter loves playing this game when she is bored.

Love the game but we wish we gave you a warning when obstacles are coming yea so cool.

So we love this game but there is only one bad thing. We just started playing the game it was very fun we were about to put it at top 1 but there is ads every single minute or every single round u spawn in and u should at lease make the game accessible to play without Wi-Fi because the game is not even online and also this game is a money trap because it is so much money just for Very Important Person! So pls fix these things but we like the game and this would be a 5 star if u fixed these things but great game tho :)

Why ever would we need internet for an offline game? And this game isnt 3D.

Theres way to many ads you cant go 3 games without having to watch ad after ad you can even watch a video to get a power up and you would still have to watch an add overall fun game but they runied it with the ads every second.

Too many ads. You cant turn off wifi or turn on airplane mode. Very money hungry behavior in our opinion and a-lot of people agree with us. It would be much better if there is an ad every other or third round instead of every game. Please consider this because it is very aggravating.

Its the worst game ever recommend not to play SO BAD IM NEVER PLAYING AGAIN.

Ridiculous amount of ads. Im still trying to figure out the game so we die pretty soon, and at this point we’ve watched ads for more time than we’ve been playing. Completely unenjoyable dont waste your time.

Alright so we love the game but every time we die it keeps on giving us ads ads and ads we tried Turing our internet off but it didnt work 1 star dont play.

This stupid game wouldnt even let us get on its just a big piece of trash you better fix it because we were really looking forward to playing this game.

We bought no ads in this game mainly because there was an add every time we died, it worked at first but when we reloaded the game it wasnt working and kept prompting us to buy no ads again, DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!! We wish we could give this app 0 stars.

Theres so many ads you missile level ads you finish level ads you wanna buy something ads.

Way to many ads the game play is great but right after you die or finish a level you get a thirty second ad.

There is an ad right after we die every time literally and when ever we want to use endless mode we go just to find out that it cost money and then y’all expect it to be relaxing make no sense.

TERRIBLE! Every SINGLE TIME we die there is an ADD!! And that does not help because they GAME IS SO HARD WHEN TOU FIRST START TO PLAY!! AND when you have alm these adds everytime you die YOY CANT LEARN!! IT TERRIBLE!!! Do NOT recomend!!

Ok so ove been playing for a bit and Im starting to like this game but one of the levels is almost impossible its level 8 and you literally cant see your line and its impossible unless your lucky please fix level 8 and less ads.

It such a good game but give to much ads.

This game is the only game that we’ve had that didnt lie some people dont think that but we would get it if we were u.

We love this game because we got so Lucky from the chest.

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