Drill and Collect – Idle Mine

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Drill and Collect – Idle Mine

Drill and Collect - Idle Mine

Drill and Collect – Idle Mine is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by APPS TEKNOLOJI ANONIM SIRKETI, Drill and Collect – Idle Mine is a Simulation game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 31st August 2022 with the latest update 1st June 2023

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Drill and Collect – Idle Mine ?

4,285 people have rated 1.08.50

What is the price of the Drill and Collect – Idle Mine ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Drill and Collect – Idle Mine released ?

Drill and Collect – Idle Mine was released on 31st August 2022.

When was the Drill and Collect – Idle Mine updated ?

The latest updated date of Drill and Collect – Idle Mine on 1st June 2023.

Where can Drill and Collect – Idle Mine be downloaded ?

You can download the game Drill and Collect – Idle Mine from Apple Official App Store.



Deep beneath the earth’s surface, hidden riches wait to be unearthed! In this exciting mining game, you’ll be drilling, digging, and collecting mud, dirt, and ores to build your mining empire from scratch.

As a miner, your job is to excavate the earth and uncover valuable resources that you can sell for profit. You’ll need to strategize and manage your resources wisely to maximize your earnings and expand your operations.

To get started, you’ll need to hire workers and equip them with the necessary tools and gear to begin your digging and drilling. As you collect mud, dirt, and ores, you can sell them for cash, which you can use to upgrade your equipment, hire more workers, and expand your mining operations.

As you progress, you’ll encounter more challenging resources to extract, requiring more advanced equipment and skills. You’ll need to explore and unlock new areas to find these resources, but watch out for unexpected events like cave-ins or equipment breakdowns that can set you back.

With your profits, you can reinvest in your mining site to grow your operation and become a mining tycoon. You can expand your team, upgrade your equipment, and even purchase land to unlock new mining opportunities.

With simple yet addictive gameplay and stunning graphics, this mining game offers hours of entertainment for players of all ages. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the world of mobile gaming, you’ll love the thrill of discovering hidden riches and building your mining empire from scratch.

So what are you waiting for? Put on your hard hat, grab your pickaxe, and start digging for riches today!

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Updated on 1st June 2023

Hey everyone,

We did some performance improvements and minor bug fixes in this release.
Please feel free to give us your feedback and ratings.

Have fun!

Drill and Collect – Idle Mine Review

We love this game you have made. But may we make a tiny suggestion? At lvl 10 would you please make it possible for a cute little robot or a creature to go back and collect all the money that is made on previous levels? This game is so great we play it religiously. But its a tad annoying having to go all the way back to lvl one to collect all the money that has been made. Sincerely from a helpful fan. Jax Shadow.

Its very addicting, in a good way.

The reason we say its good is because its fun but the reason its not perfect is because we have no money because we spent it all on trying to upgrade to the next area and we are at the max distance of our rope length so we cant get any more money in this game.

This game is fun but it takes forever to open a new level. Im on level 10 and it takes hours of standing on the little square to finally spend the money to unlock a new level. We have plenty of money needed to unlock it but just the amount of time it take makes us bored. We hope that they can just make it go faster. Other than that we enjoy the game immensely.

We love this game we have a lot of long car rides to school do its great to not have ads but sometimes when we try to place our gems in places they dont place down.

There are still some glitches, but we had written a review about a few and they got those fixed within a week, thats awesome they actually do care. And review the issues you being to their attention.

We enjoy the game but it took an hour to move on to the next area!!!! Why does it take so long to unlock it should collect the money from you way faster should never take an hour of the game on because wont do it if you close the app to open a area of the game UPDATE we upped the stars because it was taken care of pretty fast the devs wrote us to let us know it was fixedI also like the no ads purchase they added in.. Now for the devs it would be awesome if you can add a way to speed up the machines to process the gems even if you have to watch a short ad for it.. And there is a bug if you dig to far down u lose a lot of your ours we have tested this many times if that could be addressed that would be great.

Its very difficult to progress in the game when it costs too much to extend the rope length. You spend those new dollars on rope length, but dont have enough to spend to expand the gem processor. How can we move forward?

We’ve been soft locked with $0 to get length.

Super uneven balance after this last update.

Adds in the middle of gameplay every 20 seconds it seems horrible do better this is garbage.

If forced ads werent bad enough they put up a fake mail icon and it takes you to an external link.

This has to be a psyop to see how many low quality intrusive ads a normal human being will deal with before quitting.

The developers did a good job fixing issues quickly.

A few weeks ago we wrote a review and Said we were disappointed that there wasnt a no ads purchase then a few weeks later we went in the game and saw that there was a thing for no ads and then the developer wrote us and told us so they do care.

There is a lot of stuff that you can do that is so fun.

Its a good game but the ads get annoying but other than that it so fun.

The game at a certain level get bugged and stops working like you can still play it but the money you get for some reason starts going to negative and your not able to keep playing anymore.

So good for anxiety. Im completely addicted its very calming. We love it.

A lot of adds and If you get the fitness tycoon add the whole game will freeze and need to be restarted. Had to get the no ads add on. Other than that its a fun and entertaining game.

We love the game but now it has ads that pops up doin the game it was better without them pls take them away so it can be fun again.

Area 13 doesn’t cost anything to move onto it. We played till area 13 before and it made the game glitch out and stop running correctly we thought it was our device but it would appear to not be the case.

We like the game it is fun easy and passes time the only thing we have seen wrong with it is a small money duplication method.

The game is really fun but it lags and glitches sometimes. It would be great if you could fix that.

But the game keeps crashing right after the load screen.. Please fix this! We actually enjoyed this game enough to pay to make the ads stop. Dont make it a waste of our money please.

Im just trying to play it casually but every time we even try to open the game now, it just crashes and wont open at all.

We really like this app and enjoy mindlessly running around for hours in the game but we are stuck in Area 12 because there is a glitch causing the money to not be able to be collected.

Way too many ads. About every 2 minutes its going to an ad.

Im in area 9 where it takes 7q dollars to move on to the next area, we have 9q saved up, we kept our phone on while we went to sleep so we could move on to the next area when we woke up. We wake up 6 hours later and Im not even half way done upgrading to the next area. Overall a great game super fun but we cant move on.

We love games where we can kill time, and we honestly dont care about running ads, but after the last update Im showing negative currency and level 12 glitched and didnt let us finish it just have 2 conveyors and no money accumulates. Once that gets fixed, its a great game!

Became addicted go the game, but at some point it becomes impossible to keep money because the rope length cost wayyy too much, but is needed to continue to play. We have been crushing the levels, but we dont see myself getting past this one. We also wish the game continued while we were away. That way we would come back to accumulated cash. The further levels the money stops making sense. Love the investing but no real wealth building aspect. People love when they have a big savings stashed with these games but that is impossible the further along you get. Other than that love killing time with this game.

We are area 14. We try to collect money and the app closes. Our dollar amount goes from positive to negative consistently. When we attempt to make our rope longer, increase the excavator, etc we have to watch a add. We are about to delete.

Love the game. Just too many ads. We downloaded this game to play it not watch ads every 30 seconds to 2 minutes of play time. We dont buy the no ads button bc it a waste of money. This game would be 5 stars but bc of ads we give it a 2.

Worked well for a bit after last update. Now it stole all our money, some stuff is free, some items cant be chosen even with the money.

So Im to stage 13 and now Im in a negative balance and we cant upgrade anything at all and its getting really irritating and it needs to be fixed. We would give 5 stars but because of this we cant.

Was enjoying the game, then area 12 and our money became a negative balance. Went to purchase emerald and should have had enough but flashed like we didnt. Then we noticed as we added more money, our balance went down and we saw there was a small negative sign in our money balance. Anyone else??? Tried completely closing game, and phone with no luck.

Everytime we collect our money Im going into to negative instead of positive earnings we have to watch ads to upgrade everything we enjoy the game but way to many issues.

So after the update some things were fixed but we unlocked an area without having the necessary cash and the area we were working on (area 12) is now not producing cash even with orders being filled and now Im showing a negative balance. And even if we unlock the next area without finishing building all the lines we cant build or upgrade the ones we have or dont have. This has been an issue for awhile and its frustrating.

There is this thing where if you use so much money to do anything but the rope length, you will eventually not be able to get any more money: FIX IT P.S. You spelled length incorrectly (Lenght, we love it )

The game is really addicting. Im stuck. But uhm theres an add every 2-3 minutes. Its very annoying and super frustrating. A few adds here and there thats fine but every 2-3 minutes. Come on now makes us not want to play it anymore.

The game does not continue while you are away, leaving any progress in the game needing to be done actively. This needs to be changed or the games name/title needs to. False advertising.

Why the game glitches with the money we get it goes to negative then it goes to zero even tho Im in area 12 already and had a lot of money once we got 9200.8Q we doesnt let us upgrade or buy anything even tho we have the money to do so after is glitches our money goes back to zero we have to start all over again please help.

We really like this game, but there is some sort of glitch on Area 12 where we are unable to collect the money. The truck pulls up to collect the gems, but no money appears in the money area. We have mined a ton of dirt, but Im unable to collect the money. Is there a fix for this? We’ve completely closed the app several times, but no luck.

We LOVE this game but now that we try to unlock the next area we cant. You said you fixed it but it doesnt work. Any tips on how to fix??? We’ve resetted our phone,game and even reinstalled it.

Everytime we almost finish area 5, the game just shuts off and wont let us back on. We’ve deleted and redownloaded multiple times and it continues to do the same thing.

In addition to the glitches, there are way more ads than anything we’ve ever played.

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