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DYSMANTLE is one of the best $9.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by 10tons Ltd., DYSMANTLE is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 19th May 2022 with the latest update 17th November 2022

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Adventure, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


137 people have rated 1.1.4

You can download the game DYSMANTLE from APP STORE.


As you ascend from your shelter after the long long years, a brave new old world awaits you. A world inhabited with nasty and vile creatures. A world with no other human soul to be seen. A world with nature in reigns now. A world that’s about to get even worse. You need to find a way to escape the wretched island. But before that, enjoy the bittersweet apocalypse.


  • Break over 99% of all objects for materials with the right tools. No barrier will stop you.
  • Fight with (or run away) nasty and vile creatures of the post-apocalyptic era.
  • Explore the handcrafted open world and uncover its mysteries.
  • Survive. Clear areas of monsters and claim it as yours.
  • Build outposts to establish your presence.
  • Craft permanent weapons, tools, outfits, and trinkets.
  • Hunt various game or tame them for your post-apocalyptic zoo ranch.
  • Farm nutritious plants and reap the rewards as the crop gets ripe.
  • Solve puzzles above ground and underground in the Tombs of the Old Ones
  • Fish cunning scaly things under the watery surface.
  • Cook delicious recipes for permanent stat and ability upgrades.
  • Unravel the mysteries of the strange island.

Updated on 17th November 2022

-Optimized memory usage.
-Using compressed textures (sharper textures with lower memory consumption).
-Added automatic save game backup functionality.
-Stability improvements.


BUY THIS. We don’t care what game genres you like or dislike. You won’t care what genres you like or dislike. This game would be reason enough to buy an iPhone. This is better than we would imagine an iPhone could be capable of. We’re actually serious. This game is amazing. BUY THIS. BUY THIS NOW.

Why is that after we bought the DLC the game keep on kicking us out after a few minutes?

BUY THIS. We don’t care what game genres you like or dislike. You won’t care what genres you like or dislike. This game would be reason enough to buy an iPhone. This is better than we would imagine an iPhone could be capable of. We’re actually serious. This game is amazing. BUY THIS. BUY THIS NOW.

BUY THIS. We don’t care what game genres you like or dislike. You won’t care what genres you like or dislike. This game would be reason enough to buy an iPhone. This is better than we would imagine an iPhone could be capable of. We’re actually serious. This game is amazing. BUY THIS. BUY THIS NOW.

We hope this message finds you well. We really love this game! We will definitely be buying all of the DLCs. We were wanting to ask if it would be maybe possible to transfer save games across from steam to iOS? It would be great having to continue where we left off from one device onto another. That way when Im not playing on our laptop we could continue where we left off, but on our iPhone. That would be great. We really like this game, definitely one of our top favorite games of all time! Have a great rest of your day!

Please support cloud save or export save files.

This is a truly great game. But with no auto save feature, no save feature (there is a save and exit, but it is a pain to do constantly), you have to replay sections over and over again due to incessant crashing. We really enjoyed playing this game, but the crashing and lost progress is so incredibly frustrating. It pains us to give a game like this one star, but this was clearly not play tested at all.

It’s not good to release a new version without testing. We tried restarting and redownloading the software.

Can we get iCloud save. We dont wanna start all over on our iPad.

Playing this game for over 100 hours but the game crushed today and restart the game there is no saved files and had to restart the whole game again. However the game is so good. Love this game.

This is the best survival game on the market with no IAPs. Why should you spend $ to buy an upgrade when needed. There is a lot of content in this game! Not only you collect enough material for an upgrade, you can upgrade that item 2-5 times better. Open world of rpg style fighting, fishing, hunting, farming, and did we mention that 99% of the game, you can break fr more material with the right tool. We do agree that there is some issues laied with slowness (IPad Pro 13), but we are sure the developers are working hark getting these issues fixed.

We have been a long-time player of LDOE prior to the paywall making it unplayable for a middle-aged full-time working mom with 2 kids under 5. We even managed to persuade the game developers, when they updated the requirements for ATV, to reimburse the players all the parts they had already put into the old version in a long Facebook discussion. Im no gamer but we get our fixations sometimes and LDOE was one of them for a long time. This game blows it out of the water. Do you like grinding (gathering resources)? Making new tools and weapons? Exploring unknown worlds? Does it fill you with deep satisfaction to kill zombies/aliens/monsters? Do you LOVE not having a paywall? This game is well worth the $9.99 we paid. The detail in the locations is heartbreakingly beautiful and thorough. Im kind of a sap but you know, Im sad for the good people of the island, youll see when you play. Its not just an island. Its like an entire continent. Our only suggestions: – modification available to the survivor/player, eg gender, hairstyle, skin color and hair color. – more armor/clothing options that are superficial but you know, lets you have some variety. – ability to save from Pause – so many times we just took 30 seconds to answer a text, flipped back and our progress was gone because we hadnt gotten to a campfire yet. And then there were times we fell asleep on Pause and 6 hours later we were right where we left off?!?! – we want there to be chickens like there are deer and elk, and then have a flock of chickens that defend us from the zombie alien yadda yadda things. – we have solved the main quest, we just hope yall keep developing and improving because we absolutely love this game.

Remember not so long ago when you just paid for a game and played it? We dont know about you, but Im tired of playing a cool looking free game, getting a to a certain level only to realize its the same pay to win model in a different wrapper. Its kind of fun for a while til someone with a bigger wallet just ruins it for you. We dont know why we were so hesitant to shell out a few bucks but we are sooo glad we did. Dysmantle really brought us back to the good ol days of gaming with hours and hours of fun exploring, fighting stuff, crafting, solving puzzles, upgrading gear, not being punished for dying and worrying about checking in to buy a shield to protect our base for another 8 hours. A big thumbs up to the developers for choosing this gaming model and not creating just another money grab. -Abe.

Needs more items and fight techniques is a good game is entertaining 5 stars.

This is the best game we’ve played in a long time on our iPad. L use the iPad a lot for games because its so convenient. We have been on the App Store since the beginning of the app store, and we have seen it develop nicely, then devolve into some kind of really Vegasy, grifty kind of way of brilliantly parting people (and children) from their money. So basically this is the best ten bucks we’ve spent on an iOS game. We know this is sort of an afterthought port of a pc game but we really appreciate it. We like the game it reminds us of Diablo. Only funnier because you get to destroy stuff.. Our tiny complaint is the controls are so wonky on the ipad, the mini games and puzzles are so clever but we find myself losing because of the controls. If you could so kindly work a bit in that, if possible, (I dont know if the ipad itself is the barrier)I would gladly send you ten more of our hard earned bucks. :) if not , we guess Ill have to start all over again on our pc. Regards.

We realize this isnt necessarily a survival game, but this is exactly the passion and attention to detail we’ve wanted from all the mobile survival games out there. We put in over 60 hours and enjoyed most of our time in this game. We loved the little details with the notes, radio broadcasts, the environments that tell stories (people worshiping the plate tree, the DIY shelter, those one dorm rooms saying youre unique that are all nearly copy/paste of each other). You can tell the devs care about making a quality game in pretty much everything they do. The storylines are interesting with the intertwined narratives of the people exploring the island, the tablets explaining the pestilence, etc. Its not without its problems though: Taking away exp to remove items seems kinda pointless, the zombies could use more variety cuz they all are essentially the same regardless of the biomes, the combat isnt too bad just kinda repetitive (whack, roll away to dodge hit, whack, roll away, etc.).

This is hands down the best mobile game! Im almost at 100 hours played and we still cant get enough! We really hope they bring the new underworld to mobile! We love it so much!

We loved playing this game. As others said it seems more like a console game than a mobile one, and in all the best ways. Its been a few weeks since we finished it and we miss it so much.

One of the greatest games we’ve played on mobile put some major time in on this game our top five iOS games hands down.

Definitely one of the best games we’ve played on our iPad. We felt like we were playing a console game. Interesting story, combat is fun and the new weapons come at just the right time. Plenty of stuff to do, crafting, arena battles, turret defense battles, extremely large world to explore. If this game sounds somewhat interesting to you, then buy it! It is definitely worth it!

Can you guys add the dlc from steam? And also can we save the game to iCloud. That way we dont lose our progress at all?

The beginning is definitely tedious with resource gathering but after an hour or two you get some upgrades better equipment with more damage it gets a lot more fun! And am much more better at roaming towns and wilderness because of it still getting the hang of it tho!

As the title states the game doesnt have any way for a player to backup their progress in the game. Lovely game though.

Playing this game for over 100 hours but the game crushed today and restart the game there is no saved files and had to restart the whole game again.

We had high hopes for this game. The art style is wonderful. The crafting is fairly straightforward and satisfying. Even the occasional voiceovers are done well. We genuinely enjoyed this game for the first 20 hours. The reason why Dysmantle fails is ultimately abysmal pacing and level design. Dont know where to get electronics from specific upgrades to a baseball bat? Linger for hours wondering what to do. What about lumber? Good luck finding the one sawmill not in a gas zone where you can get a blueprint for a sawmill. Titanium? Didnt notice that little smelters emporium while going west trying to figure out how to go up north? Well youre out of luck until you find it for real upgrades. Dont know how to get to interconnected area X? Look it up on the internet and still be baffled by the sheer illogical Byzantine nature of it all. Its as though 10Tons had better to do than dangle carrots in front of you, but they all end up being sticks. Want some examples? Most of the southeast map is dedicated to a single archaeology quest, literally sending you around in semi-circles for an hour, only to culminate in a difficult boss fight to get a gas mask. Why do you need one? To get to the capitol through oneand only oneway. Where do you go from there? See the color-coded charts people have made up. Every section is like this. It is the most baffling, idiotic level design we have seen since 8-bit games on the NES. If you have 80+ hours of patience, or just follow the walkthroughs (which themselves dont do much), this game is halfway fun and even enjoyable at times. Otherwise, its a waste of 10 bucks and more time than we care to admit.

The mechanics are great. Its a really fun zombie game and we enjoyed our time with it. Its worth the 10 bucks and is honestly a little addicting. Youll spend hours on this game and have a blast. TL;DR at bottom. However. We had fully repaired the escape pod and was going steady at day 42-43 at level 63 and having a really good thing going for us. We were just doing some fishing to get some fish for The Ark when we turned off the game and went to work. We remembered camping a a fire twice just because sometimes it doesnt save progress from a few minutes before camping. When we returned from work we booted up the game, hit play and was greeted with the options dial for when starting a new game. We went ahead and started it up and then went back to the main menu only to find our save with all our progress completely erased. All our hours of work down the drain. No amount of fun mechanics and destructible objects can make up for the fact that this can just happen and ruin everything. It just feels so pointless and hopeless starting at square one when we were so close to completing the game for the first time. TL;DR If youre a prospective player looking at this for the first time, youre gonna have a blast we highly recommend it. The rest was just something for the developers. Its absolutely crushing to have everything wiped just like that for no reason whatsoever.

Stuttering and frame drops are constant, even at lowest settings. Unplayable unfortunately.

We rarely write reviews but we have to say that we cannot stop playing. We even take breaks at work just to finish lol Only thing I’d say is on max graphics our phone feels like it’s on fire even after only like 20 minutes. And we’re on a iPhone 13pro. Other than that we run on lowest settings and we can leave it on for hours. Really addicting game if you like to grind.

Im at lvl 30, maybe half the map cleared and the game keeps getting deeper and deeper. Extremely impressive for an iOS game.

Blown away that this is on iPhone. Feels like a console game, but at the same time doesnt feel like just a quick iPhone port. Really polished overall. We dont have a lot of issues with performance (13 Pro Max), however it does make our phone warm and is very intensive on battery. Hopefully there is some additional optimization that can be done; in the meantime we just play with our Backbone controller plugged in to the charger. As for the gameplay – we are typically very bad at video games and tend to play on easy. This game doesnt have difficulty options. As someone who is bad at video games it still feels about right for us in terms of difficulty. If enemies are too hard in a particular area, we just go collect resources, upgrade weapons and come back later. A couple of enemies in particular are super annoying (explodey bomb throwers, for example) – but once you figure out the technique its not a huge deal.

We purchased this yesterday as we thought it looked good and the reviews were good. And well it was the right descision, the graphics and mechanics are great! Its controller supported and its a huge map to explore and battle zombies while unlocking new tools and accessories. We would recommend to all our friends as its an acceptable price for an amazing game!!!!! One thing we would hope to see in a future update is online play like on pc!

Im a big fan of survival games, but its hard to find a good one. This game is the answer. You get to destroy lots of things while you go around collecting items, and the map is huge with lots of awesome stuff to explore and discover. It is $10 upfront, but no in-app purchases, so its worth it. The only problem is it does get a little repetitive at times, but its so addictive that it doesnt really matter. Theres also a ton of quests to go on, and an entire story that unfolds as you play, but you get to choose if you want to get that deep into it or not. You can totally ignore all that and just go around breaking stuff.

This game is well worth the money. Amazing well thought out game that provides plenty of stuff to do. Beautiful world and engaging story 5/5 all day! Im hoping they create some DLC for the game.

We just finished, we put in about 60 hours or so and had a blast. We really enjoyed it, it hooked us from the beginning. We played on our iPad with a controller, but touch controls are fine. We really hope we get future updates and DLC.

We usually dont write reviews but we think this one deserves it Its unique, fun and addicting Im about halfway through and we still havent lost interest which is rare nowadays To the developers thank you for the hard work much appreciated . Keep doing what youre doing and we definitely feel like we got our moneys worth and more.

Im so into this game right now. If you are someone who likes collecting and quests and killing, this is for you. It can be easy if you level up and then kill the hard stuff or hard if you just go right to it. We love exploring every corner of the map so this will take us a good long while. Only annoyance is camera angle but that might just be a genre thing. Better if you zoom all the way out.

This is probably the best game we’ve ever paid for on the App Store. It has everything we love in a game without getting nickel and dimed to advance. So much fun!

10 Tons is a name that grabs our attention on iOS. We own all their twin stick shooters (and recommend them if this is your first offering of theirs). Anyhow, this is the best thing to happen to the survival and crafting genre in some time. One thing it has going for it is that its not so dauntingly opaque at least at the start. Its got an addicting hook, but you wont feel like you want a wiki to progress. In our not as humble as it should be opinion, this is best in genre. Im going to get back in and get myself a hat.

We ha e an iphone 12 pro max and ipad pro 12.5 this game should NOT be slowing down whatsoever. We run the most graphically challenging games thereis with no problems EXCEPT for this game.

Overall, we enjoyed it. The map was great. The layout design was fun to explore. We Kept getting surprised at how much thought was put into designing some of the buildings. We honestly felt bad tearing some of the structures down because we needed the materials. The only lackluster was that the enemies pretty much turn to paper once you max out all the weapons. After that the game starts to feel like a chore. We noticed myself just running through mobs to get to the next radio tower. We wish there was a way to increase the difficulty without having to summon them back as tougher versions using the radio towers. Even without camouflage gear we would run past them in broad daylight unnoticed.

So repetitive! Painfully tedious item collection process and time spent killing the same monsters over and over make this game unplayable after about 20 hours. Needs more variety instead of smash, collect, build, repeat. The sparse and tiny side quests dont make up for this. We really wanted to finish this game but we hit a wall with the repetition. Other mechanics that Id like to question the dev on: 1) You fall into water with no warning = instant death. Why doesnt your character just stop? 2) Building some things, like turrets and transmitter link upgrades, dont require you to have the items on you to create them. Other items, like repairing the controls to a wall and repairing bridges do. Why so inconsistent? 3) What kind of island has so many climates and impassable ridges? Makes no sense. 4) Being forced to craft garbage items like most of the trinkets so that we can increase carrying capacity for the few good trinkets is a bad idea. Cant we just craft more storage spots and not have the junk items, or have enough trinket capacity to carry more of them? 5) The trinkets take up too much space relative to their incentives. 6) Taking items out of storage so we can use them reduces XP, but using them from storage does not. Makes no sense.

WASTED $10 on this garbage. No idea how you attack the creatures read the pop up message an did what it says an nothing happens but we just die. Its very basic you can only hit stuff with 1 weapon, no guns no eating an it felt boring still 10 mins in! No idea how to kill stuff we WILL NOT BE WASTING ANY MORE MONEY TRYING LAME GAMES ON THE APPLE STORE! Last Day Earth Survival STILL 100% better!

Literally 90% of the time the controls are not responsive which causes you to die in the most stupid situations.

This looks like a quick cash grab. Cheap port with very subpar controls. Have it on Xbox but even on an iPad Pro the clunky controls and poor lock-on System make this garbage port a simple exercise in frustration. If you buy the game dont do it here.

Needs multiplayer with local, same device and online with up to 4 friends, hopefully even 6. Zombie respawn is annoying. Would be great if we could build our own safe house and customize it.

This is unlike the other basic survival games on the store. While aesthetically people may think its like the others this one incorporates souls-like mechanics and difficulty that is engaging to play. We were thoroughly impressed.

This zombie-survival crafter is pretty much the perfect mobile game. Its closest cousin is Crashlands, and though its missing some of that games humor and charm, it makes up for it with gorgeous visuals, straightforward quests and a great progression loop. Its the kind of game that you keep waiting for an IAP offer or paywall to ruin, but that never happens, the game is all yours. Great for long sits or short bursts – money well spent.

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