Ys Online:The Ark of Napishtim

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Ys Online:The Ark of Napishtim

Ys Online:The Ark of Napishtim

Ys Online:The Ark of Napishtim is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Zilong Game Limited, Ys Online:The Ark of Napishtim is a Adventure game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 29th August 2022 with the latest update 1st June 2023

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Ys Online:The Ark of Napishtim ?

1,389 people have rated 1.4.3

What is the price of the Ys Online:The Ark of Napishtim ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Ys Online:The Ark of Napishtim released ?

Ys Online:The Ark of Napishtim was released on 29th August 2022.

When was the Ys Online:The Ark of Napishtim updated ?

The latest updated date of Ys Online:The Ark of Napishtim on 1st June 2023.

Where can Ys Online:The Ark of Napishtim be downloaded ?

You can download the game Ys Online:The Ark of Napishtim from Apple Official App Store.



The Far West is where the sea meets its end.
Many say it is the location of nature’s wrath, "The Great Vortex of Canaan," which engulfs all ships that dare to attempt a traverse.
Why does it exist?
What kind of world is on the other side?
If you hold a soul of adventure, you will be drawn toward this unknown!

Game Summary
"Ys Online: The Ark of Napishtim" is licensed and adapted from the sixth generation of the legendary Japanese franchise, the Ys series. The game, supervised by Falcom, inherits the soul of popular JRPG adventures. While revitalizing the original plot, a premier VA lineup was added to dub the entire story, crafting a richer and more refined experience. In the game, adventurers will accompany Adol to the "Great Vortex of Canaan" to meet the mysterious Rehdan Sisters and together explore the "Ruins of the Winged One Civilization." A heartwarming story and fantastic adventure are about to commence.


[The Classic Ys VI Story Is Back with a Magnificent Adventure]
The red-haired adventurer Adol, the mysterious Rehdan priestesses Olha & Isha, the commander with a dire mission Ernst, and the powerful Geis… All the fan-favorite characters have returned with new character-exclusive side stories! Classic maps such as Limewater Cave, Zemeth Island, and the Grana-Vallis Mountain have been revamped, enriching the emotional experience signature of Ys!

[Explore the Ancient Forest Ruins and Challenge the Mighty BOSS]
Meet the Rehdan Sisters and defeat the Demi-Galba to save their tribe! The labyrinth in the ruins of the Canaan Islands is waiting for bold adventurers. There are many treasures and mighty bosses hidden in their depths. Come and take on the challenges with Adol!

[Experience a Japanese Fantasy Adventure and Try the Different Game Modes]
While preserving the retro style of the Ys series, the game adds many new game varieties, such as dungeons, puzzle-solving, competitions, and the role progression mode. Adventurers can now choose to auto-experience gameplay or take full control of the exciting action with game modes, making the game more directable and enriching this high-fantasy adventure RPG!

[Choose One of the Four Main Classes to Create Brand-New Heroes for Canaan]
There are four classic classes ready for you: A close-combat warrior with high defense, a mage who can attack crowds from a distance, a ranger who heals multiple allies at once, and an assassin who is ready to strike up close, with various class transformations for you to determine. The Goddess Alma will guide your way to the most suitable choice!

[Switch between Combat and Leisure to Share a Relaxing Time with Friends]
In the world of Ys, intense battles are not the only thing to do. You will be able to participate in casual farming, cooking, home furnishing, pet breeding, and fashionable dress-up. Take a breath from the exhilarating adventure and enjoy a relaxing time with friends!

[The All-Star VA Cast and Amazing Soundtrack Experience]
The game includes all of the original signature music of Ys VI, with Kaji Yuki, Ishikawa Yui, Kawasumi Ayako, Koshimizu Ami, Tanaka Rie, and many other renowned Japanese VAs dubbing the entire tale. The combination of incredible music and SFXs elevates the gameplay, bringing adventurers closer in touch with the world of Ys!

Updated on 1st June 2023

Bug fixed.

Ys Online:The Ark of Napishtim Review

Decent game. Come try this one out!

We would love it more with controller support.

Just like the title says we took some time and playing the game and we feel that we are going back to playing the same game over over again. We already play this game on the PlayStation two and also on the Sony PlayStation portable we dont need to read, live the same events all over again, you guys couldnt just focus on continuing from number eight, but instead you went back to number six of the series even though we enjoyed some of the sceneries and also the scenes, but it feels like dj vu all over again. This will be our last review, because we were very disappointed how the game turned out to be, we dont wanna play the same game over again just to see a different view of the game. We just hope in the near future you can bring back most latest series instead of this version.

If you plan on not spending a single penny on this game do not expect to be able to beat those who spend a lot. The gap between p2w and f2p is ever growing. To stay up at the top you have to spend and the gacha is very poor to the point where you have to spend to get the pity which doesnt matter after a month in because there is something new that is better that comes along the way. Equipment is good until it becomes luck based and again, to keep up with everyone you have to keep spending. Dont expect to be carried majority of the time and events are a joke.

Cant start the game as guest or any other way, keeps loading… ? Help fix to start the game.

We love this game! Im actually not a ya game player our hubster is and he introduced us to this app. Im enjoying every min! The grind is real and dedicated. The guilds throughout all the severe from 5 to where Im from and the legendaries from 10! They are all wonderful people and make the game so much more fun! Come be a part of the Ys communities and have a great casual time playing. Or paying to play your choice! -PrplOctive.

If you are a fan of the series you will quickly find this game to be apparently made by people who never experienced it. This game is trash.

We feel that we have to spend money just to keep up at all, and even then, its very much an uphill struggle. Well, less a hill and more like Mount Everest. We could spend more, but it kind of has us so demoralized that Im not going to. Our BP gain has come to a near screeching halt. To get new mounts and other special items will have you spending 100 or more dollars per day which is absolutely ridiculous. We’ve been grinding for the level 70 gear since level 70 came available and we’ve not gotten the materials for one single piece. The drop rate is horrendous and the fact that you can only get rewards for three per day is ridiculous. Spending money wont even help you with that either. Heres how you balance the game and still make money; charge 20 dollars to download the game, remove all limits to pretty much everything and just let people play it, then throw in the microtransactions that are cosmetic ONLY, nothing to allow you to be more capable than anyone else. Only time grinding and actually playing should get you ahead.

This game could do with controller support.

U only get so far then u need your Master card or Visa.

This MMO has many of the key activities youd expect in an MMObig pvp battles, tons of equipment and card development, and dungeon dailiesbut theyre packaged in a way that makes this game feel different. Plus, its got some decent social features and encourages group play. Its fun overall, and we recommend it. Definitely worth a try. The main downside is the worst randomization system in progression we’ve seen in an MMO, which involves you losing multiple levels of progress when you fail a roll. Frustrating and not fun. The other downside is weak character customization.

We kinda like the game, the content is good and the activities are engaging. However, we are NOT a spender. For those of you who are F2P (like me), this game will disappoint you. You will not get as far as other players are unfortunately. Im around 175k BP at level 55 and there are players who are around 700k BP at level 55. This game rewards players who have the highest BP, and these players ALWAYS get high quality equipment (from ranking events) which makes it nearly IMPOSSIBLE for F2P players to advance any further activities that involve team work (unless youre being carried) or PVP. Nobody wants to team up with a weakling unless youre friends or are part of the same guild. Now if youre like us, and just like to casually play but not too often; feel free to explore this game!

Oh please please please add controller support would make this game a million times better.

We’ve spent quite a bit of money in this game. Playing a navigator is fun but the damage is lacking a bit. The berserker is also vastly overturned. We have seen multiple times a berserker way out dps us as a navigator and multiple other classes where they were 100,000 or more BP below us. Its disheartening to see that and we wont be spending anymore money until the game is more balanced.

We’ve spent quite a bit of money in this game. Playing a navigator is fun but the damage is lacking a bit. The berserker is also vastly overturned. We have seen multiple times a berserker way out dps us as a navigator and multiple other classes where they were 100,000 or more BP below us. Its disheartening to see that and we wont be spending anymore money until the game is more balanced.

While we are enjoying the game the censorship is just too much like letters are being censored like th for example. This whole comment would be censored hardcore in the game chat.

This game is wonderful. A bit pay to win, but not needed. The only major issue we have as well as everyone in our guild is the ludicrous censorship of chat. B, k, T, so many letters are being censored for no reason. Just typing thanks turns into **ans like what?! Fix this now or youll lose players. Its an online gamechatting is a huge part of itbut how can we chat when everything is censored!!!

Story is good, gameplay is fun, music is great and there is a lot to do. Why 1 star? Because this game deploys ever bit of bait to get you to pay to win. You can buy mounts, you can heros, you can buy outfits, you can buy wings that increase your bp, etc every conceivable way for them to make money they did and in doing so ruined their own game. We get f2p games need revenue to come in but the fact that many of the top tier gear can only be bought is crazy. When you introduce pvp in the mix you have players who bought everything decimating entire guilds with one over powered player. There are other games that you can buy that will be worth your time and money. This is not one of them.

We paid for packages that were misadvertised as "I would obtain x to be able to do x" but rather was given a chance to obtain x and do x. We also stated that there are "success rates" on top of those that do not appear to be accurate. Upon submitting bug reports and support requests, nothing was done to help solve the issue. We have tried contacting the company through discord and through email, yet nothing has been done to help us.

So we’ve recreated our guild and even contacted support for this issue a bunch of times but the GMs/Devs keep deleting our guild which is active and mostly full because the name Annwn which is a place in Welsh/ Celtic mythology is according to them a Racial Slur. Apparently the devs dont know how do any kind of research because a quick google search would tell them that Annwn is not in anyway, shape, or form a racial slur and is in fact the name of the ancient welsh underworld which was ruled by our characters namesake Arawn, which is according to them a racial slur as well since this past time they deleted our guild they deleted our character as well and we had a very rude and nasty reply from support when we attempted to contact them about why both were deleted.

Us as an archer(ranger) lover, omg the tail is cute! 5 star! Who cares its a 5 star ^w^

Very good game but controller would make it better.

We just started playing this game and have no idea what Im doing yet. Our experience with the Ys series extends to only vague but fond memories while playing the games in our youth. So Im hoping that this game is capable of capturing some of that same magic. Heres hoping.

First time playing and its so amazing! The characters are so pretty and adorable and the story is really good so far <3.

Literally the cutest and coziest!

Nice game, and works perfectly on Apple Silicon macbook!

We love this game and keep up the good work.

Yes!!! It finally came out we’ve been waiting on this!!

Great game for people who like anime rpg.

Im having so much fun with this game, we played a lot of Genshin & Nino Kuni but this is better than both of them, awesome old JRPG feel to the game we love it so much.

First review! We would what the game would look like we waited 1 month for this but at the same time we dont really understand why we need to wait 4:00 am local time to play In servers.

Play this game for a week. Although its repetitive, its always interesting. Finally a great jrpg!

We cant get enough of this game.

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