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Synesthetic is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Alexandru Eugen Dantis, Synesthetic is a Music game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 19th July 2012 with the latest update 6th August 2020

Whether you are a fan of Music, Music, or Racing games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


322 people have rated 2.02

You can download the game Synesthetic from APP STORE.


Synesthetic can generate levels from your iTunes music library (must be downloaded/transferred to the device first) but is not compatible with Apple Music or Spotify songs.

"Synesthetic is a game any music lover should pick up. When I played my first round, all I could do was smile. It looks good, it feels good. It’s a trip. This game won’t be leaving my iPad anytime soon." (4.5/5 stars)

"…it’s an experience as beautiful and transcendental as it is strange and wonderfully horrifying due to the impressive neon techno visuals." (4/5 stars)

"A fusion of Audiosurf and Boost, Synesthetic takes you on a trippy ride through your own music while basing its game around the simplicity of tilting." (4/5 stars)
Experience your music like never before with Synesthetic, the first IOS game that truly syncs with your music. Embark on an out of this world rollercoaster ride, dodging obstacles and going though loops, trying to improve your highscore. Everything (the speed, obstacles and colors) is in tune to your music.

*The game doesn’t work with DRM protected songs (music bought from iTunes before 2009 or music from streaming services such as Apple Music or Spotify).

Updated on 6th August 2020

Better music library authorization handling.

Synesthetic Reviews

Ah, thank you so much! The iOS updates broke the game a few years ago. Its a coaster visualizer that changes the course to match the song playing, including song from your own library. Though we spent the years searching, we’ve never found another game similar enough to scratch the itch to play. Every so often, Id check in, looking for updates. And, how we are rewarded! :D.

How do we get our Apple Music songs to integrate?!

While this game is by far our favorite music generated game, its also unplayable. We dont mean its controls are bad or anything, we mean you just cant play it. In the menu, initially all the buttons work, you can go to the settings and everything, but then we go to choose a song, tap the song we want, and nothing happens. Huh thats weird, so we go back to the menu and none of the buttons do anything at all. Its like trying to initialize any actual gameplay just breaks the whole app, and we’ve reinstalled it and everything but the problem persists. This is very disappointing because it used to honestly be our favorite app when we could actually use it. Edit: ITS ALIIIIVE, we missed this game so much and honestly had given up on it as abandonware, but to see it properly re-done for modern iOS is such a relief and Ill be going back to losing just as many hours to this game as we did over 5 years ago! Thanks dev!!

It turns ur music library into a personal video game such a cool concept! No ads! Its a great game to play while ur listening to music.

We have synesthesia, and for years now we have accumulated music on our iPhone to listen to constantly because it invokes the exact sense of engagement and stimuli that this app has emulated so perfectly. This app was literally made for people like us, and we’ve never felt the need to give any app or iTunes purchase a review before now. We always imagined what we could do with this gift and how we could show people what we see when we hear music, but the level of creativity of a game that uses your own music to give anyone a synesthesia experience that you can physically engage with is above and beyond what we could have ever expected for a phone app. We now have hundreds of songs that we can listen to, see, and PLAY! We are beyond grateful for this. Well done, and keep up the great work!

(The game doesnt work at all, the only thing we can do is adjust the settings. Otherwise its just a black screen. We wish they would fix it because Id played this game on a friends phone before and it was fun, but if they arent going to fix it, it should be removed from the App Store.) Edit: Glad that its fixed, its a good game.

We dont know if anyone has reported it, but the game is currently in an unplayable state. When we try to load it and load some music with it. It just displayed a white screen and nothing else nothing else happens but if you tap on the top corner of the phone it crashes so its not usable at all, hopefully you still are invested in that app and would be able to fix it. We did enjoy it when it worked and will happily boost the rating up to five if it starts working again as it since he gets a three just for the amusement provided in the past, even in its current state.

We bought this game thinking we could use our apple music but you cant? We either cant figure it out or got ripped off… We havent given up hope, this app seems really cool but every time we wanna play it sends us to the iTunes store. Im disappointed because we pay for apple music but now we have to individually buy these songs?

Title. Was playing just fine a couple weeks ago, updated to ios 16 and cant play anymore.

Just like another said that the game doesnt work after tutorial. We deleted the game thinking it would work again, but we couldnt play it after the tutorial was done. Please fix this issue.

Doesnt do what its supposed to do all the time. Very glitchy. We deleted it. Dont waste your time. Stupid idea anyway.

This is one of our favorite games and, after an update, its working again. There is no other game like it that we know of. Highly recommended.

This is one of our favorite mobile games ever! So excited this got an update, the prior version got broken by an iOS update a while back. We’ve spent countless flights dodging giant cubes while chilling to our favorite music. As a VJ, its actually helped us think of ideas for visuals based on how the algorithm maps out the music.

In all true honesty, its a great game! The fact you can use your own music, the gameplay, the visuals are all good. The one way it could be improved upon is by making a VR version to make it more immersive.

This was always our favourite app on our ex’s iPod. Years later, we finally got an iPhone and we easily remembered this fantastic game! You follow this psychedelic tube that moves to the beat as you tilt to dodge shapes. This app is best used with dub step, to get the full effect. Slower songs are a bit boring, but they’re relaxing. We fully recommend this app for anyone who loves music! Edit: Please update!! Its not working on our iPhone 7plus!!

Ever since we got our hands on an iphone we have waited to find an app like this. The pictures of the app say it all. No bogus here.

This is a REALLY fun game. The only thing we wish was different would be maybe more themes other than Tripping . It’s worth it.

We love that it pulls from our own music so we can play and rock our favorites at the same time. Gets our heart rate up a little trying to dodge all the big spikey things, but it gives us a floaty feeling too! It reminds us of some dreams we’ve had of roller-coaster type bridges… Weird, but SUPER cool!!! Kudos to the creator for imagination!!!

The game is beautiful and awesome to play. We’re impressed.

This game is simply brilliant, you can see the music you play, and you have to dodge obstacles. Fantastic. Only thing that would restrict you from playing this is if you don’t have music Downloaded (via ITunes) or if you have epilepsy.

We remember playing this game on our 4th generation IPod Touch and it was an incredible experience. Now that we are playing it again on our 6G IPod touch, the gorgeous visuals are fully realized for the immersive experience. As a music lover and avid video gamer, we definitely recommend this amazing game to anyone seeking a visceral and lucid journey into their songs. If you ever pondered what your songs and their musical notes look like when you follow their rhythm, its worth the $5 dollars to purchase this game. Once you play songs that range from calm to chaotic, playing this game becomes an addictive experience you wont regret having once you descend a colorful downward spiral to a rhythmic flower while tilting to avoid the obstacles (musical notes and poles) in your way.

We love this app! It would be really cool if we could pick out music from other music apps, like Spotify!

Insane. We almost get dizzy playing the game play is so intense, we love it.

A quick game to break up your day.

It’s perfect because we can just vibe and chill to the game.

We cannot find a single problem with this app! It is enjoyable to play, to see, and so on. We would suggest adding more accessibility to other applications that have music, such as SoundCloud, or Pandora. Hey, maybe even incorporate SoundCloud to play the game with live lyrics!

We loved this game and played it over years but it seems the latest iOS update has made this app unable to select songs from the device. We tried to contact the app developer but his site throws an error when we tried emailing him through it. Until this bug is fixed, its a shame to see such a great app die but we guess it is inevitable. (Downloading and reinstalling the app did not fix the issue. We are on an iPhone SE)

This is an amazing game. Very well done.

This game is very addicted and adds extra umph to music!

The game’s three modes are all fun in their respective way. We found the motion blur a bit distracting along with the music muffling but one 10-second visit to the menu screen later and we were playing again, uninterrupted and having an absolute blast. This game is well worth FIVE dollars, let alone 3. One of the best apps we’ve purchased in a while. Audiosurf fans looking for something to play on their iPhones, look no further! Our only problem is with the camera, which sometimes tilts slightly to the left and right, but it isn’t so noticeable on more chaotic songs and add to the tension. Definitely a must-own for any iPhone user and/or gamer.

This game might not be recommended for anybody with epilepsy but, this game is recommended for everybody else.

Anybody else playing death metal on this thing? Crazy difficult, but fun.

Turning all of our songs into a trippy game we can play? Yes please. All the modes have something special to them, and we feel 90% happy and 10% dizzy at the same time. Would recommend this to anyone. One complaint, we didn’t really like how the update removed the % boost from stars. The scoring system seems semi-glitchy now. We tried playing a song perfect 6 times over and it strangely goes up a little every time, and when we hit our high score it drops a lot. Plz fix :D.

Every song we get, gets played on this game.

This is everything we’ve ever wanted in a game. You literally get to take a journey through your favorite songs.

We’ve had this game for over a year and have still not beaten a single wave level. We can’t stop playing it.

Great game, everyone should get it so much fun!!

Still use it today on our iPhone 8. We just wish there could be an update to make the game more seamless and laggy. But otherwise this game is one of our favorites!

After the end of this song it was scary when we saw that big thing whatever its called it scared us a lot though when we got closer we close our eyes but when we played this game a lot we wasnt feared by anymore good game by the way.

This is an acid trip of an app. The colors, speed, and music (which you supply) combine to create an amazing experience. We’ve lost sleep playing this. And, best of all, no ads. Very simple. Hold onto the sides of your phone/pad to tilt as you ride this roller coaster. Failing to avoid obstacles jolts the music and colors. Easy? Sure. Now give it a ride and tell us again how easy that was.

This is quite possibly the best thing we’ve ever bought. The ONLY thing that could make this any better is if you could use tracks off of soundcloud.

The app is really cool. But, beware! There are many flashing lights and moving/spinning objects. So if you have a history with epilepsy talk to a doctor first. It pairs really well with fast heavy metal songs with insane solos.

Does some pretty impressive things!

Words can’t explain… This is just the best app we have ever had. We have no regrets!

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