Earth Impact

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Earth Impact


Earth Impact is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Nicolas Schulz, Earth Impact is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 1st August 2017 with the latest update 25th August 2020

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Strategy, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


2,007 people have rated 2.4.0

You can download the game Earth Impact from APP STORE.


Can you bring an end to human history? Experience the terrifying power of asteroids in this unique and visually outstanding puzzle game!

Maximize the devastating damage by arranging your impacts smartly, as you take control over one of the greatest threats to life on Earth.

Based on scientific computation models and presented with breathtaking visuals, Earth Impact offers a spectacular and surprisingly challenging puzzling experience with a deeper background.

● Simple and casual, yet challenging puzzling experience with a tactical touch
● Highly detailed graphics – follow the sunsets and see the sun glinting in the rivers of South America
● Free navigation around Earth in the second half of the game
● Simulation of direct impact effects based on scientific computation models
● Clean Premium App: Free of any ads and in-app purchases

Updated on 25th August 2020

  • New Sandbox Mode (unlocked after chapter 6, accessed from pause menu)
  • Improved controls
  • Added camera shake to visualize impact damage

Earth Impact Reviews

Im on chapter 2 we cant do it so we want something were you can skip a level so its easier.

Good graphics simple objective.

Very very very realistic except we want explosions representing the impact.

Good graphics realistic and addictive.

Already hard enough to pass South America the first time, but the second time is just waayyy too hard. Literally cant get past 96%.

So we started to play the game and got past a few levels, but we really want to know how ya o get to the sandbox mode. Do we have to beat all the levels or something?

First of all we love the game but we would like to see the asteroid coming at earth if you know what we mean and like you could add city names and buildings overall we love the game looking forward to future updates.

We love this game a lot and its really really addicting, our only problem is, is that other than a flash of light, there is no real impact factors other than the explosion, we really want to be able to see other factors like tsunamis, earthquakes, craters, ejecta, and again its an awesome game and its super fun, but we wish that in maybe just sandbox mode, there are more realistic effects to the impact. Another thing is that we think in sandbox mode, you should be able to select certain meteors like Aphophis or Chicxulub, besides all of these problems, this game is really fun and worth it.

Its not that fun to be a $1 game tbh sorry but it just isnt.

We cant beat South America this game is literally impossible.

After not being able to pass level 7 we referenced world population density maps from various areas, and noted that even for the very same impact, the percentage would be calculated differently across multiple runs. Why is china worth more a larger percentage than India in one game, then the next its the opposite way around? Asteroid size progression and efficiency is inconsistent at best. Im actually tempted to remake this game in its entirety for our own personal enjoyment.

Such a profoundly lame game. Its absurd that they charge for this. The impact consists of a black circle appearing on the map where you tap. No graphics and or sound effects, just repetitive and ominous music playing.

We whant a refound because its boring in our opinion but the graphics are the best, but its just isnt how we thought it would be.

We were assuming we were going to see asteroids hit the earth and have control of black holes like a sandbox game is. But its not,Im glad it was only 99 cents. We would be really upset if it cost more than $1 dollar. Not going to say dont download it but all you see is a flash of light and a black circle appears were the meteor hit. But again you dont see the impact or the asteroid flying in space. We would love if this was a 100 percent sandbox and you could control much more than a flash of light and a black circle. Only good thing about the game is how great the earth looks. Keep in mind the better device you have the graphics will stand out. But thats it.

This is a waste of a dollar we wanted to play the sandbox but we didnt get the option and there is no explosion, just a white circle and then the spot just turns black, its so lame, use your dollar to go buy some skittles or something.

This is a waste of money, don’t buy this crap, how am we supposed to get below 95 when it’s also above 95?! Make it easier or don’t download this crap.

Level 7 (the beginning of Chapter 2) is literally 85% of the world wiped out and nearly 0.1 percentage of the world can do that. Just like others, SANDBOX MONDE HAS TO BE ADDED! Unless your Finit with the game. We’ve tried starting with Asia and working our way to the Americas. Still, we havent reached a score of 40-. Also Finit means Finshed. How about in sandbox mode you can move contents and have 99999999999 meteors. (This means Infinite) Also you can zoom in on places or select a place/city and throw a meteor at it. In sandbox you should be able to choose a size of your meteor. Maximum width is the enitire world so that means you can act like you have the power of the element Earth in your hands and end humanity we know it. Still, an epic astronomy destroyer game that lets you run wild.

We mean its a decent game. We just wish there was a little more to it. Decent game though for passing time.

This game is really fun and we want to play it more but we just want something else besides replaying the chapters the whole time and this game isnt free so it would really help this game a lot.

This game is easily frustrating. Nothing is more annoying than needing something like 90% to complete a level, and then getting stuck because you get 90.2% or 90.5%. One more dumb asteroid and youd pass. We give it 3 stars because it looks good. If you like redoing something over and over to pass, then you may not mind this game.

Will, we didnt open the game for a long time and we tried to get a refund for it as soon as we purchased it, plz give us a refund.

This game is interesting for maybe some but it also should include more detail maybe such as gameplay of the game. Instead of making players get the game. Them find it boring and saying hey its affordable thanks for the money. Well so is a plastic toy from Walmart(which we can return) there are definitely free games with better graphics and definitely with better puzzles and a game that is less boring. We hope you do give refunds to people.

It’s a map and black swirl visual effect. That’s it.

First off we love this game, the visuals are beautiful, but we’ve beaten this game a couple of times now, so sometimes we just like to mess around and take out certain countries and not worry about the main objective, but some of the levels make it hard to do so since they will lower your multiplier and what not, so this game would be perfect if it had either a level select option or a sandbox option for players who have beaten the game.

Great detail, very cool looking, And simulated perfectly!

We made it to Chapter 10 we took a break from playing for a couple weeks since we sas stuck on chapter 7. Our question is how many chapters does this game have ?

Expectations. You tap a part of the earth then you see the meteor come down then it causes a big explosion that makes a realistic crater. Reality. You tap on earth theres a big bright flash then a black hole appears and thats it. Wish we spent our money more wisely But good graphics and kinda fun mostly boring. Sorry about the rant we were just really disappointed.

The game would be fun if you could get past level 5.

Really cool, lots of potential, but somebody please explain chapter 7 to us. We have tried every combination of cities and countries to start with. We have glassed Asia 20 times over and have not gotten past 20 percent of the population.

Its ok the Explosions are really lame you just see a white flash and then you see a black dot literally nothing.

The game designer seems very responsive and offers detailed explanations of how the software works, which is wonderful and a nice change of pace for once. Unfortunately, while we enjoyed taking a chance and paying for this game, it is quite boring. There really are no visual component to this game outside of the initial opening. The end results are blotting out lights on a world map with no graphic appeal. Unfortunately, we think we spent about 3min actually playing, mainly because thats about how long it takes to realize there is nothing unique beyond the first mission. In reality, there is nothing beyond the first mission that is different then all other following missions and game attributes.

Just dont see the point for a paid game. Really boring very quickly. You think it leads to something more but does not. Dont waste money.

Having a lot of fun, but cant get past chapter 9 so far :(

Complex but relaxing great development went into this.

We used this app for around 3 hours everyday.

We like the idea behind the game, we also have read some other reviews and we like the fact that the developers are responsive, Im excited to see what is soon to come of this game, there are a lot of different directions you can take it, but.. Patience.

Great game but we cant get passed level 7.

It’s a great game what else can we say although we would love more game modes in the future like one where there’s a time limit and you have to kill as many people as you can with a leaderboard system and a sandbox mode just so you Chuck some mentors at Earth with no worries.

We love this game, we really do, we just have one small issue- we cant beat level/chapter 7. We’ve probably tried it 50 times, and Im no better than when we tried the first time. If you could balance the difficulty, maybe increase the meteors you get or make it so you kill 75% of the population instead of 85%, thatd be great. Also, you should make a sandbox mode where you have infinite meteors. And a mode where you kill a singular city, like you zoom in and you can see individual buildings and stuff and you need to destroy the whole city, so like the fist city could be New York, and then Paris, and then Rome, and on and on. Otherwise, its a GREAT game and Im excited to see where it goes!

Great game and great graphic , only thing we would request is adding sound effects when the meteor hit.

We love it!! This game was worth every penny.

Cool game & concept for only a buck.

This is a excellent strategy game. We lost track of time playing. Probably about 30 mins went by before we notice it. Great game to get lost in.

Simple to play with just enough challenge.

We really love how realistic it is, but we would also LOVE to see more destruction. Its a bit vulgar we know; however seeing the amount of people that the meteor has killed, or the amount of damage caused(using currency) would be awesome! For example: wiping out all of India or something would give us a billion deaths. Or 100 Billion Dollars worry of destruction. Also. It would be nice to see a little bit more detail in the explosion. Like maybe a physical meteor coming down and colliding earth. And as multipliers increase, the meteor becomes larger and larger. And finally, the animation is ok, but it could be improved with other things like mushroom clouds, fire instead of darkness of lights, and explosions. This is one of the best $0.99 game we have played. And with a little more improvement, it would be THE best $0.99 game we have ever played! Thanks!

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