Soda Sort Puzzle

Last updated on June 12th, 2023 at 11:55 pm

Soda Sort Puzzle

Soda Sort Puzzle

Soda Sort Puzzle is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by GLOBAL MOBILE APPLICATION LIMITED COMPANY, Soda Sort Puzzle is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 31st December 2020 with the latest update 9th June 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Entertainment, or Puzzle games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Soda Sort Puzzle ?

15,797 people have rated 21.0.0

What is the price of the Soda Sort Puzzle ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Soda Sort Puzzle released ?

Soda Sort Puzzle was released on 31st December 2020.

When was the Soda Sort Puzzle updated ?

The latest updated date of Soda Sort Puzzle on 9th June 2023.

Where can Soda Sort Puzzle be downloaded ?

You can download the game Soda Sort Puzzle from Apple Official App Store.



Soda Sort Puzzle is a fun and addictive puzzle game! Try to sort the colored water in the glasses until all colors in the same glass.


  • Tap and hold any glass to pour water into another glass.
  • You can only pour the water if there is enough space on the glass.
  • Try not to get stuck – but don’t worry, you can always restart the level at any time.


  • One finger control.
  • NO penalties & time limits; you can enjoy this game at your own pace!

Updated on 9th June 2023

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

Soda Sort Puzzle Review

We like it but after every game we play an ad pops up.

We paid $2.99 to get rid of ads (I always appreciate when games have that option) but whenever we stop to think about a move, a little floating finger appears and starts jabbing the "watch an ad for an extra vial" button and it’s really distracting/deeply annoying.

During game play ad and not a cutesy no Zombie and torture! WHAT the Heck.

This game has lots of potential but it freezes every couple levels.

This game might be fun if we could play for more than a few seconds before being forced to watch an ad. No thanks.

Ads all over the place. Immediately started impacting phone performance. Would freeze frequently. Showed ads that just stayed running, not allowing you to close them even after minutes.

We get it, ads are necessary, but after every single round?! Ugh! Irritating.

Wanted to try this game, looks like a lot of fun, but then saw all of the data they collect and instantly deleted.

Im surprised at how much fun this game has been so far. The idea of mixing colors seems childish, but trust us, this is not an easy game. Mixing the right colors takes some skills. One wrong mix and youre doomed. Im on level 200ish and absolutely love this game. The easier levels with less than 10 tubes we finish by myself. For levels with too many tubes, like 12 or more, we watch an ad to get the free tube. Then we almost always finish it. There are lots of ads so be prepared to watch a ton of ads or pay a small fee to have them removed. Overall, 5/5, and a must have for people who love puzzle games.

Enjoy working them we think they should Bea bit Harrder.

We only have two issues. We cant Ben get to level one hundred bc it kicks us out and wont let us ever open the app. Second we think there could be less ads. We like using the puzzle type games because obviously it makes people smarter. Sorry if we seem to be a smart butt. Anyway just two issues. No complaints besides it kicking us out and a little too many ads. Thanks for reading our review.

While we enjoy the game, the ads are fake. We wasted time unlocking so the bottles until we realized soda bottles aren’t even in the game. There are also just 2 rows so far, this is just water sort with a new name.

Nice addictive game. However the ads are HORRIBLE! Tons of swearing and vulgar language/songs..

We loaded this game because it showed so many rows of soda bottles. It looked like a lot of fun. But we are over level 300 and not getting more than two rows, and they are not soda bottles. So disappointing. False advertising.

Theres literally an ad after every single level. Even if it takes 1 second to finish and tapping the screen twice. Yuck.

Between banner ads at the bottom and ads after nearly every level, the app chugs so slowly its nearly unplayable.

The game is fun but the ads make it unplayable.

Was at lvl 107. Back to lvl 98. It keeps doing it again and again. Download one of the other ones that actually works.

We all have differences to discover.

Fun and simple, but challenging enough to keep it interesting.

So we are as recommended this game by our friend and it is so addicting.

This game is amazing and whenever your bored you should always play this game.

This game is so fun there is barley any adds and it is so satisfying and really fun.

Love this game so much we dont know how you can go wrong with this game a lot of people Did bad reviews but we love this game so trust us and you should get this game is the best.

We love this game so much it is like we can play forever!

Simple but addictive & this game is an easy way to pass the time if you are bored. We recommend this game if you have patience. Its not much action involved but it takes a little bit of strategic thinking on some of the levels as you get to the higher levels of the game.

It is very addictive! Thanks.

This is a good and fun game to pass time commercials are annoying and make us switch games often.

It is Kansas just getting out the door now sorry if we get home we just need a nap lol Im sorry Im bored and we just need a shower Ill be there soon we can call.

This game an overall fun and relaxing game to play its not like this fake ads where when you click its not what you were expecting, we rate it a 4 star.

Makes you think, but not too hard, so it is relaxing also. Ads are after every game, which is over the top. Can go ads free for a nominal price.

We played straight through to lvl 20. There was an ad every time we finished a level. And about every 3-4 levels we were asked to rate the game.

It is fun to figure out BUT soooo many dang adsUGH,. Annoying. Id rather play something else with not so many ads.

Too many adds. After every round. Every other round they ask to rate.

It says "a challenging puzzle" but it’s easy for us don’t get us wrong this is a great game but it’s a bit low challenging.

We really enjoy the concept of the game but we cant play anymore. It constantly glitches and crashes, the adds make the game freeze and crash, and our phone gets extremely hot if we play for too long.

We love the game butRidiculous amount of ads. We spend more time watching (trying to ignore) them than we do playing the actual game. We dont mind an ad every once in a while but between every level? No thanks. Will be deleting the app.

Played for exactly 60 seconds and already three ads popped up. DELETE.

Advertisements time is more than a playing time. We know thats how they made money, but it might creates frustration among players. We uninstalled the game in 5 minutes. Dont waste your time to see advertisements rather than enjoying a game.

This app doesnt work and needs fixing. We cant get through the game within a minute and the bottles dont pour. Please fix.

You spend more time watching ads than playing puzzles. Game lags Ads lag and dont give you credit. On the plus side, you can go into airplane mode and play ad-free, but then you cant take advantage of bonuses for ad watching.

This is a very annoying situation. After purchasing the ads-free upgrade, Im still stuck with ads! We get nothing for completing levels so you have to watch ads to get coins to be able to change designs if you want. You have to watch ads for an additional bottle. And some levels require another bottle. The ads are very long and very repetitive – the same game apps that most of us already have, like Candy Crush. We feel deceived after paying to avoid ads yet being plagued by them regardless, with no way to advance without them. Im requesting a refund from the App Store.

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