Enigmo 2

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Enigmo 2


Enigmo 2 is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Pangea Software, Inc., Enigmo 2 is a Board game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 2nd September 2009 with the latest update 8th July 2022

Whether you are a fan of Board, Puzzle, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


53 people have rated 3.5

You can download the game Enigmo 2 from APP STORE.


The best puzzle game for the iPhone has entered a new dimension! Enigmo 2 is the successor to our award winning puzzle game, Enigmo. There are streams of falling water droplets, plasma and laser beams, and your goal is to get them into their container by using the various puzzle piece that you are given. Enigmo 2 goes to a new dimension as the puzzles are now three-dimensional! We’ve also added tons of new gameplay elements including lasers, plasma, gravetoids, teleporters, gravity inverters, etc. There are 50 all new levels in Enigmo 2, and an awesome music soundtrack!

The original Enigmo won the 2008 Best iPhone Game award from Apple, among many other awards, and it is one of the Top 20 best selling iPhone apps of all time. Enigmo 2 raises the bar even farther with increased performance, more dazzling graphics, and even better gameplay.

Watch the video on YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5ZQzm-SBDQ&fmt=22

Updated on 8th July 2022

Now supports 120hz refresh rates on newer iPhones.

Enigmo 2 Reviews

We first played this game back when it was a computer game. We had a Dell PDA in 03-04 and thats what we first played it on. Then we got it when we got an iPhone. When is Enigmo 3 coming???? Would love to see that or a new set of levels that we could get in Enigmo 2.

Game is fun until you get to 3D mode. Then the game goes downhill the controls are terrible. It tells you to pause and click instructions (hint, they dont exist.) Shame could have been a fun game otherwise.

We’ve played Enigmo 2 for years on the computer. We recently found it was available for IOS. We purchased the game for $2 and tried it out. It does the original computer version justice! We look forward to getting as much out of this version as the computer version. Excellent game!

We just started playing so it is a bit early but we love the graphics and the sounds, and not to mention a game that makes you put your brain to work. We love it and hope it stays that way.

WOW!!! Thank you to the people who made this game (1 and 2). You are very very gifted at what you do. We check the app store every day to find a app as good as enigmo 1. We have spent hundreds of dollars on apps that did not come close to your game! 2, so far seems better that one! We thought that was impossible. THANKS! For the people who think this game is way to hard. You are not giving this game a chance, it’s not meant to be beat in a few min. We plan on going through all 50 levels, many many times! If we could we would give this app 10 stars!!! BE AWARE !!! The Enigmo explore game is NOT made by the same people they are trying to capitalize on the name and awesomeness of Enigmo1 and 2, don’t be fooled it’s a piece ofgarbage, unplayable!!!!

We remember playing this back when the iPhone 3GS was still the latest iPhone. We loved it. But we never beat it and after upgrades we wanted it back. So years later we have now bought it’s HD version for our ipad with retina display. For how old this game is, it blows us away. It has gorgeous graphics and it’s physics engine is fantastic. It was made years ago and to this day it still looks like it’s new because of how well done the game is. We’re so glad we have this on our ipad now. We sorely missed playing it. It’s a great relaxing game and is our favorite game on the App Store. We think this game is ageless and will always be an amazing and great game to play. Our only complaint is that the laser sound effects take away from the beautiful relaxing soundtrack music. This is also the ONLY game from the App Store that we have ever played that doesn’t have glitches. Simply put, AMAZING! Update: The controls work fine and are easy to use. We don’t see how many people have problems with the 3D interface. It’s really not that complicated. It takes some getting used to but that’s it. People just have no patience it seems. We have beaten all the levels and played through the entire game many times at this point and we still absolutely love it. Our favorite phone game ever and probably the only phone game we will ever feel nostalgic about.

This game is a lot of fun. It might take a bit of effort and practice to get some of the pieces lined up properly, but we think that this game was very well done.

We have owned both versions of Enigma. Enigma has very interesting and challenging levels; and a much improved sense of spatiality. Both versions of the game will have you stretching your horizons and spatial problem solving skills. If you have version 1, version 2 won’t disappoint.

One of the best games we have played.

This is probably the hardest puzzle game we’ve ever played and it’s amazing.

The iPad needs more games like this.

We have been playing this on our iPhone and iPad for years. It’s very intriguing and fun. We wish there was an editor for the iPhone.

Creative and challenging. Enigma 1 was the first game we ever had and so glad they came out with #2. And upped their game!

… PLEASE release more levels!!! We finished this glorious game in days and am dying to play new levels! Because of this, we have to concur with the earlier comment of experiencing much more immersive gameplay with the original game. (Even though we have the same level-pack complaint with the original ("kids-levels?!?!!!,") the other custom levels gave us many more hours of enjoyment than the small number of levels in this game.) That said, this is bar-none the best game we have played and most likely will ever play on the iPhone. It is ingenious, challenging, rewarding, immersive, beautiful (right down to the planets and magestic score)… We cannot give it enough superlatives Be wary though – this game is for problem-solving lovers. We even think it can be considered a form of an IQ test. We are a software engineer. It has not comeup yet, but we would certainly ask a prospective employee if they played this game and beat it. Yes the 3D controls have a learning curve, but once mastered they ingeniously solve the logistical placement issues as best as can be imagined… Thus once learned, 95% of the time is then spent on solving the puzzles themselves. Final Note-they picked the worst level as the "first true 3D level." we went about it all wrong and was about to throw the iPhone against the wall twisting sliders into barrels! …. Use the accelerator panels at the far back (which have never been introduced prior to this level!) and do NOT cross paths on the two parallel droplet paths! After finding this out, we never had any similar problems all the way to end.

Really enjoying the 3D aspect of this game, adds a lot more complexity (and time investment) in each level. If you play many iPad games it’s not too hard to figure out the two fingers/one finger/pinch controls, even without instructions. Just don’t be stupid and not save your game at the beginning like we did. :-P.

You have to place points in 3D space intersecting straight lines. You will spend hours placing your points from one perspective, then awkwardly rotating the entire scene to try and place it yet again in the z dimension. The controls are awful and frustrating, completely eclipsing the puzzle aspect. In essence, the puzzle is in working the controls. Boo.

About 30 minutes into this game, it switches to 3D mode, which requires you to manipulate the mechanics in a z-plane. Problem is, the in game instructions suggests you to pause the game and consult the further instructions. Sadly, after pausing, no further instructions are given. So after frustratingly trying to figure out the 3D mode, we eventually gave up. It’s a shame because up until that point we really enjoyed the game. Now it’s unplayable…

A game with annoying sound effects and no way to mute them in game would be okay if, say, mobile game players didn’t listen to podcasts while they played games or have audio shows from youtube. Sadly it is 2016 and not 2009. One star because even if the game is great, it forces its audio fx on you for no reason. Two dollars isn’t worth it to us for forced audio. Terrible design.

Great game the level are good and very challenging love for our brain.

We loved Enigmo 1, and this one is even better! It’s very pretty and really challenging. Incredible graphics beautiful music and just a great overall game.

So this is a very fun game to play if your waiting for something to happen or your in a bus or car. Very entertaining game with puzzles to be solved (and glitches to be found like the floating lazer dot on lvl 50). It’s a worthwhile game to get if your looking for something to pass the time away.

This is an awesome 3d puzzle game. Only suggestion we have is to be able to save progress on each level.

Awesome upgrade to the 3rd dimension. Enigmo was very fun, Enigmo 2 takes it to a new level. Looks great on the big iPad screen. Update: now we’re playing on our iPhone 5 and it also looks good on the retina wide screen! Tried it on a 5s and it was very snappy. Wow, loos great on the iPad air! Good job, guys!

Graphics r awesome. When it gets to the 3d levels it gets hard, at least for us anyway cause we’re not good at these types but we like it. No compaints except maybe a tutorial on the harder levels, thanks.

The 3d element makes this game really challenging, but a lot of fun. Very smooth, slick and absorbing to play.

Wow what a mind boggling game! It’s truly 3D after about the 4th level or so. You’ll be doing bank shots and ricochets at odd angles and all kinds of fun tinkering as you explore and slowly tweak each piece of your solution ramps until it leads the balls into the goal hole consistently. We’ve never seen anything like this! It’s actually really simple but such an extremely new dimension than any game we’ve seen. The most amazing part is that the 3D controls are actually intuitive and fairly easy to use! Honestly for how complicated true 3D spatial placement is, these controls couldn’t get any easier on an iPhone. Brilliant job by the developers. This game is one you’ll never forget.

Bottom line is this: when you find solution but can’t complete the puzzle because of CONTROL issues pertaining to OBJECT PLACEMENT – FUN’s Over. And that’s a real shame, cause the game is frigging awesome. It pains us to say that because you’ll never find an app w/ more potential to be great than this game. Kanex.

Love love love this game we’re super excited to play !!

THANKS FOR FIXING THE CRASHING… Now back to the game! It is great!

We played this in a G4 cube and we love it.

But we can’t seem to get passed level 6.

We want to download more levels just like you would in Enigmo. Can you please add this option.

The game is amazing and really high tech, we love it! One thing though – the water and laser sounds get annoying after a while. Could you add a setting that allows you to turn the laser/water/plasma sounds off or at least lower? I’d greatly appreciate it and ill give you 5 stars if you do. Other than that great job guys – you did an excellent job integrating this onto the iPad!

We’re not sure we understand the 3d fully but rotation of the view doesn’t seem intuitive.

A help would be useful. We’re just guessing here at everything. Looks cool though.

What the heck. Won’t save or resume game after last update. Can’t play past the first level… Not cool Pangea!

This is a great game IF we COULD GET PAST THE 1st LEVEL!!

Cannot get to level 2. Please test your updates before releasing.

Last update seems to crash after first level. Great game please fix.

This game crashes after the first level! Repeatedly, no matter what you do. How can you leave this game in the store with such a fatal crashing bug? D you even read your reviews or use your app? What are your developers on vacation? Get this fixed now before we submit a complaint to Apple.

Please fix the issue with the game crashing or give all who purchased it a refund . When we purchase something and it doesn’t work we take. It back to the store. This is NO different . Fix it or Refund EVERY ONE OF US.

Awful; game is fantastic, but this doesn’t run past the first level on iOS 5 or 6. We feel cheated. Opening screen also looks dated and unprofessional. Our guess is they updated their internal libraries for their old games to run on iOS and just threw this out with no actual on product testing.

Even if it doesn’t have it’s own custom level builder like the original Mac version and Enigmo Deluxe has, this game is the absolute most beautiful puzzle game we have ever seen. The new 3-D element adds an extra layer of challenge which makes the game so much larger than its predecessor. The music is amazing as well! Highly recommended!

Fun to play, engaging, hard enough to make you think for hours, and definitely satisfying to figure out the puzzles.

It is great that they no longer require 5.1 as there was no good reason to require that version of the iOS just the support the higher resolution. That you for the change and please don’t require specific iOS upgrades if it is not really needed. As always a great game that we enjoy playing when the time permits.

Enigmo 2 is a complicated and intricate puzzle game. For people who enjoy solving puzzle games this one is for you. No story or anything do don’t expect that, but a simple goal in a 3D environment. While the game is simple enough to navigate, it’s much too bulky for the small iPhone screen. Be warned if you are considering this for your iPhone or iPod touch, expect to be frustrated at your first 3D level. We hated this game for our phone, when we got an iPad, this became one of our favs.

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