Erase Her: Puzzle Story

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 03:50 pm

Erase Her: Puzzle Story


Erase Her: Puzzle Story is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Gamejam Co., Erase Her: Puzzle Story is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 25th March 2021 with the latest update 21st February 2022

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


5,835 people have rated 1.3.4

You can download the game Erase Her: Puzzle Story from APP STORE.


Do you like drawing puzzles? How smart are you?

Get this popular drawing puzzle brain iq test story game and use your detective skills to solve and find the answers! Go escape for a while and delete your problems, erase to solve these brain teasers and live the story!

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To play this game all you have to do is erase the correct object or person or thing to find the answer, these types of puzzles require some your brain and creativity to find the solutions! Solve all the levels get to the end of the episode! It is kind of like drawings games but the opposite, you erase to solve!

These fun drawing games stories are like an iq test to train your brain and keep you thinking!


Play out these fun stories to live out simulations of love in this drawing puzzle!


Your eraser is your tool to solve! Too hot? Erase the sun! Oh no! That means we will freeze! Maybe take off some clothes? Erase a door? Go escape! YOU decide your fate! Delete to solve in these drawing games!


Live out these crazy adventures in this thinking game. Have an affair? Survive! Don’t get killed by the werewolf! Delete those bad guys! In these drawing games we have to erase the clues to defeat the evil, go escape or survive, or get the date!


Survive the plane crash! Protect the superstar from a stalker! Live out your 50th anniversary! Become a beauty queen! Don’t die in prison, you’ll need to pass an iq test to get by! And so much more in these drawing games!

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Deep stories of all emotions stoking the flames of passion in prison, old love, jealousy. Have fun and go escape for a little while!

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Engaging animations that will make you laugh, or leave you amazed!

Gameplay that will entertain and make that brain of yours get a workout and pass that iq test beating every drawing puzzle!

Relaxing atmospheres! Get sucked into this thinking game, with the beautiful drawings and fun, simple brain teasers and enjoy!

Simple design, all you need to know is that you need to delete to solve these brain teaser drawing games puzzles!

Your brain will thank you for all of the thinking exercises and you might get a six pack from all of the laughter.

Who is this game for? All types of people! If you love stories, love puzzles and brain teasers then you came to the right place! If you like drawing games, or drawing puzzles this is for you! But you’re deleting the drawings to solve!

Don’t worry, the artists don’t mind you erasing their drawing games, as long as you have fun, and go escape!

Can you beat all of the drawing puzzle levels and become a drawing puzzle master!? Go escape and draw it now!? Or erase it now?!

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Updated on 21st February 2022

  • Bugs fixed
  • Polish levels

Erase Her: Puzzle Story Review

This game is so fun the best game we’ve ever played.

This game is so fun and amazing we love it.

Good game but we dont really like it its boring.

This game is CRINGE AND INAPPROPRIATE you should delete your CRINGE GAME.

Ok, so we are playing this game and it tells us to GET A GIRLS CLOTHES OFF. We mean what the heck? Why would we want to do ? That?! So many adds, and we cant even images what it would be like for KIDS to play this. Please fix this, thanks.

It has glitches has boring things.

We love this app but it has glitches in it but it is pretty fun and cool.

On prison escape, all tied up, pretty and punk, the affair and Halloween prom on those levels we cant find the secret item please help we cant find them.

We mean we kind of like it we mean its kind of dumb if you think about it but Im overall we like it we dont all the way we like it but we like it three stars.

This games great but bad glitches and its confusing and its the knock of version of save the girl.

Supper badthe first one is basically a man acting like a girl rightthen she says our boyfriendthat means basicly shes LEZBIAN(dont take that the wrong way pls)and theres just so much about this game that is bad also theres supper bad adds all them always has this emoji This game needs to be taken down now!!

Woah the devs written description of this game has got to be the longest most repetitive description ever written (by the dev) about a game. It has got to be some world record of longest written description of only a single paragraphs worth of info. At the very least it is a flawlessly executed example of the meaning of overkill.

Dateing no no no is this a kid game.

Happy fun kid friendly NO violence kiss unkid friendly that gets views.

This game should be 14+ this game is very inappropriate if a kid comes and stumbles along this. We played it to see how bad it was and the 1ST few levels you are removing your clothes to fall in love with the pizza lady. Then you find out the character was a male with very large chest and a woman body. This is not okay us women are not supposed to show our bodies its not right this game isnt for children. Im very upset.

The ads are so annoying that we cant enjoy the game.

THIS IS SO BAD FOR KidS AND its not for 12+ this is bad for kids like erasing their clothes ewww. Report the person who madenthis no should playnthis pls do not its the worst app we ever played so if your ganna download this we say dont do it its a perv and disgusting.

We downloaded this game thinking oh this is just a harmless game but what we got was a laggy, awful, and inappropriate game that should not be 12 and up. We open the game and its flashing and lagging. Then it finally stops and opens on a guy and a girl who are laying in bed naked having you-know-what. This is not appropriate for kids. It should do at least have a higher age rating. Im just saying that parents, make sure your kids are NOT playing this game. We just am trying to look out for everyone.

The age lies this is more like 17 and up stupid App Store.

This game is so annoying and we complete all of the levels its way to easy and it should be 14+ Im just saying and it lag all the time so we deleted it the first 17 minutes its to easy and needs new levels so we can play it again and it needs fixing for lag we whated to give this game 5 stars but its a bad app when ever the app adds new levels we will play again.

We don’t mind paying a flat fee to get rid of ads, we also sometimes don’t even mind ads. But they are atrocious, every 30 seconds another one pops up in your face and to get rid of them you have to pay a subscription. 3.99 a week. Thats almost 16 dollars a month for a stupid app games. What the heck are you thinking???

Oh our God you need to download this right now.

This game is pretty fun but some of the things she says and does are either inappropriate or just plain stupid like one time she says shes allergic to trees but then how does she breathe and some of them wear her clothes get a erased and then a helicopter in a boat come so she can get off the island and she says he babesI would request this game if you play another game called girl genius.

An otherwise fun little app horribly marred by constant interruptions for ads. Disappointingly poor decision making on the part of the developer.

Downloaded for lesbian pizza girl trope & instead we got predator man dressed as a woman trope. Gross, overdone, and often used as a tactic to push transphobic agendas.

We played with a hundred % and within 5 min. It was dead.

Ok so we downloaded it like its not bad but oh boy it is so u can eaters the girls cloths and its her in a bra and underwear so uh strange but yea bye bye.

Ummm maybe they should change the age to at least 13 instead of 12 its not bad its just a little should we teach 12 years olds that?