Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Extreme Car Driving Simulator is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by AxesInMotion S.L., Extreme Car Driving Simulator is a Sports game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 29th January 2015 with the latest update 9th November 2022

Whether you are a fan of Sports, Racing, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Extreme Car Driving Simulator ?

52,946 people have rated 6.57.1

What is the price of the Extreme Car Driving Simulator ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Extreme Car Driving Simulator released ?

Extreme Car Driving Simulator was released on 29th January 2015.

When was the Extreme Car Driving Simulator updated ?

The latest updated date of Extreme Car Driving Simulator on 9th November 2022.

Where can Extreme Car Driving Simulator be downloaded ?

You can download the game Extreme Car Driving Simulator from Apple Official App Store.



Extreme Car Driving Simulator is an open world car game in the racing games category. Get exclusive vehicles, customize your cars and play this realistic simulator made for fans of motor sports and tuning.

Collect, customize, explore free roam and do your best to become one of the legends of Extreme Car Driving Simulator. Are you ready to be the king of asphalt and drifting? Dodge the traffic drifting on the city streets like a pro. Go to a car garage to extend your car collection. Paint and tune a vehicle and show your original style. Drive fast an ultimate supercar to feel its top speed. Tour the offroad zone to find out real challenging action. Drift and torque on the road using the brake. Jump from ramps and climb on buildings or crash your cars and repair them fast. You can do all in your games in Extreme Car Driving Simulator. Much more than sports and racing!

The game has realistic 3D art for cars and zones too. HD graphics looks almost real!

Jump, drift, torque and live an ultimate experience on your mobile or tablet thanks to the optimized physics motor.

Our new collection includes SUVs, classic vehicles, sports and racing cars… Get them all and become one of the legends of motor sports!

Customize and tune your cars in a garage to make them unique. There are many tuning options by choosing color, tires or exclusive skins.

The zones offer plenty of gameplay experience. Drift in the city asphalt, take a free roam drive far from any road in the offroad zone or run with no limits on the airport runway.

The open world contains entry points to challenging mini games, including trial, radar or destruction. Discover them and win fantastic rewards.

There are several game modes, as a traffic mode and more. Unlock them all!

Take the best pics of your cars as you have fun playing the game by using the Photo Mode.

This new feature adds more realism to the world of Extreme Car Driving Simulator. You can drive across the city at night or enjoy the offroad landscapes under the twilight. Your games will be always different!

Choose your favorite cam (exterior, interior, hood or wheel) and controls (arrows, wheel or gyro) to drive as a professional of racing games.

Don’t worry about crashing your cars as you drive. Reparation is free and you don’t need to visit the garage!


  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • German
  • Russian
  • Turkish
  • Japanese
  • Korean


Updated on 9th November 2022

Bugfixes and performance improvements.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator Review

The app is very great considering you can play offline with no issue . However we noticed when you put low graphics on your screen shrinks so you cant change back and you cant press the drift button but overall the game is great and we would recommend to anyone who goes out where there is no service . Please fix this immediately we dont wanna have to start our progress over by deleting and reinstalling the app again.

This is a fun little game we are a car guy and we love it good job game makers.

We didnt have this since last year and last month and we used to have it on our iPad last year and last month and we really love this app and we bought this app for free.

Best car game on App Store This is our BeamNG Drive.

This is cool whoever made this game they have to get a lot of star.

How do we get the new customizations idk how.

So this is great it works with the controller but we want it to come on the console please let it be a true dream and also put more teslas please.

Please add weather to the game. Like tornadoes and floods and thunderstorms and wind and rain!

We just got this game and we love it we totally recommend this game!!

The reason why this game is really good is because so much people play it it has a good rating customization is like sick and awesome also and the cars you have to earn and you dont just get a ride we like the other games you have to you have to earn them and you dont have to buy them if you want to buy them you can but still earning them is easier and when you earn them you can drive more than when you are more cars do you like this game more and thats how people get a five star rate and the other reason why we gave a five star rate its because this game is very realistic schism and thats why we gave you a five star rate. But thank you for the school game so all the people and all these nice people can play . Dont listen to other peoples complaints just do what you do dont get worried about what other people say youre very good at this from Wisconsin Vincent Pries.

Updates are good in the game but one thing about this game is they should make a bigger and better map in the countrys in the game. This game is really good though its really fun and sometimes it just wants to make you stay up all night and play this car game. About the updates they are so good the next update is more traffic in the game and something about the maps the update sounds pretty exciting to hear about. Work hard to get coins because there is a update in the game that you have to pay more coins for cars and pant your car But the GAME IS SO COOL its just tooooooooooooo fun to play its so so so so so so cool bro play this game and have lots and lots of fun in this cool game P.S BY DROP IT thank you.

The game is good a few mistakes we would like more cars and get 10,000 not 5,000 coins. And if the cars would be cheaper than they are. And more car customizations for the cars. Make another area of the world thats not just the airport, not the city and not the forest/desert. Overall good game just do these pls would make it way better.

Need online so we can have something to do.

Hey mommy we love you mama mama mommy mommy love mommy mommy miss you mommy love mommy mommy miss miss you miss mama mama miss miss mama mama daddy love you.

This is a great game, we have been playing it for over 4 years! We think the new update is really awesome, and we are glad that our progress was carried over! The one problem we have with it is the VIP subscription. We know you need to make money and all, but $6.49 a week is downright ridiculous. We suggest a more reasonable monthly rate such as 5 or 6 dollars per month. Overall though, this a really fun game! Update: This game could use some new gameplay, such as racing or cop chases. The free roam driving gets old after a while.

This is fun but if you could add a motorcycle, also maybe a drag car that goes insanely fast, and please add a police chase mode. Im our opinion we think it would get a lot more downloads and it would be a amazing rated game.

This game is the best car game we played so 100 out of 100 is 100 Because is a great car game!

We saw Vicky lol gaming play this for free it was the same graphics when we started playing the game it looked just soooooooooo good.

The game is coolIve played since 2018 and the graphics run amazing on our tablet but when you get to 1000km you kinda get bored because your like ohhhh we beat the game but then again we have 23784.46km but we’ve spent hours playing.

This game is fun but if you could just make it online because us and our sister just want to play with each other but NO CHAT because our mom hates that so if you could not do that YOU ARE THE BEST Please Do it you be the BEST DEVELOPOR!

Its been 4 years since we’ve played its still GREAT but 5 years ago were golden memories to keep.

It is such a good game our family goes to Mexico every year and we take our device with us and play it 24/7 on the way there!! Keep up the good work!!!

We’ve having this for a while and showing it to our friend but when we play we wanna play together so please add online multiplayer with chat or voice chat with private servers for friends or local servers or extra servers with codes for ur friends.

Put four stars because the price on the skins are too expensive.

This game is awesome but there is one bug that if you get the bmw and the safety car paint job then when you switch views it glitches and police lights dont work. Other than that awesome would recommended.

Its an awesome game but dont put your game on low quality and you need to make it so you can get more money in game but this is a good game.

Our favorite mobile game and is fun for all ages. Would choose over any mobile game.

The game keeps crashing every time an ad comes on.

We dont mind having adds in the fame, its pretty much expected nowadays but having an add displayed on the screen, covering content and just being an eye sore is just too much Although we mist say the game has improved quite a bit over these past several years.

We love the game. But we think that you should make it to were you can get out of the car and walk around as a person.

Please please please add a multiplayer mode!! Also add multiple maps or more areas on the current map. If you guys decide to add a new map, add drivable aiprplanes, helecopters, and boats. And mabey even a pass that you can buy and also have a free version of. You can do certain tasks to ear tokens or something like that. PLEASE CONSIDER ALL OF THESE. ESPECIALLY MULTIPLAYER.

We really liked it is so much fun Im driving around hitting those computer! There is one bug though that we have found can you put your lights on auto they work they wont turn on! Keep that in mind It is a really good game! So much fun And we give it even know its not five star The game is really fun And its much easier to get cars in the last update Because you be trying to get cars like a week to get enough money and also the roads were so confusing we enjoy the game Thats like the only game Play Please fix that bug is the game is amazing! You guys are going to play it oh have fun.

We really like this game but the interior is the same on EVERY car. The ranger has the car interior,but other than that its a good game. Please consider fixing the interior.

We are trying to transfer data from one device to another and we have iCloud connected and Game Center in setting and in the game because on both devices when we open the app it says signed in as and it should be transferring please help. Also many many many adds.

Great game graphics are good but in next update add bmw i8 and fix the intor because all the cars are same fix and design real use real power not dumb design power.

There should be people walking around on the sidewalk like theres no one there and people should get out of the car and we should be able to get out the car Oh and maybe some police could chase us if we did crash into somebody.

We love the game it just that now we lowered the quality and now we cant play it any more. We dont know what to do?

A very good game but we wish the car parts fell off when crashing .

We downloaded this game because the reviews on speed car driving city said this was a better game but their ad had police cars but there were none so we hoped that this game had police cars but it didnt either so please add police so we can see if we can escape.

ADD A SUPRA IT WILL MAKE MORE PEOPLE PLAY THIS GAME and also add more car customization like camber,ability to make body kits and other things that will make the experience better and more areas AND LESS ADS WE NEED MORE CARS.

It doesnt have a challenge to it, so it gets too easy and eventually boring.

We love the game and Im trying to get all cars. But while playing we have found one problem. We dont know what causes but we once tried to see what low graphics looked like so we clicked it then our game crashed and when we came back in our screen was zoomed in and still cant fix it till this day. Also note today is November 14 2022. Also try to fix it.

We love this game but the problem we have is that this is important we dont have that good of a phone and it lags when we play this game. We found that u can change the graphics setting and it is zoomed in the screen and now we cant tap anything to change stuff. This is a huge bug so please if u guys could fix it that would be great.

There is too much pop up ads. We like to play in FPS because thats just the way we am. We cant see it because there is always a long unskippable banner ad. We tried hitting X and it just asked why we wanted to take it down. This is really annoying and there could have have any other place than where people like to view the screen. How about whenever someone goes into a map or genre of some sort, take it down.

We like the game in all but we dont like the map it gets boring especially when we have to look at it we hope you see this thank you for your time.

If you were to add multiplayer and make them game so much funner it just gets boring by yourself.

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