Hot Lap League

Last updated on June 13th, 2023 at 06:05 am

Hot Lap League


Hot Lap League is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Ultimate Studio Pty Ltd, Hot Lap League is a Racing game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 10th April 2022 with the latest update 4th August 2022

Whether you are a fan of Racing, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


109 people have rated 1.02.11879

You can download the game Hot Lap League from APP STORE.


Take complete control of your vehicle, perfect your driving, and prove your place in the Hot Lap League. Drift and race your car around 150+ mind blowing tracks, each requiring unique techniques and strategies. Improving your time by racing your best is the only way to the top.
It’s you, the track and the clock – no driving assist, no nonsense.

Experience and master a range of extraordinary tracks!
Launch your car over huge jumps, skillfully manoeuvre through enormous loops, and defy gravity on magnetic asphalt at maximum speeds.

A thrilling mobile racing experience at console quality!
Hot Lap League delivers a first class mobile racing experience with intuitive steering, remarkable visuals and outstanding performance.

Personalise the look of your cars with 100 different customisation options!

Unlock harder tracks as your skill drives you up the leaderboard. Compete against the community to prove where you rank in the Hot Lap League!

Competitive time trial racing action
Daily events and challenges for rewards
Visual customisation
Live global leaderboard
Race against real player ghosts
Compete to set world record times
Dynamic racing – full car control, power sliding, boosting
Variable track elements – jumps, loops, magnets
Over 150 exciting tracks

You have full control of the car and the handling feels right – just bring your skill, this is Hot Lap League.

Updated on 4th August 2022

This update we’re bringing Hot Lap League’s most extreme challenges yet! For players comfortably picking up gold medals, there is now a Platinum medal on every track, as well as an extreme League Master time to beat – set by expert players!
Also some more of the most requested features based on player feedback.


  • Streamlined soft-steering system
  • More touch-control configurations

Advanced graphics options:

  • Individual visual settings
  • A new ‘Ultra’ graphics tier
  • Smaller minimum button size

Time to get racing!

Hot Lap League Reviews

We enjoy playing this game a lot ! Its amazing. What we like to see added is more track time analysis to where we can improve compared to our best run and where Im going slower it would be of great benefit.

This is bittersweet because it’s such a well-made fun game, but it’s online only. We usually play on planes so we cannot play this when we most want to. We don’t see why it has to be online always.

Ngl this game is the best racing game on app store, really enjoying it so far 1 hour in.

So, we saw the price tag and thought we might be supporting a premium game here. And in some ways, its definitely premium. The control (touch only, Ill get to that) is good, the tracks are good, the graphics are good, presentation is good. But in some ways it still feels like a mobile F2P game. We buy games because we expect to be able to play them on the plane. Cant with this one – it requires online always. And we expect car games to work with a controller – not this one. And the IAP is for cosmetics, true, but still feels like this could have been a F2P game. Disappointed. Update: They added controller support and that makes it feel more like a premium game. Thanks developers!

We are just curious if you will add controller support in the nearer future?

This is the trackmania mobile clone that you didnt know you needed. Awesome job guys, this is a perfect design model for mobile as well, if you have an extra 5 minutes you can run a few hot laps. If you guys could put in a track editor and multiplayer lobbies it would be as full festered as the original, but as it stands now its amazing.

We would to be able to play hot tape league with the backbone.

PROS: The game has really good physics, the tutorial is simple but the game itself is hard in a good way, lots of room for skill and fun, the physics are great, the crashes are big, it looks very good. CONS: we dont understand the leaderboard. Is there one? Can you just see 1-3? Why not make it like asphalt and use percent brackets? We would much prefer percent brackets. Why am we trying to improve our time if we cant see other peoples times around us? Are those other times around ours the times of other plates? What are the numbers above them and why are they not in order? It honestly doesnt make a lot of sense to us but we still like the game.

So far we’ve played this game for about 20 minutes, and we can already see a lot of potential. The graphics look fantastic and quality for a mobile game, the physics feel great and are a lot of fun to handle, and the music is perfect for this type of game. Everything so far works very well. However, it feels kind of baron at the moment. We dont feel that we got enough for what we paid, speaking of which, $5 is quite expensive for a mobile game, as we can find games of equal quality for free such as Asphalt 9. A few things that we feel could be added to a game such as this that would make it more worth it would absolutely be a track builder with an ability to share sed courses online, maybe a story mode with some compelling characters, more vehicles, tilt controls is a must, and maybe the ability to race against opponents on the same course at the same time for victory, maybe even in local multiplayer. Again, so far, we think this game is very enjoyable, and of very high quality, but it definitely needs some more meat on its bones to be worth the $5 asking price. We can see that you guys are a newer developer, and we have faith in you. Good luck.

Make this game where you can play your own music in the backround we want to listen to our own music while playing but it stops it.

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