Factory World

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Factory World

Factory World

Factory World is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by AI GAMES FZ LLC, Factory World is a Strategy game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 4th June 2022 with the latest update 20th December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Entertainment, or Casual games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Factory World ?

11,451 people have rated 1.5.5

What is the price of the Factory World ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Factory World released ?

Factory World was released on 4th June 2022.

When was the Factory World updated ?

The latest updated date of Factory World on 20th December 2022.

Where can Factory World be downloaded ?

You can download the game Factory World from Apple Official App Store.



This game is very easy to control and incredibly enjoyable to play. Just tap on land tiles to buy them. Be sure to look for production properties – they connect into production chains and begin to earn you money.

Build your first tap tap factory and develop your business strategy of idle factory management in the new best manager game. Become the head of the factories inc.
Develop your own oil wells factory, get into idle digging and idle factory business. Build toy factory, dig deep for mining, buy territory for industry development. Connect roads to make manufacturing work and develop your industry!

Produce any goods you want, become a business tycoon and receive idle profit in the new challenging factory simulator game Factory World!

Game features:

  • Addictive gameplay
  • Wide chain of game mechanics
  • Your industry gets idle cash even when you are offline
  • Beautiful animation
  • Simple controls
  • A lot of biomes producing unique products
  • Exciting gaming sessions

Start your money making business in the one of the beautiful and relaxing games!

Updated on 20th December 2022

  • added safes

Factory World Review

So we actually made it to the end of the game- we spent like hours on it, made it to where we bought all the pieces of the map and everything, there was no congrats you made it to the end of the game or anything- so it just kept collecting money- we think its pretty cool we made it to the end of the game, Im re-downloading it to start over- we just think that when you collect all the pieces of the map it should say like congrats or something :)

Dear , fellow gamers you really should check out this game it is easy , fun and most of all it barely has any ads. It also has no lags at all ! The only word to describe this game is mind blowing! This is probably going to be the longest review we ever written before! We have lots of good things to say about this game but one is it Might just be our favorite game ever and we have only playing it for 10 minutes! Thanks for taking time out of your day to read this message!

We’ve only played for 5 minutes so far and its great! Just like the ads.

Its a nice relaxing little game and we love it! Although we took a star off because of the amount of ads! We know you guys need money but we just want to play 30 Seconds of the game in peace! SERIOUSLY we just finished an ad and barley 10s later another opens Im just so sick of it!!!!! Otherwise great game.

The concept of the game is great but we cant go 30 seconds without an ad.

Love the game fun to play and keeps us entertained. Issue we have is we paid for the no ads as soon as we got it. Worked the first day, but now we get ads every other minute and dont see an option to restore our purchase. If there is a solution to this please lmk.

We paid 9.99 to get rid of ads but guess what Im still getting forced ads.

The game is fun, but there isnt much content. The big problem though is that we had the offline earnings on 3600/min, but when we came back after almost two days, we got 209K, which would be like an hour. That was quite painful. 2.64 stars.

We love the simplicity of the game and we understand the ads are needed to keep the game running but the sheer amount of ads make the game super hard to enjoy.

Ads were ridiculous and then we saw a pop up that said, hey if you want to remove ads its $9.99 we are a small company and need ads/ money to remove ads to survive. Sure totally get that. We hate ads so we purchased the remove ads and sadly there is still a million ads.. Only ads that went away are the random pop up ones. When advertising remove ads for x amount of money, specify that not all ads will be removed. Otherwise it is considered false advertisement. We were under the impression that ALL ads would be removed. We feel like this is a clickbait scam.

Pretty fun game in general, obviously the ads are annoying but thats to be expected from mobile games. The thing that makes this game tough to come back to, is that the offline earnings dont work at all. For example, Im supposed to be earning 1200 coins every minute that we are offline according to the app. However, after a full night we checked back on it, and it said that we had earned 27.5k, which would mean that we slept for 27 minutes, which obviously isnt true.

Your game is fun to play however unless we are misunderstanding how the offline feature works it is not properly functioning. We did the math based on our upgrade level and in an hour it should earn $102,000. We dont expect the game to earn endlessly without playing, but we were unable to for a week and the game had 32,000 in offline earnings.

The app will open but close right after plz fix this.

As stated in the Subject above, this game appears to only have 2 maps to play. Unless Im missing something after youve cleared North America and Europe there is no more content and also no option to restart the game and play again. We finally gave in and bought the no ads pack about halfway through the second map and then the game ends shortly thereafter. We want our $10 back. What a ripoff this game is.

This game is an idle game, its constantly running and making and you upgrade your world. Ever minute of game time is a minute of ad time, they pop up randomly and the ads run long. And of course they want you to pay for no ads, which we completely respect but this basic graphic and idle theme dont warrant $10 for no ads.

We understand needing ads to be able to pay for making the game. The amount of ads in this game is ridiculous! You can barely get anything done, because every few seconds there is an ad. Sad to see.

Disappointed. We purchased the no ads in the game and to our disappointment, we are still getting ads. We totally get the ads are for revenue and they help support the dev. But dont slap a $9.99 price tag and say no ads when you clearly still show ads. No ads mean no ads. Clearly you want your cake and eat it too. For such a calm, chill, fun game its a shame that we fell for the scam. Enjoy our money. Cheers.

Game is littered with ads and is basically unplayable unless you pay 10 dollars for the ad free; and even then the game has so little content you may as well be watching paint dry. Dont waste your time with this game.

We bought the no ads option. Still receiving ads. How do we get a refund? Or better, can you fix this? Great game, but feel taken a bit with the no ads purchase not working.

Expect an ad every 15 seconds or so. Whether its a forced ad, or a you earned $10, watch an ad to make it $10,000,000 which you absolutely have to do, otherwise the game is unplayable. Theres a hot air balloon that sometimes goes across the screen for a bonus amount of money. If you click to get the bonus, youll end up buying whatever property is below it, so you end up with less money than if you just hadnt clicked it to begin with. Every single thing in this game is based around ads. Theres an option to have no ads for $9.99, which is insane. But, even if you do purchase it, you still have the you earned $10, watch an ad to make it $10,000,000 ads to make the game remotely playable. Uninstalled.

The game was a fun idle time so we decided to support the developer and buy the $9.99 add removal. Every upgrade previously locked by adds still requires an add watch and we still get forced adds during play. Dont buy it.

Id love to see if this is a game Id like, it looks intriguing, but from the get-go there are compulsory ads that take over your phone without approval. No thanks. And to pay $10 to remove ads for something that may or may not be any good is not happening. $3 per month subscription (an anti-ad member pass) would be doable, but all these copy pasta app devs these days are too obsessed with forcing ads on their users while copying an idle mechanism circa 2004. OG paper clips is more palatable, free! We do wish you luck and we hope our suggestion will be taken to heart.

We paid for ad free and it is still showing ads every few minutes with no option to contact the developers. Pretty messed up. Not a bad game, just shady.

We were sick of the ads in the app and spent the $10. We understand keeping ads to get boosted but having random ads pop up when upgrading tiles is shameful. What exactly did we spend money for? After spending money why should we still have to watch two ads in one section when we spent money to not see ads? Its a scam. They try and make you feel bad for the developers but they take your money and make you watch ads still shame on you.

We paid the $10 to remove the adsand you still have to view ads. Its complete nonsense and a ripoff.

Game is simple and kind of neat but plays an ad every minute or two. It costs $10 to remove ads which isnt really worth it imo.

Paid $10 for the ad block, imagine our surprise to find we still had to watch ads to get certain things in the game. We understand a new company has to run ads to grow but dont take our money and not even give us what we paid for.

Exactly as title says. Paid $10 to remove ads, but Im still getting them.

Uninstalled almost immediately. Game is unplayable with the amount of ads.

Beware. Less than 2 minutes into the game and automatic ads come. Dont know if the game is any good because we are deleting right after writing this.

Another good idea, ruined by intrusive and excessive advertisements. Ad-free is overpriced and uninviting.

We paid the $10 to stop the ads, but they did not stop. Total rip-off. Game play was relaxing and graphics simple but enjoyable. Too bad. Dont buy this game!!!!

This is the best game and most enjoyable #Coolestgameever.

This is an AWESOME GAME the only problem, however is that the no ads is ten dollars which is absurd but also good for their small studio. This game doesnt force ads like crazy which is +2 stars The game is nicely developed + 1 Relaxing! +1 we can play offline unlike, most idle games +1 This is a five star game in our opinion! Thank you to whoever read this!

This is a super good game. We are addicted to it we cant stop playing and if anyone is reading this we would really tell you to get this game! And developers if you are reading this it is really good.

This game is PERFECT the ads pop up like every 5 minutes. Which is good so we get some work done and get a good break. Our other games have ads pop up every 2 seconds WHICH IS DRIVING ME CRAZY. But we give this game a 30 stars out of 30 because it is the best out of any other game with ads. So thanks for putting this game in a ad.

Hi, this is fun not to many ads and fun we get it its fun amazing game.

The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race. They have greatly increased the life-expectancy of those of us who live in advanced countries, but they have destabilized society, have made life unfulfilling, have subjected human beings to indignities, have led to widespread psychological suffering (in the Third World to physical suffering as well) and have inflicted severe damage on the natural world. The continued development of technology will worsen the situation. It will certainly subject human being to greater indignities and inflict greater damage on the natural world, it will probably lead to greater social disruption and psychological suffering, and it may lead to increased physical suffering even in advanced countries.

If you just turn off the Internet you wont get any ads.

The only issue that we have for this game is the offline earnings. It says one thing but then we get a completely different number. We currently get 1500 per minute, and we didnt play the game for a whole day, we should have gotten 2,160,000 coins but only got 64k. The numbers need to be fixed. 64,000 would only be 43 minutes and some change.

This game was super fun but we beat it so quickly. Im disappointed there arent more levels.

We purchased no ads but we still am getting ads when we click on the extra items that make u watch an ad for rewards we feel you should do like afew other games and when u buy no ads you get ad for ingame reward stuff for free no ads we dont know but we feel like that would be nice.

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