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FINAL FANTASY III (3D REMAKE) is one of the best $14.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd., FINAL FANTASY III (3D REMAKE) is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 24th March 2011 with the latest update 7th June 2021

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


148 people have rated 2.0.1

You can download the game FINAL FANTASY III (3D REMAKE) from APP STORE.


Final Fantasy III — now on iPhone!

When darkness falls and the land is robbed of light, four youths are chosen by the crystals to embark upon a journey to save the world.

FINAL FANTASY III was the first title in the FINAL FANTASY series to become a million-seller, establishing once and for all that Square Enix’s classic RPG saga was here to stay.

A hallmark of innovation for the entire series, FINAL FANTASY III incorporates not only a job system that lets characters change classes at any time to the ability to summon powerful creatures such as Shiva and Bahamut.

The 3D remake of FINAL FANTASY III, with fully-rendered 3D graphics, duplicated the original’s success.

  • The four protagonists have been completely redesigned and new scenarios have been added.

  • The 3D remake has really brought the cutscenes and battles to life.

  • The Job system has been improved to bring out its best and most unique aspects, resulting in a more balanced game that is easy to enjoy.

  • New save functions, including autosave, allow for players to quit the game at any time without fear of losing their progress.

Aditionally, the smartphone version has been improved to include the following:

  • High resolution graphics and retouched cutscenes.

  • Smooth, intuitive touch-panel controls specifically tailored to improve the gaming experience.

  • Gallery Mode, where players can view illustrations from the game or listen to the soundtrack, has been added.

  • New visual designs for the Job Mastery Cards and the Mognet .

Updated on 7th June 2021

The title of the app has been changed.


We have this game on Steam as well and iPhone version plays exactly the same which is great, also PlayStation controllers work when we connect via blue tooth.

The game has a very captivating story, though the story isnt really portrayed in the best way, the plot for an rpg like this is very good, honestly a remake to this game in the style of final fantasy XV but still keep the same battle menu and encounter style as the remake/ original, or make the play style a little similar to secret of mana. The beginning CGI movie looks amazing too it fills the player with many emotions with the animations and music together, a movie about this game wouldnt be a bad idea, especially being that the characters in this game dont really get the attention they deserve within the final fantasy franchise. Playing this game and going through the story and really diving into the game always puts a smile on our face and thinking about the circumstances of the protagonists and their development throughout the game is also nice to think about, sadly you dont really get to see that much with the game but still to think about it is still heart warming. Honestly just a really good game with a lot more potential.

This is one of our favorite Final Fantasy games though there are a few problems. The story isnt all that impressive but it works well. Some dungeons or bosses basically remove your ability to customize your team since they require specific jobs. The ds version is better as its low resolution hides imperfections in the models. Though overall its a fun experience that we would recommend.

It was for iPad but we bought the regular version why cant it go full screen for iPad its is cappabLe we know it but they charge for another version but we did like the game still trying to beat it.

Game is okay, port is decent. Purchased this years ago for our iPhone and never finished it. Now that we want to pick it back up on our iPad, we have to repurchase the game in HD? Even better, Square Enix has inconsistently updated SOME of their apps to universal apps, but not all. This game, along with TWEWY, FFT, and others Im sure; must be repurchased to play full screen on an iPad. However Final Fantasy IV, Chrono Trigger, and most others were converted to universal apps instead of separate purchases. At the very least Square should grant the HD edition of these applications to owners of the mobile version for free. Literally NO extra work was done by them for the iPad version, why should users have to pay twice to enjoy this game on all their Apple devices?

We’ve seen reviews from 2 years ago with this issue and its not been addressed yet.. Fix the audio issue please square.

We love this game, we play it every 6 to 9 months. We try different job combos. Lately we got into the Geomancer class, mage class with zero magic costs. When will Square Enix make the prequel? We want to play the story of the Warriors of Dark stopping the light catastrophe with Noah, Doga, Unei, and Xande before they were really powerful. It could explain why Noah gave the gifts, when the crystal tower and Owen towers were built, and how the cloud of darkness got out of the void.

After a long wait, this game has finally been updated for edge to edge displays! The difference in visuals and playability cant be praised enough!

Wow! So glad Square is finally getting around to updating their mobile games. The QOL updates for this game are perfect and really make the game shine. Appreciate the auto battle, updated UI, iPhone X support, and more. Thank you! Please continue to do this for all your other games, Square!!

Audio quality could be better.

This wasnt a great game, but we got our entertainment value out of it. If you like the FF series and you are driven to play all of them and see how they evolved, you cant go wrong here. Its pricier than many games, but theres no ads or in app purchase nonsense, just straight up play time. It took us about 40 hours to play through. The story line is dreadful, the animation is decent but the characters all look like they are 5 years old, its laughably bad. But the battle is entertaining, the job system is an interesting evolution, overall it was satisfying to play through and beat the cloud of darkness. Im playing on an iPhone 8 and it was rock solid stable, no technical issues.

Plays smooth, but adjustments to what classes can equip what is abhorrent.

Love this game to death Decided to download it again to relive it but after our first boot of the game the audio does not work at all even after Deleting and Redownloading it.

Leaving this here because the ipad support is horrible and maybe youll pay attention to it here. You need to learn to treat your supporters better. Not wasting another dime with SE just to get horrible updates months later.

This needs to be optimized for new phones. Yikes until then.

Update: where are all these one star reviews coming from?! After all the updates this and every other FF title still runs perfectly! Don’t listen to the trolls So we beat this game a while back as a part of our crusade to purchase and beat all FF games on the App Store. This… Game… Is…a… Masterpiece!!!!! We LOVE the old school polygonal pixely 64-graphics. It brings us back to the days of playing Zelda on our N64. Not to mention Quest 64… The best turn-based RPG ever for the N64. Needless to say this is without a doubt the most amazing Final Fantasy game we’ve ever played! By far the best and most enjoyable part of this game is the sophisticated job class system, where you can change each party member’s job class at any time during the game as much as you want with a total of 23 classes becoming available to you throughout the game. The boss battles are EPIC and unforgettable. Probably the best of all the Final Fantasy games, with the final boss being one of the hardest son of a guns we’ve ever faced! Everything about this game is so incredibly rewarding, from beating that tough boss that’s been slaughtering you to shreds to the mind blowing story line. It’s the best 16 bucks you could ever hope to spend in the App Store!!! Next stop… Final Fantasy IV!!!!!!!

We beat this game in 3 days after purchasing it for the IPhone 7. Runs beautifully and smoothly. Also, having a guide with this game is HIGHLY recommended. Final Fantasy 3 Wiki Guide really helped us get through the game (along with tackling the challenging side quests and bosses). Was super fun, challenging and unforgettable.

Seems like a graphically cleaner port of the DS version. Controls are pretty smooth. Definitely a good pick for when you have a lot of time to spend.

Still a wonderful game to play when out and about ;)

We love this RPG. It can last for as little or long as you want. Well made and produced… We wish it was optimized for bigger screens instead of stretched, but at least we can change it back to normal in options. BUT, the PSP version on the PSN has an auto-battle option that would really improve the gameplay for mobile. Why wasn’t that implemented in this version? For the reviewer who said it was $15 for the first chapter… What are you talking about?!? There aren’t chapters, and this is a fully premium game. It’s $15 for the whole thing, however long it takes you to beat it.

Hello, can you enable iTunes file sharing for this game? Great game by the way!

Overall this is a great play and good game. You get time to go through it and passes time while you are waiting at the Dr or on the train etc. Only other options that would be nice like they have in other IOS Final Fantasy games is Auto Battle and a game + mode where you can replay with the stats and equipment you ended your last game with.

We love this game, but for some reason, it has stopped being able to download recently. We tried everything we could on our end. We would love to play it again.

Its still our favorite of all time. After the first chapter we couldn’t get off. It’s always had us hooked.

The game is fine and good, don’t listen to those souring over a "chapter" just because they don’t know where to go to progress, then proceed to rate the game poorly based on their incompetence. There’s no handholding here in this FF, you may wander into an area you shouldn’t and get mauled or you may just not know where to go. This is one whole game and it is beatable, don’t listen to the sourcats!

We love how FF is the only franchise with the mental fortitude to make their games available for download as an app. It’s a shame Pokmon or digimon won’t do the same.

Kinda expensive for a game that can’t even support all screens. But still a nostalgic game.

Loved this game on the DS, playing it again on iOS is lots of fun. We really wish they included that lovely opening film that was included in the DS version though. We understand this might make the file size bigger, but we absolutely loved watching that clip!

Good but wish it still had an option for original graphics.

The game plays fairly well, but some things are lacking. There really is very little in game indication of how the mechanics work, and the stats of the super class Onion Knight remain at 11 all the way up to max level (not sure if the others work correctly either).

The only issue we have is the lack of joystick support for Bluetooth controllers. The on screen analog works, so why not let the analog stick on our controller work as well? If the game is ever updated, we will update our review and add 5 stars.

Played the game from the NES and DS. Our main issue, is the drop rate for the Onion Knight Armor gear and their weapons. The Red Dragon drops the Armor Piece. The Green Dragon drops the Onion Gauntlets. And the Yellow Dragon drops the Onion Helmet. All of the dragons also has a CHANCE to drop Onion Sword (extremely rare) and the Onion Shield (Rare). The drops rates for all of them are HORRIBLE we spend days and days; weeks and weeks; months and months; even years! For over a year we only gotten the Onion Shields. And nothing else. The drop rate should increase more! Having the drops rates like 2-5% chance is just bad! All we keep getting is Elixir, like seriously. And when we finally get something from Onion’s; it’s an Onion Shield. At least boost up the drop rate for the Onion Armor and weapon to 25-30% drop rate. Because this 2-5% chance drop rate is annoying! We have many hours on this game to complete the set for our characters and still nothing. Please! Make the Onion Knight Armors and Weapon drop rates at least to 25-30% drop rate! We mean, finding the dragons are hard enough to find; so why make it 3x harder to find the complete set for the Onion Knight class. Please, increase the drop rate for the Onion Knights Gear and Weapon. Please.

The game runs flawlessly and the story is awesome, we strongly recommend to play this game if you love RPGs. IPad Pro and iPhone X support is definitely needed.

Love this game, but we’re stuck because we can’t use the mini spell for some reason basically wasted our money.

We cant believe the ipad is more expensive and cant use a controller like the iphone veesion.

The game seems to end after the first mission. Am we missing something?

Was there really no where yu could tell us we were spending $15 on just the first chapter?! We’re very unhappy right now! Good game, sure wish we could finish it!

What the hell is wrong with Android? Please.

In the Molten Cave there is a secret entrance to fight the boss which is activated by interacting with a rock. The entrance was able to be opened the first time. After saving and returning the next day, the door is sealed again but the rock is no longer able to be activated so as to open the door again. After googling around, this seems to be a bug experienced by others as well. We are disappointed to encounter a game-breaking glitch as we were otherwise quite satisfied with the game. However, $16 is too much to pay for something that stops working after a week.

Consistently the app doesn’t save and if we go away from it and into another app, when we come back it refreshes to title screen and progress is lost. That’s not how mobile games are meant to be played.

So frustrated. We got so far in the game only to realize that we’re stuck in the area around dogas manor.

The is a game-breaking glitch where if you die your first time through Nepto Temple, you are unable to re-enter the temple. You can go back, talk to every Viking in the cave and it makes 0 difference. The Enterprise is sitting in the water; theres nothing we can do about it. We’ve bought a few FF games but things like this dont give us much confidence that these games are well-ported.

How about adding support for iPad in this app instead of trying to charge $17 for it? Its been like this for years but we cant believe in 2019 that its still a thing.

We’ve lost all our progress on this game. The cloud save is a disaster and needs to be fixed. You can only save one local game and one in the cloud. This makes it extremely easy to mess up and lose all your progress. Please allow multiple saves and quick saves and we will update to a five star.

The new graphics really ruin the game. Can we have an option to be able to play the game with retro graphics?

Lost our saved game after being beaten in an area, somehow our save disappeared locally. Now we have to restart the entire game… Saving in this game is a problem, the cloud system is only for one save, you cannot hard save (only quick save), every quick save takes you back to the main menu and you need to load he game again. What kind of UX design is this? Game is fun, UX is garbage.

These 3D graphics look like garbage. Please give the hand drawn pixel version.

We absolutely love this game and have since its release before iOS, That being said it gets a one star solely because the app got deleted from a family member and we were on our way to the final boss, we re downloaded the game and there are no save profiles and we refuse to start that much over. As we said amazing game, story, and graphically wise, just don’t delete it and feel as bad as we do.

With the recent update the game is flawless.