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FINAL FANTASY IV (3D REMAKE) is one of the best $14.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd., FINAL FANTASY IV (3D REMAKE) is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 20th December 2012 with the latest update 7th June 2021

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Entertainment, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


510 people have rated 2.0.1

You can download the game FINAL FANTASY IV (3D REMAKE) from APP STORE.


"FINAL FANTASY IV" has finally come to the iPhone/iPad!

The title first debuted in 1991 as the fourth installment in the FINAL FANTASY series. Wildly popular thanks to its unique characters and dramatic storylines, it went on to be ported to many different platforms.

FINAL FANTASY IV was the first title to introduce the Active Time Battle (ATB) system, which has become synonymous with the series. It also saw the introduction of the Augment system, which enabled the transfer of abilities from other characters and gave players an edge in battles.

This iconic title is packed with other amazing features.

  • Voice acting for event scenes
    Key events unfold with spoken dialogue.

  • Deeply emotional portrayals
    Characters go through visibly apparent emotional changes.

  • A brand new mapping feature
    Players start with a completely blank dungeons map, adding an element of the unknown to the mix!

  • Jukebox
    Players can listen to the game’s music anytime they want.

iOS Version Features

  • High resolution graphics and retouched cutscenes.

  • Smooth, intuitive touch-panel controls specifically tailored to improve the gaming experience.

-Select difficulty from Normal to Hard to adjust the balance of the game.

  • New save functions, including autosave, allow for players to quit the game at any time without fear of losing their progress.

Updated on 7th June 2021

The title of the app has been changed.


The only thing that would make this version better is allowing the player to select between the pixel perfect graphics or these 3D graphics. We enjoy the music in this version and it has controller support using a device like the Razer Kishi. The game plays great and looks crisp on our iPhone XS, 11 Pro Max and 12 Pro Max. We would expect that just about any iPhone in recent years should be able to handle this game.

This is our second Final Fantasy game. We recently bought a backbone one for our phone. We love old games and this one had us hooked at the start. Highly recommend!

Its better than we remembered from snes days. Runs excellent on iphone 12 pro. Definitely like the voice acting.

Now that the Pixel Remaster is here, this is unlikely, but it would be really great to have these available on Apple TV with controller support. We really like both versions (this one and PR), but playing on our tiny little iPhone is not nearly as nice as a TV.

This is one of our favorite Final Fantasy games. We originally played the remake on the DS, and this is pretty much the same game just on iOS. The new Hard difficulty is pretty tough on the first playthrough (no onion sword or augments). The Dr. Lugae fight was extremely difficult even when overleveled (though you can cheese it by using 2 elixirs on him – costly but effective). Of course, we also play it on fast + active, making it even harder. That said, this is not perfect. For a start, the game is locked to 30 FPS. On a 120 Hz ProMotion display, this just doesnt look good, but even on a standard 60 Hz display, its still very noticeable. This is likely a holdover of the DS version, and making it work at a higher frame rate would have been more work, but 60 or even 120 FPS support would have been greatly appreciated, especially given the low resolution textures that are otherwise not doing much for the games visuals. Next, this game has some issues for when you switch between apps, switch sound devices, or overlay an app like Safari over the game (useful for planning augments for each character). Sometimes the sound stops working, and this can cause further issues like softlocks when exiting an airship. All in all, we love this game, and it is one of the best ways to play this game, but it could be better.

This game is great. It runs smoothly and has a good story. Our main complaint is that when you die you nothing happens, you just reload right to where you started the battle. Besides the boss battles, you could literally lose every fight and still beat the game. This is bad game design. There needs to be some stakes in order for the game to feel challenging and fun. Also there should be a way to play the original SNES version on iOS. We like the old graphics and nostalgic feel better. This one looks kind of goofy and the voice acting isnt great.

We enjoy the lower difficulty than the DS as well as mapmaking (items if traveled 100%) and cinematography within the story, which voice acting and improved graphics make moments, like the moon showing through the window in Cecils bedroom or the opening that was added (though brainwashing is overused). The battle system also allows you to choose what attack to repeat and you have augments to experiment with multiple commands, including hotkey magic and fun window designs. All of which are not in the pixel remaster, as well as the depth of Dark Knight Cecils mask that he fully wears in battle, and partially has in cutscenes or shows his eyes if he wants. He also has a soliloquy while opening the menu. The main issues we had are that you backtrack a lot with a useless teleport (towers, sealed cave and tunnels are not dungeons) quicksave is kinda dated, forcing you to save and the default combat speed is slow at 4, so youd have to set it to 1 after the first battle. Edwards harp sometimes clips through his cape like when Tellah attacks him, but Ill take that with the best versions of his bard songs to quickly regen and later haste the party (hes not as good in the after years/pixel remaster). Also, Cid working on airships has the worst animation we’ve seen in a game as sometimes hes not even holding the hammer properly. Fortunately, Golbezs motivational backstory, normal difficulty being challenging but fair, and developers office extras not in the pixel remaster, make this the definitive version despite the fact they messed up and we lost our defender Kain had equipped despite him returning to the party in the endgame. It was better than his Gungnir, so just robbing us makes no sense.

The icon was perfect before! Now it looks sort of out of place with the rest of our collection Its a nitpick but adding 3D remake wasnt fully necessary. The game is awesome tho.

This was our favorite game from childhood and we absolutely love watching the cutscenes bring to life moments of a story that we treasure. The controls; especially in battle; are as counterintuitive as anything we’ve ever tried to use. We thought we could counter that with a controller, but this game does not support it. Any battle that we cant auto-battle through (though we do love being able to set auto-battle commands) usually just leads to us quitting the game for a while. The quality of life improvements are mostly a nice addition, but taking away the ability for characters to equip a variety of weapons is unwelcome. Overall, this is a nice nostalgia hit, but ultimately not very viable as a game.

The 3D aspect really isnt an upgrade over the original sprites. And this applies moreso to the music. Not one musical track was improved over the original. You really need to offer the original music as an option because the new versions just sound odd.

Its an ok port but the fact that after years the bug that keeps bgm from playing still hasnt been fixed and there hasnt been a patch in around a year is kinda sad.

The game it self is an amazing FF story with superb music and ext but!! The controls are bad and they make you slip so much. This port suffers from horrible lag also. Please buy this on a proper dedicated gaming platform and dont spend your money here.

What was the point of this? Is it meant as a warning that this isn’t the original game, has none of its charm, and should not be played? No one who cares about Final Fantasy needs to be told this.

It is impossible to see the paths in the caves. The moon becomes impossible.

The sound cut off halfway through the game. Immediately when it gets to the title screen it just stops playing music. Theres effect sounds but no music. Whats going on?! Super sad :(

Love the games originally, still do but the timer on a touchpad does not work well with us at all. Put an option for a turn based setting we would be a fan again.. Worse part is that time is important and when pressing a button does scrolling instead its impossible to get a pattern down like with a game pad. Have the timer with no option to turn it off is one the reasons we stopped following the franchise back in the day actually. We liked taking our time figuring it, and die very little as our personal play style. Like slow chess. You all made it where thats not possible . Only speed chess then to add challenges to dont add options, you take them away. If they just had the option . The rest is cool, and having timer for second run would be bonus way to play a second time too, oh well. We were gonna work our way through series but the timer is to annoying for us . Reminded us why we stopped playing Oh grey tail turned in twice and did nit receive reach ring even though it said we did. Did not appear in inventory. Also,battle graphics manipulate battle timer and not in a good way =-/ But we would still do five stars if they just had the option to go turn based in settings. That menu wait thing does not achieve the same thing. Can still have speed play factor for characters performance on turn based. Taking away options to make it more difficult is not creating for challenges it feels manipulative. That pre load commands is cool but then in after years the took it away more taking away for challenges and that was lazy coding for sure. Its the exact same game just reorganized and for challenge make it harder to choose actions . They put asteroids hitting earth to block the entrances to parts of the game not used from old template. Could not even bother to put a tail in them. After years the game they rushed out for money, not content. You can see in tower of Babil we think unused floor from old game, blocked by mysterious powers. Lol even most old random town treasures in after years same from 4 Off to look for a game like dragon quest/warrior. Or play them all again they got after game content thats pretty cool If you all add turn base options to games let us know, Ill work our way up to current.

Im sure the game is fine and has all its old school charm however, the audio refuses to work. Not matter how much we uninstall/reinstall.

After purchasing the bulk of the Final fantasy games we tried to download our purchased copies only to find them missing. Now they want you to re-purchase them. What a rip off. You should have released new ones without messing with the old versions. Done with you guys.

Somehow we do not have any sound on this app.

This is a great port of one of the best games ever made.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for adding the opening cutscene in the most recent update! We love that cutscene so much and we were really sad when it wasnt there before. Amazing game! Buy it!

Just have to thank SquareEnix for the recent update that gave large screen support to the iOS version of Final Fantasy IV! Its great making full use of the screen real estate our larger phone has to offer while playing our favorite classic Final Fantasy title on the go on our iPhone and iPad!

When we enter the cloud save/load screen it says:iCloud is disabled enable iCloud in your device settings to try again. Even though we have enabled it ,please fix it. Its a great game.

We love FFIV. We’ve played it on SNES, PSP, and DS. We were pretty excited to have it on the go again, but what the going on with this frame rate, particularly during the battles? Maybe the DS port ran like this too but we didnt realize at the time, but this almost feels unplayable to us. The frame rate makes it hideous. On the bright side, we still have a Vita kicking around and we had bought the FFIV After Years complete edition thing digitally back in the day, so we suppose we can just revisit the game that way instead.

Its 2020, why cant we play this with a Playstation controller?

Music does not play on iPhone XR, with ios14.3. Other sounds work in game, but without any music, it really is lacking. Please fix. Already tried redownloading app.

Beautiful game. Worth the price. It plays very well too, its just greatly in need of an update to fit the current iOS screen size like the iPhone XR or 11. Hopefully they will see this and do something. Enjoy the game!

Loved it. Played a difficult version and it kicked our butt. But we cleared it! Highly recommended.

This game is fantastic, and Id go so far as to say the experience is the best iteration so far. We have thoroughly enjoyed this game since we started playing it on iOS. Its very intuitively set up with loads of improvements since it first released on iOS. We really hope this gets an update to support newer device size, even if it merely adds decorative bars to either side of the gameplay area. Note to developers: Please dont try to force a wider stretched view if this app is updated. The port of Final Fantasy VI suffers greatly graphically because of the forced stretch. Having the option in this app is huge and FF VI would benefit from the option as well.

FF2 (as it was called back when it was released for SNES in the early 90s) was the first RPG we ever played. We were a little skeptical of this when we bought it, but 6 bucks isn’t a big investment so we decided why not. This was an awesome play. We loved the fancy renderings of the dungeons that were so basic in the original version. We love that they added some dimension and backstory to the characters, and all in all it was a big improvement. The 3D characters were not cheesy or overly cartoonish and the voice acting was good. We were very impressed. The monsters, on the other hand, were funky to us, specifically the difficulty and certain attacks (laser barrage, anyone?). We remember the final boss in the SNES version being extremely hard even though we had raised our characters to level 80+. We fought the final boss with all our characters’ levels between 72 and 76 and we absolutely pwned him. He didn’t even cast Big Bang. Just meteor once and everyone survived. We were worried as we were going through the final dungeon when some of the enemies were laying waste to our party and we had to run from every battle during the last 3 levels, but no. Some random mobs hit much harder than the final boss which is weird, but everything else was great. Will definitely be playing through again.

We loved playing this game way back on the Super Nintendo, we mustve played through dozens of times. So glad they updated the graphics and did justice to this title. Ill play through this game about once every couple of years and it retains its replay value every time. Good challenges, great story and characters and the best soundtrack of any game, period. Also a plus is the expanded story bits about golbez and the translation is the best of any of the numerous ports of this game. A timeless classic JRPG and imho the best version of this game ever.

Very expansive and lengthy,I recommend it to every RPG gamers.

Love everything about it we still play the original on the wii, only thing that could make his any better would be an option to switch to the old graphicsother than that its still just as good as it was and always has been.

We really like the storyline and its characters. Great graphics!

Its one of the best Final Fantasy games that we’ve played. Definitely worth the purchase but if you have DS buy the DS version.

For all the Final Fantasy games that Square Enix offers for the iOS systems, we have every one of them. Our favorite thing about all the Final Fantasy games are the journeys. FFIV is the flagship of our collection. We love the story of a conflicted warrior, who intends to do right, but finds that he must surrender his dark sword for that of the paladin. We also enjoy the movie cut scenes; it makes the game playing epic.

The title of this review is our review.

We were hesitant about using touch controls, but they work great in this port. The cloud save feature is amazing for switching between phone and tablet. Could be optimized better for iPhone X.

FF2 was the first RPG game we ever played and this version doesnt disappoint. Well worth the download. Playing on iPhone 7plus. Im going to purchase the bundle because this game was so awesome!

Is there some reason that the ???? Love Augment counter resets when you shared the save file from one device to another. We had ???? Love maxed. We saved the file to icloud and later opened it on our ipad, and the ???? Love augment counter reset to ZERO. This is NOT a new bug. It has done this since the beginning. FIX THIS for phux-sake.

The game is brilliant. A must have for any Final Fantasy fan. It plays well, and we’ve never had one issue with the game. The graphics, gameplay, and story just being back all the nostalgia from our childhood.

Can you guys add in some boosters for final fantasy 4 and the after years like 9999 damage and the max stats like in 7 8 and 9? Please?

We have played this game start to finish probably a dozen times since we were a kid on the SNES until now. Its timeless, from the soundtrack to the simple yet effective battle system. Only thing Id criticize is we feel its too easy. Id really like to see a Paladin or Dark Knight mode, that is like new game+ but with more difficult mobs and modifiers. All in all, this title, along with FFVI and FFVII (and Breath of Fire 2, seriously Capcom, release old breath of fires on iOS, DONT make us pirate your stuff) are our all time favorite games.

Update: Still runs perfectly. We for one love the 64 bit polygonal graphics. Takes us back to our N64 days. $&@%# the people bashing these games because of that… They’re probably only 10 or 11 years old or something The very first Final Fantasy game we ever played was FF IV, and we were was like 12 or 14 or something we can’t really remember. We just remember that it was our birthday and our grandma took us to Walmart to buy a gameboy advance SP and a copy of Final Fantasy IV advance. We played that game non stop until our eyeballs fell out of our head, remembering the final boss being the most epically brutal sob in the history of all RPGs. So we set out on a quest to purchase and beat all the FF games on the App Store in order, and a couple of weeks ago we finally made it to the almighty number 4! First off, we always considered FF 4 to be the best in the series once we started to play the others in the years since that fateful day, but when we made it to FF III in the App Store, our memories of FF 4 soon faded and we considered 3 to be our new fav in the series because it BLEW ME AWAY! But we knew that once we made it to 4 in the App Store, that it would most assuredly reclaim its throne, and indeed it has. Everything about the game is flawless. Not only the fact that as with FF III, there are absolutely no technical bugs to speak of whatsoever, but we felt like a kid again for the 30+ hours of the incredibly rich nostalgia-laden gameplay. Every boss, every dungeon, every heartfelt moment, which might we add have been made a million times more heartfelt this time around due to the amazing 3D graphics and dialogue infused cinamatic cutscenes. The only problem we think we have with this version is that they (spoiler alert) have completely removed the Lunar Ruins bonus dungeon that you unlock by beating the game. It consists of 50 floors and at the end was the third and final stage of the last boss Zeromus… The almighty Zeromus EG!!!! Unfortunately that was one of the only memories we had lest of FF 4 so we were pretty disappointed to find out it was removed. But all in all… We are a very very happy man!!!! Next stop FF V!!!!

We’ve had this game on our iPad for a few years now but am writing this review because of a problem on our 3rd playthrough. We had always planned to try and get all of the augments and best armor and defeat the 2 hidden bosses. Apparently what we’ve read from blogs and have just experienced myself is that on the iOS version they Do Not give out a 2nd limit break augment when you start a new game on the 3rd playthrough. But they do on the DS we guess. Idk we’ve never played a DS. Other than that we absolutely Love this version of our favorite rpg. We could play it over and over again forever. We know the story by heart and where all the treasures are these people who remade it did a perfect job we think. The music goes along perfectly with the story just as it did on the snes. Graphics are awesome too. We love going into the land of summoned monsters, looks great. The small changes to the script are fine and modern.

We just wish theyd update it for the new iPad Pros screen(s).

This game has good story good characters good battles and great music it is worth the money.