Finish The Lyrics

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Finish The Lyrics

Finish The Lyrics

Finish The Lyrics is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Daniel Baczkowski, Finish The Lyrics is a Trivia game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 3rd February 2018 with the latest update 14th September 2020

Whether you are a fan of Trivia, Music, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Finish The Lyrics ?

615 people have rated 3.0.0

What is the price of the Finish The Lyrics ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Finish The Lyrics released ?

Finish The Lyrics was released on 3rd February 2018.

When was the Finish The Lyrics updated ?

The latest updated date of Finish The Lyrics on 14th September 2020.

Where can Finish The Lyrics be downloaded ?

You can download the game Finish The Lyrics from Apple Official App Store.



"When I was in the third grade I thought that…"

Can you finish the music lyrics by Macklemore? How about other songs?

How many songs can you sing? Can you guess the song lyrics? Let’s find out!

Join other music quiz players now and have fun!

Install this awesome free music trivia app, read the lyrics and try to finish them! How much do you remember without your mp3 player? ;)

Also remember to check out our other music games!

Updated on 14th September 2020

  • Major improvements & bugfixes
  • New, improved gameplay

Finish The Lyrics Review

We give this game all five stars because its a fun game and sure there isnt that much rounds or levels to do but it is still entertaining to us and we hope people play it and enjoy it to! Thanks for reading this and we want to say that you creators or creator for inventing this games.

We give this game a 5 star because it is a fun game to play and it keeps us inner tanned.

This game is just so so addicting… Like here is a example,Whenever we have a bad bad day we do not just go to bed mad because we know if we do our morning will start out bad so instead we just lay down in bed and play the game. Please make another like this!

Fun game! Can do without all the adds though.

This is a fun game to play! Shows how much you pay attention to the songs you hear… Im on Country and its newer country but still its pretty good stuff. We wish they had older music of all genres too though thanks yall, we really like this game.

We just wanna start off by saying this is a great game, im a huge music person and love things like this. We just would love an update with more current music and new levels because they are recycled continuously. Thanks!

It has a lot of wrong lyrics but the game it self is awesome.

This game is awesome and free. It doesnt show or play the bad words in songs, so it is good for kids. But, a lot of songs we think not many kids would know, so this might be better for people whos ages are from 12 and up!

So this game is fun but it has a bunch of random songs that some people might not know and we wish it had music that went with the song. We just got it today but it isnt like a game that we would say Im addicted to. Overall, its a pretty fun game.

Numerous times it had the wrong artist listen for the song and its the same 20 songs over and over.

We like this app we have shared it with all of our family and friends and they have all rated this app a 5 star rating so we hope this app get. A lot of 5 star reviews and that probably didnt make any sense.

Awesome game highly recommend it to anyone that likes music.

We just started playing this and its so fun we didnt get to the mini game yet but we love it.

We loved this game we recommend it for anyone that loves music we love rap/hiphop we really recommend it.

This is an awesome game. The only thing to make it better is that it needs music. We think that if it could be updated so that it has newer songs, it would be ever better.

Its a good it even has sets you can unlock love it.

Our reason we didnt give it five stars is because the other review we played it as well and if you dont remember,when we get it wrong it plays over again the one that we missed this probably doesnt make sense but when you play it you might get what we mean other that that, its AWESOME!!

Love it but wish the sample played also.

We would give it 5 stars but no because when ever we lose the game we would play it again but it would do the same words IN ORDER. Thats why we didnt give it five stars ( try again harder)

The reason we didnt give it 5 stars is because we wish they added music so we can get the beat of the song.

Its fun for a few rounds. But it eventually repeats a lot of the same lyrics. Also doesnt have a very large variety of bands in each category.

We love this game it is so addicting but there is one thing you are missing. You are missing Christian music. But can you add Christian music?

We love but the reason we didnt give it five stars is because of the language.

It gets very repetitive when going through rounds, as well as having the wrong titles for the lyrics that are given. At first we thought it was a small mistake but after occurring multiple times, it made us enjoy the game less. Also there is no music, which we feel could make the game more fun to play.

Each round is the same three songs with different lyrics to the same three songs each round and the Rock category isnt true rock. Its still pop, and there is no variety in decades. Its all modern crappy music and mostly the trending artists.

The reason we rated this one song is because we didnt find in rock song before 2010 in there, you need to add way more classic rock or 90s bands.

We like the app a lot! There are just way to many ads, literally one after every question.

The app uses asterisks when the lyrics have swear words, but does not use asterisks for the N-word?? Dont know who thought that was an okay plan. Needs to be addressed.

We can not stop playing it is so fun.

This is the best game we have ever played.

We love this game absolutely addictive!!

It does have good Songs that are easy to guess, but on our phone after the 5th question the app closes on its own. Very annoying.

We love this app, one thing we wish was that it had new music, it does but not that new. Otherwise is a cool and fun app.

Its good and all but it needs to actually sing the part of the song.

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