I Love Hue

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I Love Hue

I Love Hue

I Love Hue is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Zut Games Ltd, I Love Hue is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 25th January 2017 with the latest update 19th February 2019

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Board, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of I Love Hue ?

37,068 people have rated 1.2.2

What is the price of the I Love Hue ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the I Love Hue released ?

I Love Hue was released on 25th January 2017.

When was the I Love Hue updated ?

The latest updated date of I Love Hue on 19th February 2019.

Where can I Love Hue be downloaded ?

You can download the game I Love Hue from Apple Official App Store.



I Love Hue is a gentle journey into colour and perception. Arrange mosaics of coloured tiles into perfectly ordered spectrums. Lovingly made for players who enjoy beautifully crafted puzzle games – or anyone who needs a few moments of visual tranquility.

  • COLOUR – move each tile to its perfect place within the spectrum
  • HARMONY – create order out of chromatic chaos
  • PERCEPTION – learn to see the smallest difference between similar colours
  • SERENITY – lose yourself in a tranquil world of colour and light


  • Mesmerising colour-based gameplay – a puzzle of perception, not logic
  • A minimal, modernist aesthetic – a playable work of art
  • A soothing synth soundtrack
  • Share your accomplishments… and moments of beauty
  • Over 900 levels to solve
  • Compare your performance to the world average, and unlock achievements by beating it

Updated on 19th February 2019

  • Bug fix: Progress saved on Triangle levels
  • Bug fix: Average scores weren’t always appearing

I Love Hue Review

Beautiful puzzles, nice sound effects. We spent $2 on the prisms to avoid ads and its perfect.

When Im just chilling, Ill play this game for a bit :) Its very calming.

This game honestly shocked us. Im not really a person who likes puzzles but we decided to give this game a try because of how positive the reviews were and its very calming and enjoyable. If you put the game on airplane mode there are no adds which just makes it way better. Its actually a quality game.

This app was recommended to us by a friend and it was the best recommendation ever. Completing each level is SO satisfying. We find the concept to be just enough of a distraction while not requiring a ton of thought – which makes it really really relaxing. We’ve been playing a few levels before bed on nights im anxious and it helps a ton! 10/10 recommend!

Its a fun game and is very grounding you just organize and find patterns in colors and this is exactly our kind of game calm pretty and not something we would get tired of.

Thought we were color blind. We are not.

This game is so fun to play. Its also really relaxing, which is great.

We’ve never written an app review, but because we love this app/game/puzzle so much, we wanted to make sure developers and other users know how wonderful it is. We Love Hue and we Love Hue Too are the only game apps we need anymore. We think at some point we paid maybe $10 for more prisms but they also give you 15 free every day and we’ve not needed to purchase more. No glitches, no ads, nothing to distract or annoy you. The background music is subtle and calming. Im not sure if this app helps more with our ADHD or our OCD, but either way it satisfies that desire to put things in order. Its challenging enough to remain interesting and its also beautiful and calming. We really do love hue.

We love that we can listen to music and play at the same time.

Love this game!! Super fun to play when you have nothing to do! We also love how you can play without Wifi/internet. We play this everyday and never get bored!

We completely love the we Love Hue games. The ads are not intrusive at all, and the game is great! We think most people wouldnt pay to have the ads removed since they arent bothersome, but we think they may pay to unlock extra levels. We know we would. We would love more levels or a third game (hint, hint. Wink, wink). Thanks for a great game.

This game is a treasure. Not only is it satisfying and beautiful to watch these palettes come together, but it can be genuinely challenging. A meditative journey into perception and the power of color. Time playing we Love Hue is not wasted, it is time changing yourself for the better.

This might be the perfect game for those with anxiety; it certainly is for us. We find lots of times people suggest mindless games to help with anxious thoughts, which may work for some people but not us personally. This game requires enough concentration that our mind cant wander to other things, while also not being so difficult that it becomes too frustrating to continue playing. We can confidently say that this is one of the best games out there. 100 stars if we could <3.

Great puzzle game for people who like color. Beautiful and calming.

We like this app a lot. One request is that after we finish a puzzle, Id like to look at it for a while. However, the app immediately covers it with a heart and then closes it. Can the solved puzzle (without the heart overlay) stay visible until we tap the screen?

So far Im really enjoying this game! The music is pleasant and calming, the colors are wonderful, and we think the difficulty level increases at a fair, non-frustrating rate. There are adds of course, but theyre not too intrusive. They only pop up after finishing every-other level and theyre all skip-able after a few seconds. We havent tried it yet because we what to finish this one first but Im excited about the second one.

The game is interesting and motivates you to do better by showing you the world average but not saying outright pass or fail. You can replay levels and get better but there are still what seems to be an endless store of new levels. This is an everyday game, other apps come and go but we dont think we can get tired of this one.

Did u not read the title u morons?

This game really calmed us from the sound affects to the color matching it just makes us feel relaxed.

Alright so, this is really relaxing and theres like NO ADS. Thats the main thing we love. Most relaxing games have thousands of ads but we’ve been playing and it only gave us 2 ads that we can skip. This game is also any OCD and artistic persons dream game. It has colors and you can perfect organize legit everything. We love this game so much you can play it from anywhere so a great mobile game. Just please download.

Definitely recommend if youre like us and just want a game to relax and play without stress and timers etc. You do have to use diamonds to unlock levels but they offer to watch ads for diamonds.

We really enjoy this game, its easy to understand and fun to play. Its very satisfying and hard to put down.

We genuinely have nothing negative to say about this game. Its incredibly relaxing, theres not a bunch of ads, theres never any bugs, and the colors are beautiful. We mostly play this game when Im trying to wind down at night. Its very calming and helps us fall asleep. Our only suggestion would be to add a dark theme option/night mode so that we can play the game at night without the brightness of the white screen hitting us between levels, for us it really takes away from the relaxation aspect of the game.

Soothing visuals and simple but effective interface. In-app purchases available but not required if youre willing to watch a short ad (other than that, ads are not intrusive). Overall, great way to pass time or relax.

This game is seriously so relaxing and diverting! We’ve always had a thing about color, so its right up our alley. But its brilliant, because you can enjoy it no matter where you come from or what language you speak. So ingeniousthank you for this game. Its one of our fave games ever!

This game is literally so good, we love the compliments they give u when u finish a puzzle and we genuinely enjoy the game it was definitely worth downloading.

Okay we honestly didnt expect to love this game. Im v here for puzzles so we thought we should at least try it. And let us tell you this game has become our most recent fixation. 5/5.

Love this game.. Make a multiplayer please.

Easily our favorite game ever. Its so relaxing and we can easily play it whenever. We love this game. Its perfect for long road-trips or the bus ride to school. Easy to play and so fun.

We play this game all the time. While Im on the toilet, while Im trying to sleep, in class, out of class and even during a test when we realized what we were doing wrong miraculously while trying to solve for x. God bless this app get it.

This is an amazing app that can help our eyes get better for seeing colors!

This is a simple but oh so elegant and excellent puzzle game for testing and sharpening your eye for color gradients. Oh, and its definitely worth spending $2 to get rid of the ads entirely. We never want to stop playing!

To anybody who’s reading this- Great game! Full of bright and amazing colors and beautiful gradients! Absolutely no glitches and (a few adds but very reasonable) everything runs super smoothly! Also, so many levels and different patterns. It isn’t too easy, except when you’re getting on the higher grades. Overall, brilliant game and wonderful features! Great job, we LOVE HUE team!

Its so relaxing and calming. Its even a little addicting we love the game so much.

Calming, satisfying, lovely. A meditative exercise for the mind and spirit.

The game is one of our personal favorites. We recommend it to people who love puzzles and colours. The game is perfect. Download and play today!!!

THIS IS SRSLY SO MUCH FUN – we have adhd just trust us on this one.

We didnt expect to enjoy this game so much but its very soothing to play! Highly recommend.

Our favorite mobile game to pass the time.

We love this app we were looking for something to ease us because we suffer from a lot of anxiety and this app has really worked wonders on us because Im getting a lot more sleep now and Im a lot less anxious now and this ad is just so fun and just so calming but we wish they were more active and they updated more but we definitely think you should download it we love it so much.

We love the satisfaction of getting the colors in order and its a fun way to pass time.

Perfect combo of colors & puzzles. Love it!

Its so good and so fun who knew colors would make us so happy.

-Aesthetically pleasing -Meditative -Fun to play -Satisfying to complete puzzles -I’m always relaxed after playing this for a bit -Only improvement would be if the tiles would get bigger when you tap on them so you can see them under your finger was you move them. And maybe more interesting puzzles.

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