Flood of Light

Last updated on May 25th, 2023 at 06:40 am

Flood of Light


Flood of Light is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Irisloft (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd, Flood of Light is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 14th December 2016 with the latest update 28th June 2022

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


42 people have rated 3.3

You can download the game Flood of Light from APP STORE.


New Chapter – Extra Story – The Christmas trip at the end of the year is updated!

A mysterious girl in the raincoat comes to the city submerged by rain.
Subside the rain and save the city by illuminating the lamp and stone posts with her little light on hand.
You’ll be the mysterious girl in the game.
Reveal who she really is as the rain in the city subsides gradually.

Premium app – no more in-app purchase for you, buy once, FOREVER fun!
We recommend the use of headphones when playing this game.
Key features:

  • Unique mechanic: Provides a brand new experience unlike any other.
  • Evolving puzzles: The more puzzles you solve, the more different light abilities you receive to face the challenged ahead.
  • Lots of content: 9 chapters that includes more than 60 different levels, and more than 20 unique mechanics.
  • Amazing hand-drawn 2D graphics: All levels are connected and gradually paint a complete picture of the city.
  • Hidden collectibles: Collect all "Wicks" to reveal the city’s hidden secret.
  • Immersive score: Mesmerizing music that completely engulfs the player in its beautiful atmosphere.
  • Challenge for pro gamer on riddles:
    · Collecting every wick on game scene
    · Complete levels in the least steps
    · Waking up every single robot in the city.
    · Complete three of the above and you will gain a S stage glory to the chapter!
  • Supports Game Center.
    We strongly discourage iPhone 4 and 4S users to purchase and play this game on their devices as it is not optimized for these devices and players may not experience the game as intended by our developer.
    Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone 5 or later, iPad 3 or later.

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Updated on 28th June 2022

  • Updated support on M1 chips
  • Control games with mouse and keyboard on new iPad OS/MacOS.

Flood of Light Reviews

Figured it was worth a try for only $2, but it was too difficult and frustrating for us so we deleted it after the first few levels/floors.

We wanted to like it. It sort of riffs on Ron Weasley’s light-catcher thingy. Got stuck in Xmas 2017 and couldnt budge. Got to the point of randomly clicking around. The logic felt consistent, but nothing logical was working.

This game ought to be a classic. Reminds us of Monument Valley (a very different kind of puzzle, but just as original/creative and fun). The game starts out easy but gets more complicated as the level progresses. It gets quite challenging at the higher levels but not impossible. The game is neither too short nor too long. If you love a well-made puzzle game that gives your brain a good workout, you wont be disappointed by this one. The visual and music are beautiful too. Well worth the money.

In the beginning still, so lets see how it goes.)

In the Christmas 2017 tall elevator scene – is it possible to light the wick lamps?

Love the overall aesthetic. However the only small thing we would gripe about is how the character seems glued to the floor and is very slow in moving. Could you please make the characters movement a bit faster.

This game is beautifully done. We love puzzle games that are also visually stimulating. Add to that the amazing, relaxing music and you can’t go wrong! Well worth the money. I’d pay for any game these folks put out based on how well this one alone was made.

A relaxing, atmospheric game. It has a calm, rainy atmosphere, and the music is melancholy but not depressing. We like the scenery too, a decent assortment of dark abandoned city stuff. The gameplay itself is decent. Later on we found it to be challenging, but so much that it felt frustrating. On the other hand, getting the optional S-ranks is much tougher. The grammar, especially in the in-game emails, is unfortunately bad enough to detract from the immersion, but it doesn’t ruin the game by any means.

This game is great! The puzzles require a little thought, getting a perfect score is harder. It’s easy to play. If you like monument valley type puzzles, you’ll like this game too although the game mechanic is a lot simpler.

Challenging game. Get to use your brain, without all the stress!

We’re about halfway through the game, we think. This is a nice puzzle/adventure game; A near optimal blend of relaxing and challenging we’ve never played a game with this kind of mechanics before. We’re not sure how we stumbled upon this one, but we’re really glad we did.

We couldn’t believe it at first. We bought the game on blind faith because it was recommended. We wouldn’t have believed the amazing gameplay if we didn’t play it myself. The only problem is that while there feels like there might be a story. It becomes kind of hard to keep up. All in all great game, these creators have a future in store with them.

Great game! Challenging, yet relaxing given the theme and great music. We’re enjoying it very much.

Great graphics (& music!), easy to understand gameplay, & challenging enough to have good replay value! Worth the purchase.

Pleasant, melancholy, but non-violent puzzler. Hard enough to require some thought, not too hard to be discouraging. Although you have to replay some bits a couple times to get them right, the game doesn’t persecute you. Recommended.

Graphics and controls are good, but a lot of the time, it was not clear how we were supposed to complete tasks and advance. We didn’t get far, and that was mostly by guessing.

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