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sugar, sugar


sugar, sugar is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Bart BONTE, sugar, sugar is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 23rd October 2012 with the latest update 9th June 2022

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


98 people have rated 3.6

You can download the game sugar, sugar from APP STORE.


Draw with your finger on the screen to direct enough sugar in all the cups in each level. New puzzle elements are introduced as you make progress: color filters, gravitation switches, teleports and so on.
The realistic physics result in thousands of sugar particles trickling down the screen.

This is the official ‘sugar, sugar’ game by Bart Bonte, a physics puzzle game for you!
In the additional sandbox mode you can draw anything you want.

Sugar, Sugar is that sweet puzzle game you know from the browser but completely redesigned for mobile with new graphics and 125 new levels.


Updated on 9th June 2022

Enjoy some new levels!

sugar, sugar Reviews

We remember playing this on crazy games back in 2012 (or 2013) and its awesome to be able to play it again on mobile! But we will say that we dont like how the sugar particles run out after a period of time, we remember it being infinite. Would it be an issue if it was infinite on mobile? Still a great game, thanks Bart!

We love this game. We have played through multiple times. Many ways, try upside down :) but we hate deleting and reinstalling. It should just be a simple button to start over.

We’ve been playing for years. Dont know why but we love it. Please ohh please make more levels. We cant get enough.

We played this game on Cool Math Games around the point it was available on the website, we don’t remember when specifically. We’ve never beaten all the levels, but its memorable nevertheless. The mobile port is everything we experienced but better. Im sad we wasnt aware of this game port sooner. To think this game is still getting updated? Excited for new levels! But, the sugar is blurry and looks like snow, we preferred the non-blurry sugar. Also its sad because of the smaller resolution on mobile that its not possible to display the whole Sugar, Sugar title per level without taking up a ton of screenspace. Its worth the $0.99.

This is a great incremental game! Cant believe we didnt find it sooner. Our only gripe is that the reset button should be at the bottom of the screen, or at least a different color than the other buttons. We cant tell you how many times we’ve pressed it thinking it was the reverse gravity button, and have had to start a level over again. Kind of annoying. Other than that, really happy with this one!

Our entire third grade class would play this game instead of working, Im 19 now but we grew up with this game and its still just as amazing. We thank all of you for your work.

Definitely a family favorite! We go back to this game often because it is so fun!

Level for is super hard for us and we have the we think first or second suger sugar and we cant pass leavl four so can u please please please make level four easier.

Love, love, LOVE this game!! Hoping for new levels soon or at least more by BartBonte.

The quality of the sugar is so low when in the pictures its a nice neat pixel. Even on our iPad mini.

We love this game, we hope theres new levels soon.

We dont know if you are checking this anymore but please put more levels or put sugar 2 or 3 on Mobil….. Our fav game.

Sugar, Sugar has always been one of our favorite computer games. We just finished 1-3 and the Christmas version on addictinggames and was excited to find out about the mobile version. We wish they had more levels because we finished them all in a few days!!

Will there ever be any new levels?

Our (current) favorite game. Solid, challenging gameplay. Good 3-5 minute levels if youve got a few minutes. Only issue is we have to keep deleting and reinstalling the game to replay it since every time we exit, it restarts us on level 100. It would be great if you restarted the game and it would keep track of the new level youre on (or have a reset button).

We love this game- and always have! But for some reason on level 82, it restarts after about 10 seconds or so when nothing has gone wrong. There are exclusive cups but they are flipped upside down so we know the wrong color sugar hasnt gone in them yet. Any ideas on what we can do without losing our data of getting this far? Thanks!

We played this on PC 7 years ago and it still rocks!

Im being honest this game is good but not worth money its like theres not enough effort to put in the game please make something more interesting.

Love this game. But we’ve been stuck in level 90 because it will restart after about 5 seconds. We’ve tried restarting the app and our phone but it always happens. Im a little upset and frustrated because this is an app you pay for.

When will there be new levels ?

Thank you for adding more levels! Sugar, Sugar is one of our all-time favorites, and we’ve been hoping for new levels for a long time. We are having a problem since this update that we didnt have before, which we hope might be fixed in a future update. Now when we try to draw a line down from the top of the screen on our iPhone 8, our touch activates the notifications to pull down instead of making a line. When we try to draw up from the bottom of the screen, it makes the control center pop up. We can still play, but it makes it hard to draw the lines exactly where we want them, which sometimes results in failure and having to start that level over. But thanks again for adding more levels – and we hope youll continue to add more.

App is glitchy and slow, we used to enjoy this game.

Fun and definitely worth it. High Quality games seem pretty rare.

This game is pretty fun and addicting. We got to level 22 on our first day playing this game. Great job!!!!

Love this game, but no updates in such a long time? Need more levels!

We loved the computer version of this game & was tickled to see an app version. Worth every cent we paid. Good job!

We truly enjoy playing this game for myself, but the planning and problem solving aspects also make it a good tool for our clients with disabilities. Our only suggestion would be to add a control that allows you to move forwards (or backwards) through the levels without having to back to the main screen. Maybe just through the levels a person has unlocked. That would be great for picking new levels to work on with a client.

So Im super late to the party on this amazing little game but Im here now, we’ve completed the 75 levels and we need more! Pleaseee. XD.

We’re glad to see they brought it to an app unfortunately it’s a dollar but we remember this game and knew it was worth it love it!!!!

We love Sugar Sugar. It’s cheeky and simple but different enough on each level to hold our attention. Boredom with games is our biggest issue and this has yet to happen with Sugar Sugar. We have been playing it off and on for the past 3 years (!) and always make sure to add it to our phone whenever we get a new one. Please keep this app around forever, it’s one of our faves.

Next update should have a color filter on the sandbox mode.

Im currently on level 43, and we think the exclamation points mean no other sugar color can get it. But when we think we have a solution, the game restarts even if no other color gets in. Any tips? Maybe make it less difficult? Otherwise the game is really fun to play!

Challenging, but not to the point of aggravation.

This is one of our all time favorite game. It is so addicting and we think that this game deserves five stars who ether made this game is really good at making great addicting games thx.

Very challenging but fun it will never get old.

We love the game we used to play it on abcya, but we got their app and there was no sugar sugar. So we bought this and we don’t regret it. It has 75 levels and we’re stuck on the 17th one. Please help us if you’ve beat it.

SUPER FUN AND ADDICTING! Definitely worth it!

This app is fabulous and great quality. Buy if you want addicting and worth it.

Just hope for more levels soon!!!!

Love the game but level 35 is frustrating! Any tips?? :)

We wish you could delete lines. If you could how but overall this game, you have to use your brain.

We can’t figure out how to beat it.

It’s fun for the first 20 minutes. Then it’s so hard you delete the app. We want a REFUND! (>o<)

We love this game so much. It works well. No crashing. No adds. It’s great. Please get more levels to make the fun last longer or let people help by letting them submit their own ideas.

And we really hope you add more of the games you’ve made and continue to make more.

It’s a fun game, and its so hard to finish every level. We recommend this app to people who want a challenge.

You feel really smart practically after every level. Overall, a really good game.

We personally think it is a good game but we wish it lasted forever !!!

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