Football Manager 2022 Mobile

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Football Manager 2022 Mobile


Football Manager 2022 Mobile is one of the best $9.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Sega America, Football Manager 2022 Mobile is a Simulation game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 8th November 2021 with the latest update 12th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Entertainment, or Sports games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,334 people have rated 13.3.2

You can download the game Football Manager 2022 Mobile from APP STORE.


Football Manager 2022 Mobile is the latest in the global smash series; with more than 8.8 million sales to date, Football Manager Mobile is the #1 mobile football management game on the market.

Featuring more than 60 leagues from 25 nations across the globe, FM22 Mobile gives you the ability to take charge of the world’s biggest football clubs – or one of the smallest, if you’d prefer.

After choosing your team, the first job is to decide on a style of play that’ll get your players producing their best. The game’s in-built tactical templates, based on the most influential and popular approaches from around the world, offer a great reference point, but there’s the flexibility to create something that’s entirely unique too.

If there are gaps in your squad, head to the transfer market. Global superstars and the next generation of wonderkids are literally in your pocket – use new scouting tools to recruit them and effortlessly blend them into a squad capable of delivering trophies.

Once you’re happy with the team and tactics you’ve created, it’s time to turn your attention to Matchday. Watch your vision come to life in our classic 2D Match Engine, seeing every game’s biggest moments and talking points.

Compact, without compromising on detail, FM22 Mobile provides an instant management fix for managers in a hurry to reach the top of the game. FM22 Mobile stands clear at the top of the mobile gaming football league and this year’s headline additions take it to new levels.


Unleash new potential and load up to five nations in every career. You can also now play African continental competitions for the first time with the addition of the South African league.

Power your wonderkid recruitment with the overhauled scouting tools. Spell out the exact qualities you want in a player and put your backroom team to work in finding the next generation of global stars.

Dictate deals on your terms and dominate our most realistic and competitive transfer market yet. The ability to respond to multiple offers for your players allows you to steer your recruitment like never before.

Each season’s pivotal moments take on greater importance with the addition of brand-new media narratives. Whether you’ve made a strong start or are battling an injury crisis, journalists will know and challenge you accordingly. Can you navigate the media circus?

Bring personality to your wonderkids and academy products with the inclusion of AI headshots for newly generated players for the first time in the series’ history.

A whole host of further improvements and refinements help to make this the most immersive version of FM Mobile yet. Experienced players will notice a new home dashboard, revamped player search functionality and much more besides.

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Updated on 12th April 2022

Crash fix
Minor data changes

Football Manager 2022 Mobile Reviews

Love this game and have Been playing for a long time now. Very disappointed with the players position colors. Cant really identify the players actual position in the tactics page. All green colors look same (players natural position and accomplished position) fm 21 was great in colors. Very disappointed with the flashy colors selections in overall fm22. Please fix it.

Sometimes the engine records assists blatantly incorrectly which is so stupid and we have no idea ho its gone un-noticed for so long, pretty embarrassing.

Players reject huge contracts and then sign with another club for peanuts. This is immersion breaking because we know how much players value money IRL. Its also impossible to sell players for decent value. Please fix these issues.

We have tried multiple times to download the game and all failed. As we have seen other users experiencing the same issue and Im wondering if we can get a refund or someone can assist us with the situation?

Hi, we just wonder why we cant install this game on our iPhone 13. Already paid $9.99 to download :(. Please help.

You get what you pay for in all honesty we promise no more no less.

Pls add Chinese Desktop edition have Chinese.

Fix the game please, its good and fun however selling players is extremely difficult, you get almost no offers for any players, its also disappointing theres no team talks and no option that allows you to change whole team training, please fix the problems at least it would make the game more fun, we enjoyed this game but it could be a lot better.

Any time a coach turns 60, the game auto prompts you to fire them for having one eye on retirement. Thats literally illegal in real life. And just strange and distracting in a fantasy soccer game?

Lots of lost data over seasons. For a lot of players their past matches and transfers are not accounted for in their history.

Best game EVER. We love the tactics system, the medical center, but PLZ ADD MORE COUNTRIES!!!!!!! Specifically, add Austria, Norway, Sweden, and Serbia.

We are a big fan of FM because we love soccer and because this is the best simulation game for soccer. HOWEVER, some things that havent changed since last years version need to be looked at. For example, we win almost every trophy every season and our best player always wins best player in Europe but he has NEVER won World player of the year. How is that even possible? Case number 2, there have been no new designs for kits – still the same color palettes and patterns as last season. Its cosmetic so we feel that this could be an easy upgrade. 3, Regens literally get new faces multiple times throughout the course of their career like just become a new person. 4, for some reason the season 2042-2043 data gets wiped out at the end of the season as if Thanos snapped his fingers. 5, bring in a data center that keeps track of current scoring assist records so that there can be announcements saying that the player has broken a 36 year old record or something. It will be cool. 6, it would be cool to see trophy icons for the different trophies rather than just how many you have with text.

Something about the engine for mobile this year that just kills every save we start to get invested in. Whether its 4-5 starters dropping to injuries within the same week or teams hitting 3 screamers within the first few minutes there are so many stretches where nothing in the game feels realistic. The positional choices feel so limited compared to the full game. We do appreciate what additions were made over the prior year but we cant seem to stay in seasons as we did in previous versions.

When will the January transfers be available?

It would be a really great iPhone game except for the morale feature. Morale is arguably the most important thing. But its tedious and redundant. We find myself spending more time managing morale and talking to players than we do managing matches. Makes it feel like a grind. The rest is pretty good. Please allow an option to automate morale or make it not so terrible/frequent. Please.

We think it is a great game. We play a lot of soccer game and it is impressive. And we have a little suggest that can maker add the Chinese language in this game? If it can, we will be very cheerful and look forward to this game. Thank you.

This game has a terrible UI. Very complicated.

What a waste of 10 dollars, have tried downloading 3 times yet it never fully downloads. Should have looked at the reviews first seems like this issues been going on for several months yet they still havent fixed it. What a joke of a company really wish we could get a refund we paid 10 dollars to not even be able to play a game. SO DISSAPOINTED!!!!!

So far so good though we gotta say we havent gotten a single good campain in any of our saves . We honestly dont know why, we have the perfect team with tottenham after play for awhile adding player such as pepe, alves, tadic. We have great team dynamics and everything looks good. But Idk why we cant seem to win games. We use a 41131 (dm,cm,cam) with the vertical tiki taka. Any suggestions?

Great game but why is everyone so expensive??? We put a bid on a decent young player and the other team automatically wants over 100 million. That needs to be fixed.

Whenever you go on holiday (which is a great way to skip match simulations) the scores always end up the same no matter how good your team. We went on holiday for 1 month managing Bayern and drew a bottom-of-the-table team 3-3 twice, once in the Bundesliga and once in the National cup. We see this way too often and it should really get fixed.

We were really looking forward to playing Football Manager 2022 nobile after we had a blast playing last years version. However, after we purchased the game in the app store it doesnt download. We have 8gbs of storage remaining, we’ve rebooted our device, and signed in and out of our apple account, and the game still isnt downloading. $10 is a bit pricy for a mobile game, so we feel let down that we spent it on a game that doesnt download.

As a football manager game which lauds itself on replicating real-life football management, we cant understand why the transfer window is broken. Whenever we place any player on transfer list, we dont receive any bids from other clubs. This ends up making us lose money on old-but-close-to-retirement players we could sold. Also, whenever we bid on other players, the AI increases their transfer worth exorbitantly. We paid so much for this game, at least make it real!

Same stuff but what makes us disappointed right now is that ever since the ios update the game just lags so much. Please address in the next bug fix Update – has gotten better for most of the time but still often lags.

After purchasing this game we tried to download up to 4times now it keeps cancelling at the end.

Downloads the app but the installation fails. Theres no error message and theres no app support directly on the App Store. Not sure if we can get by money back but dont buy it.

FC Porto won Champions League two times in the first year playing in different leagues . LOL not very realistic. Lautaro Martinez scored only 6 goals playing for Real Madrid the whole season. You can get Kepa for 11 mil playing with Newcastle, but for Real Madrid its 36 mil. Players do not play as instructed, Dani Carvahal only gets 6 rating or less doesnt matter who you play. Liverpool was knocked out in Chanpions League playoff against Rangers LOL . Wolfburg eliminated Man City . Everything is unreal . Waste of money.

We love this game but recently it said we were having issues connecting to Sega and now we have our same Game Center account but we lost our unlockables.

Really nice game to many glitches, bugs, ridiculous decisions that keep getting updated.

We like the game but what annoys us is the fact that we have to spend over 100m on players that normally would go for 40 or 30m. And also how players who should go for like 50m is only sold for 15 or 20m which makes no sense. The game is alright and it is better than the other games that we’ve played but it could definitely be better.

We have purchased the app and it is keep on redownloading and we cant start the game. Please just refund our purchase.

Glad to show it off we love Sega.

This is the best sports game in the App Store, so in depth and so much to do that once you get the hang of it youll be hooked for hours. Every year they add a new league & features and it just keeps getting better & better. Literally the only thing we would change is if they can update some of the MLS logos like the Chicago Fire & New England Revs to the new ones. Other than thatBravo on another amazing year & game.

We love the game, the only thing missing is 3D matches.

Every year, we look into when FM mobile is coming out for iOS and typically extremely excited for it to come out. This year there are a few new features to make it seem somewhat fresh compared to lasts years edition. We think that its a fun, time consuming game, but there are ways to improve it such as adding keyboard/mouse support to the game. Mobile chips are much more powerful than we give them credit for and we would like to see FM head in that direction. We can already stream the Xbox edition to mobile devices, so lets just start making the transition to the future soon. This isnt a bad game, it just feels like its missing the innovative touch.

We are appreciating a lot the added depth to the game but the general feel after 2 1/2 seasons is that everything is pretty much random. The match engine looks worse than 21 but that might be expected at an early stage. What bothers us a bit more is that from day one everything feels like it is happening totally randomly, from transfers, to game results to season trends.

This game could be great but what lets it down is the ridiculously high value prices put on lower league players. This is obviously to try and tempt you to buy the rich investors in app purchases which feels like the app developers are robbing you after paying $9.99 to also buy the rich investors app Its pathetic how you have non league players valued at 500k-900k and then the clubs ask for access of 1M when you bid on them. In real life these players would probably be sold for somewhere around 50k to 100k. It also frustrating when you bid on a player at a championship club who is surplus to requirements and valued around 200k to 400k and the club demands somewhere between 1.2M to 2M also with a sale on clause. If FM could fix this we would have gave a higher rating we do however like how you can now arrange your own friendlies and pre-seasons, couple of suggestions for improvement. During preseason it would be a good addition if you could arrange training camps, for pre-season friendlies, Be better if you could pick 11 subs. Also before a reserve game if would be good if there was a reminder of the upcoming reserve fixture and an option to select and send all fringe first team players to be included and play in the game and need to get match practice as opposed having to check when the fixtures are.

Pretty upset that we just spent $10 on this app and now we cant download it. At first it would download almost entirely and stop then Id have to repeat but it would never finish. Now it wont even let us click on the cloud to download it. It just acts like the cloud is a broken button. Would love to update our review but if this isnt fixed soon Ill be requesting a refund.

Still cant download this game. Everytime download to 90% and then back to restart.

Truly this is not a one star app overall, but for the iPad it is. Even though SI has made great iPad games in the past, this is just a blown up iPhone app, pixelization and all. We know thats how Mobile has always been but now that its the only option (who the devil wants to play touch on a Switch, and EXLUSIVELY???) we thought they might try a little to make it acceptable on the iPad, but no. Also, it isnt even up to date, as Charlotte FC (MLS) is included in other versions of the game (and even in Touch 21 in the latest update!) but its not here. Sad.

Decent start but why do all our players attack at a corner leaving no one back, so many times we’ve conceded from a breakaway from our own corner. Also why do some teams not have GKs.

It does not load, like many other players have experienced. Are any fixes going to available?