Freddi Fish 3: Conch Shell

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Freddi Fish 3: Conch Shell


Freddi Fish 3: Conch Shell is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Tommo Inc., Freddi Fish 3: Conch Shell is a Adventure game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 30th March 2012 with the latest update 2nd May 2019

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Education, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


39 people have rated 1.2.0

You can download the game Freddi Fish 3: Conch Shell from APP STORE.


Freddi Fish 3: The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell

Freddi and Luther have arrived at the Founder’s day festival but the celebrations have come to a halt because Luther’s Uncle Blenny, the Grand Exalted Keeper of the Conch, stands accused for it’s disappearance.

Who is the real culprit? Dive into another case with our favorite Junior Detectives are we solve the Case of the stolen Conch Shell.

—User Reviews—

“This is a superb beginning computer game for ages 4 to 8. A lot of thinking (outside the box!), problem-solving and decision-making.”

“This game is one of our favorite Humongous games. It is challenging, yet fun. Once you solve the mystery, they will change the locations of the items that you have to find, so it’s not mundane.”


  • Explore the underwater festival as Freddi and Luther in a title that changes at the start of each new game, giving a fresh new experience each time.
  • Every location is filled with wonders, a touch and who knows what will appear, with over 500 secret touchscreen points there’s a new surprise every time you play.
  • Fun music mini-games keep things lively for you and your child.
  • Many new characters to interact with.

This product uses ScummVM which is released under the GNU GPL v2.
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The GNU GPL can be viewed here –

Updated on 2nd May 2019

Interface & stability updates.

Freddi Fish 3: Conch Shell Reviews

Every time we visited our grandma during the summer we would spend HOURS playing all of the Freddi Fish games on her computer. But when Windows 7 came out and we were no longer able to play the games except for only the 5th one, we were all very disappointed, including her, for we were all very huge fans of them. So when we finally learned the game was remastered and rereleased, we immediately bought them all for our iPad and we were extremely happy. It brought back very happy nostalgic memories of playing the games with our grandma and cousins and sharing hysterical laughs. Its a game that we very much believe that adults will enjoy every bit as much as kids will. Whats great about the games is that they randomize themselves every time you login so you pretty much never play the same game twice. The characters are really cute and extremely funny. The hijinks are hysterical and theres absolutely zero dirty humor or innuendo! The humor is 100% clean! The puzzles in the game really encourage you to think hard, making it a great learning tool for young kids, encouraging listening skills, problem solving, logic, memory, strategic thinking, and so much more. The puzzles are very easy for adults but are still very fun to do. The games overall take about at least a half hour for an adult to finish, but its a great time-killer and extremely fun. We’ve been seeing comments where people have been complaining about not getting any sound, but we’ve had zero problems with any of the 5 games whatsoever. We also love how the games dont take more than around 300MB of data, which works out well for us considering we have TONS of games on our iPad taking up A LOT of space. Well worth every single cent.

This app is very fun and the opposite of a waste of time. We love how they give you hints and stuff, this was our first app we got that our dad had helped make. We really recommend this app.

We remember playing this growing up on our desktop and was thinking about it. We were about to purchase it in disc form but we saw they had an app! We were so excited to finally finish the game. Totally worth $5 to bring back that nostalgia.

Brings back memories, completed the game within 30 minutes cause we know our way around lol. Still worth every penny.

No issues at all. Sound works fine with out headphones.

Love this game, gives us the nostalgia while playing even though we are way too old for it. Love and play it anyways.

We’ve loved this game since we were a little girl but to us the price to play it again seems ridiculous… We guarantee if the price were $1.99 – free, people would enjoy this so much more! Dont make us pay so much to relive a small piece of our childhoods :(

Its just like the computer game – price seems high as this game can be completed within an hour.

We paid 5 dollars for a game that has no sound we were so excited… What a disappointment.

Youd think for $5 this App would have sound. But nope. Dont waste your money.

We loved playing this game years ago so we re-downloaded it and it crashes every time we press skip.

We grew up playing this game on the desktop, and was so happy to find it on the App Store. The translation into a touch screen is so perfect for the game, which challenges kids to try everything in order to solve problems. The best feature of the series is that the mechanics of the game changes each time so no kid will ever get bored of playing the same game – it’s always a new solution!

Yay!!!! We used to live this game, the audio was fine for us but some people said it wasnt working, welllllll, we even downloaded some we have never played before and for some reason there still fun!!!!

Why cant we have any noise what a waste of 5 dollars.

There is no sound, only subtitles.

So excited to find this game! It was our favorite as a kid. Our only complaint would be the price. We played through the game in a little under 2 hours, and of course we’re not 6-8 years old but as much as a kid will love replaying the game, still doesn’t seem worth $5 for something so short. $3 or less would be more reasonable.

This game is wonderful. We played it all the time as a kid and now our little sister plays it too. She loves it and even though it says ages 5 and under, she is 9 years old and she loves it. This is a must buy game for all!

Yes we’re 17. Yes we bought freddi fish. Best decision we’ve ever made.

We bought all 3 games in the bundle plzzz make the other freddi fish games especially creature cove our iPhone!! And pajama Sam you are what you eat!!! We loved these games so much when we were little.

Wow, the nostalgia. It runs just like we remember it to!

We thought it would be a long shot to find this game for iPod but we were thrilled to find it!! Blew our mind to be able to play it again, we loved this game as a child!! The app works fantastically, we’ve played through the game 4 times with no glitching or crashing whatsoever, and we have an older iPod (4th gen) we’re so happy to have found this app and highly recommend it if you love freddi fish!!

Like many others, this game is a fondly-remembered piece of our childhood. We’ve played it through numerous times at this point with no problems. The story is just as great as we remember it, and we love how the story changes each time you play it. If we had kids we would definitely have them playing this, as it’s both fun and educational.

These games are amazing, even for a 20-year old like us. They’re fun and also very, very nostalgic. Also, these ports for iphone are MUCH better than the wii ports. Please put the haunted schoolhouse on iphone!

Brings back so many memories. Just like we remember it.

Was a great game from what we can remember but it won’t let us open it on our phone and has game glitches.

The sound won’t play for some reason, everything else looks great, but it bothers us to much to play it without the sound. Real bummer…

We’re 15 and we’re sitting at home on a saturday night playing this on our ipad.

We are so glad that Nimbus is bringing back all of these great games. Freddi Fish was always one of our favorites because of their great mystery story lines. It is perfect for young kids, and parents may even be sucked in themselves. Everything about this game is fun! The characters are great and the cartoon look of the world is wonderful. It is a must have and worthwhile game to have on your iPad.

We loved this game when we were a little girl at the age of 6 or 7 years old. We used to play them at camp adventure located at Albright College. We are looking forward to see you guys make more of the Freddi Fish games soon! :)

Ever since seeing their titles in the App Store, we have been consistently impressed with the care Nimbus has put into reviving some of the best youth point-and-click adventures ever. Freddi Fish is no exception, with the simple-but-fun gameplay, charming story and charm, and great characters making a great game practically made for iOS. Kids and families alike will love this game, as well as the others Nimbus has to offer.

Please make more of her games!!!

We were HUGE on pretty much every HE game as a kid. Had Freddi Fish and the Stolen Shell on cd as well as the episodes of Spy Fox, Putt-Putt, and Pajama Sam that are available in the App Store, on demo. Now that we’ve downloaded them, we can play them all completely through and not just Freddi Fish. We enjoyed them as a kid and we can enjoy them now at 24 y/o along with many, many other grown ups. It’s also great for today’s kids, including ours, to enjoy as well. Thank you Nimbus :)

We love this game but we also love freddi fish sea monster! Put that one up to! Would love to buy and play that one as well! Brought back so many memories! Love love love freddi fish out sea monster up!!!

We’ve only ever played Freddi Fish 1, 4, and 5 so it’s awesome that we can finally play this! It’s a really fun game. The characters r funny and likeable, the art style is fun to look at and very well done, and the music really is very atmospheric and lets you know that you’re underwater. The touchscreen controls are very spot on for the most part. This is a game that we think parents and children can enjoy, as well as anyone else, too. We hope to see more fantastic games from Nimbus Games in the future!

This game brings back so many memories from when we were a kid. It is exactly like the old school pc edition. Please add more Freddi fish games. We have already played this over 5 times because we love that each time it is slightly different adventure! Logic and adventure at its finest.

Great game. Please add freddi fish 4!!!!

ADD MORE GAMES!!!!! We love this game and this freddie fish game :)

This game brought back so many memories. So glad it’s been ported to the iOS. Definitely will buy the other ones (Putt Putt, Pajama Sam, etc) down the road!

Our kids outgrew our old computer and we had always wished they could still play all the Freddy Fish and Pajama Sam games. Now they will be used by nieces and nephews!!!

We loved Freddi Fish as a kid, and being able to play this game on our iPad is just awesome! So many good memories. Please continue making these available!

Our daughter played this game and other titles by Humomgous and loved them. We have to admit to enjoying the Mini RPG’s right along with her. We’re very pleased with Nimbus games for making these for Apple. They are still fun. Freddi Fih is an endearing character long before Nemo and Dori came along. You will love this game, the joy of touching nearly anything on the screen. To make things happen and the adventure. Great game for young ones in your house, and when no one is looking, play it yourself too!

Numbus Games delivers again bringing back a phenomenal game from our childhood. In line with Putt-Putt, Spy Fox, and Pajama Sam this game doesn’t disappoint! Upon playing games like this for a few minutes you immediately realize that the touch screen interface is the way this game was meant to play in the first place! Overall this is a great game for children, and adults at heart – Bringing back these classic games helps us to relive our childhood and helps us to bring back fond memories! :) Keep up the good work Nimbus!

We used to play the PC games as a small child, so seeing this game in the app store made us super nostalgic. We really miss this game; it was a part of our childhood and people of all ages can play. We are grateful to have this game back.

This is an amazing classic brought back to life perfectly. These games are great for kids of all ages.

Thank you so much for bringing our childhood back ! We’ll never forget those times we played these games on PC when we were little. We think, that they will never get old and future generations will still like to play :)

We love this game since our son was a little kid, now his 9 and we still play together…… We highly recommend this game to everyone.

We loved this game when we were little! Can you please get curse of the hunted school house? Please!