Putt-Putt Saves The Zoo

Last updated on August 16th, 2022 at 06:00 pm

Putt-Putt Saves The Zoo


Putt-Putt Saves The Zoo is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Tommo Inc., Putt-Putt Saves The Zoo is a Education game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 30th March 2012 with the latest update 20th April 2019

Whether you are a fan of Education, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


70 people have rated 1.2.2

You can download the game Putt-Putt Saves The Zoo from APP STORE.


It’s the grand opening of the Cartown Zoo, but all the baby animals are missing! Putt-Putt and Pep need to reunite the little ones with their parents before the zoo gates open. Along the way, they’ll swing across rivers, play hockey with a polar pear, build a bridge out of icebergs, dance with penguins and experience so much more on this adventure.

Filled with captivating challenges and so many new friends to be made, this adventure is perfect for children of any age.

—User Reviews—
"my daughter loves this game. teaches a lot of good things and also just fun to play. I would recommend this to any child.",
"My kids love this game. It is challenging and fun. It encourages creative problem solving and gives the child a wonderful sense of accomplishment when he or she achieves each goal of saving lost baby animals at the zoo. Don’t miss this one!",
"This is a great easy game for young children I used to love playing this as a kid and am glad my children love playing it as well."


  • Help Putt-Putt track down everything he needs so he can find the missing baby animals.
  • Simple touchscreen navigation makes it easy to guide Putt-Putt on his adventure.
  • Fun music videos and mini-games keep things lively for you and your child.
  • Touch everything! Nearly everything in the game can be interacted with through touch in the Putt-Putt world ranging from the dashboard to objects within the environment.

This Product and Humongous Entertainment are not in any manner affiliated with Putt-Putt, LLC. The PUTT-PUTT® trademark is a registered trademark of Putt-Putt, LLC and is used under license.

This product uses ScummVM which is released under the GNU GPL v2.
For more information, please visit – https://www.scummvm.org
The GNU GPL can be viewed here – https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html

Updated on 20th April 2019

Interface & stability updates.

Putt-Putt Saves The Zoo Reviews

When we were a child, this game was our favorite entry in the Putt Putt series. We have fond memories of playing this game for hours on end on our familys old CRT (tube) desktop computer. We are pleased to say the game has aged beautifully and looks crisp on a modern, HD display. As for gameplay, it is a bit different from the original keyboard and mouse controls, but it is still very much playable (and enjoyable). 5/5 s.

Used to play on our computer as a kid, cant believe they made it into a app! This was one of our favorite games! Everything is working good for us :)

Putt Putt, Freddi Fish and Pajama Sam games were part of our childhood. Playing these games actually make us sad a bit because we miss our younger days.

We cant believe we just found Putt Putt Saves the Zoo on the App Store and Im crying! Money. Well. Spent. Itd be GREAT if Richard Scarrys Busytown game was on the App now!

This game brought back great memories, but thats it. Nothing new has been added, it is the exact same. We love this game but for 4.99, it seems like a rip off..

We loved this game as a kid, so we bought it for our niece. The game works but there is no sound.

We were really excited to play this game but the sound is broken. We cant hear anything.

Was so excited to play this but theres no sound, very disappointing.

We turned our phone on and off multiple times and our audio still wont work in the app we spent $10 on two of the games in hopes to relive our childhood but without sound its honestly not worth playing.

The Humongous Entertainment games do not work properly at all on our iPhone 13. There is no audio at all, and Im not even able to request a refund from Apple for some reason. This app a complete scam preying on peoples good childhood memories.

Hello. Our name is Mr. X. And, we are about to admit that we’ve played these games as a child and loved them so much. Eventually, we moved on to other stuff as an adult, but when we found out that Putt Putt is available on iOS and not just PC, we were super happy. Thank you Apple and thank you Humongous Entertainment for giving us the opportunity to reunite with our childhood favorites! Also, Welcome to the zoo is our favorite Putt-Putt song.

Title says it all, especially since it’s advertised in Putt-Putt saves the Zoo. Update 3 Junior Field Trips games (Airport; Jungle; Farm).

We absolutely loved playing this game as a kid. Putt-Putt and Freddie Fish were our favorite. It’s just as fun as 21. Brings back so many memories and the games have a great storyline.

We loved these games as a kid and now we love that we can play them on our apple devices as an adult! We wish that they were made for the apple tv! We want to play them and let us baby watch! He would love it!!!

How stupid is it to buy a game and then the sound doesn’t work!!?? Support doesn’t even email you back to solve the issue or anything. So dumb!!!

What a joke. Useless, no audio.

We wanted to play this with our son, but there’s no audio unless you use headphones. Screen mirroring doesn’t do it either.

The Putt Putt series and frankly all the Humongous entertainment apps are really fun and educational for children of all ages. We highly recommend purchasing and playing them with your child, start with Putt Putt saves the zoo and let your child explore and have fun while learning at the same time.

We love this game worth $5 any day! Doesn’t ask more more money or anything like the lite version.

We are disappointed in this game. We bought three of these for our daughter and every single one of them the volume doesn’t work.

Touch sensing is swapped horizontally, please fix. Didn’t have this issue before recent patch on 03/15.

We bought the game a few days ago for our toddler. It worked once all the way through and then the sound stopped working. We tried resetting the game and then tried uninstalling and reinstalling. The sound still won’t work. Help!

This is a great game! Just as good as PBG says! We loved it!

This really brings back so many memories! Humongous Entertainment games were such a huge part of our childhood, and for that matter they were common family activities at our house when we were a kid. It’s so great to see that so many of the Putt-Putt, Pajama Sam, and Freddi Fish games that we and our sister used to play and love are now on the App Store. Bravo, HE; thank you for reminding us of the good old days! :)

It all seems to work fine but there is absolutely no audio. We’ve gone into the games settings and it all seems to be on. But still no audio. IPhone 5s. Software is updated.

Well we did the upgrade and now it doesn’t work. We have deleted it and reloaded it but still messed up. We love this game. Please fix. Thanks.

2 nights in a row we have stayed up playing ice hockey and we can not remember having more fun with a iPad. Hurry up with goes to the moon, you guys are the best. <(^^<) <(^-^)> (>^^)>

Anything that goes in the car stays in the car. We can’t access any of the tools to save the animals.

We love playing this game but since the update we can’t click on anything in our car. We can’t get out the items to complete the game Please fix so we can play again If fixed it is a 5 star game.

This game is exactly how it was when we played it years ago. We wish they would make the Putt Putt Goes to the Moon one next! That was our favorite when we were a kid!

We loved this game when we were a kid and they haven’t changed anything. Great for kids(and adults).

We are now twenty and remember playing this game when we were very young! Just like how we remember, we were nearly in tears playing we were so nostalgic. It obviously easy to play now, but worth it for old times sake. Can’t wait to show our brother at the next family get together!

We’re a 16 year old male, we loved playing these games when we were little and we flipped when we found it on the iOS, this was our favorite and so was pajama sam: you are what you eat from your head to your feet. This game brought back wonderful memories.

There wasn’t a single thing different between the original computer game and this iOS remake. It made us insanely happy to reply this after so long!

One of our favorite games of our childhood, we used to love all these games, so charming! Every little thing brings back memories. Thank you!

We feel as though any review we could give this game would not do it proper justice, so we shall use a quote from the game.

We played this game on the computer when we were a kid. The app is exactly the same as the game was! It’s so perfect. We almost cried when we saw that all of this company’s games are now apps!! Who ever had the idea to make them apps is a freaking genus!

We love zelda. Zelda is so fun. Get this game!!! ZELDA!!

We’re glad that this game was put back on the US market but PLEASE FIX the Game Center badges! You accomplish a task and no badge :(

Everything works great just as we rember it from PC version the only thing is the Game Center in game achievements dont work when we do achievement it still says we haven’t done it yet and there’s no way to enable Game Center on menu either.

We have been playing these games since we were 3 years old and it is great that we can play them once again!! Please make more :)

We are sitting on a pile of pillows, wearing a ninja turtle onesie, drinking Hi-C and eating Teddy Graham’s. Thanks HE, you brought a nostalgic tear to our eye. If we ever have kids, we’ll make sure that this classic reaches them before they ever hear of the words "Call of Duty".

This game is amazing! Great game and brings back the memories. We just wish there were more games added! Can’t wait to see the next game HE comes out with.

Great game from our childhood, ran fine. All the memories! Wish it was cheaper, though.

Bought this game use to work but as of today when our daughter went to play it force closes after the song they sing in the beginning . We uninstalled it and reinstalled it still force closes so she no longer can play the game please fix.