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SIMULACRA 2 is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by KAIGAN GAMES OUe, SIMULACRA 2 is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 11th December 2019 with the latest update 29th June 2020

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


825 people have rated 2.5.1

You can download the game SIMULACRA 2 from APP STORE.


Maya, an upcoming influencer has been found dead, and an obsessed detective suspects foul play. Her phone appears to be intentionally wiped, and her cause of death seems… unnatural. You are given her phone to conduct an unsanctioned police investigation, and piece together the mystery surrounding her death.

Was this an unfortunate accident or a cold-blooded murder? Can the victim’s friends be trusted? Is there something sinister lurking in social media? Solve the case before whatever happened to Maya… happens again.


  • Solve a mystery through a simulated phone with familiar and new apps.
  • Assisting you will be WARDEN, a police AI software capable of restoring the phone’s deleted files.
  • An expanded non-linear narrative with more than dozens of possible outcomes.
  • Featuring a live-action ensemble cast and an original soundtrack.

Updated on 29th June 2020

-NEW: Translations for Português, русский, 日本語, 中文
-NEW: See an overview of all possible story branches in the new Endings Menu.
-Minor translation fixes


Every game that Kaigan creates seems to top the last, and this game is no exception. Every new game makes us excited for the next.

This game is absolutely amazing! You explore a girl namEd Mayas phone and the phone and videos and stuff look so real! This game was sooo worth the money! (Btw try simulacra 1 to if you havent!)

We love these Simulacra games, they are all really well done.

Overall it was a great experience! We will definitely be playing it again to get some of the other endings! We highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good mobile game to play.

Very cool concept, challenging, engaging.

This game is terrific. After playing the original Simulacra and enjoying the format and playability we purchased this one. The acting is solid, the gameplay is not totally linear, but they dont let you get into the weeds too badly, and the scares and music are terrific. Really an enjoyable experience all around.

This game is so well suited for being on a mobile device. It works flawlessly with your phone to the point that it actually feels like a different device. The story is completely unique with engaging dialogue and multiple endings. This can be hours of fun with a bit of a horror twist. We genuinely recommend spending the 5 dollars to play this game. Its one of the best if not THE best game on the app store to date.

We must thank to those who make this game to add subtitles because we are deaf so we need subtitles to understand video make this game more enjoyable.

Its so sad how the original simulacra got popular and this one didnt. Its honestly a shame.

We cant wait to buy the new episodes!!!

This game had us at the edge of our seat, was really pleased with the ending.

A wonderful game that plays well anywhere, anytime.

We played simulacra 1 too, simulacra 2 was really Good also with the journalist and the investigator, but we felt like simulacra 1 was more scare, give you more of jump scared and ETC, Which we actually enjoy, we like getting scared, and the out of the blue scares, but still a great game, simulacra 3 will be much appreciated and maybe add more jump scares on that one, but we still love your guys work, the story changes with your responses, which must having took many months, much appreciated with this master piece, and again, simulacra 3 will be much appreciated!!!

This is one of the best horror games we’ve played, and it even made us wanna roleplay and think that we were actually with them in their universe. When we spoke to the Rippleman, it made us feel like we were tethered to it while Arya, Rex, and Mina were watching our eyes roll to the back of our head and the rippleman talking to them through ME. One of the best horror games!

OMIGOSH. We were nervous about this game coming out because we didnt know how they were ever going to remake such an amazing game with a third game in the Simulacra (Saga?) Anyways very very fun gameplay, mystery and a few junpscares(literally you will not expect them) and plus all the choices! All the ways it could go. Seriously you e got to try this game out we’ve been playing since it dropped and recently beat all of them again, now Im restarting. Srsly worth the money.

If you want to have a thriller-ish game and have not stop action and some funny dialogue and videos, this is the game for you.

Simulacra 2 One of the best games we think we’ve played since the first it has a lot of challenges and a lot of things that will get in your way we think that the good ending is the hardest one to get in the entire game there are multiple endings in this game try to find them all and never make the deal with an unknown source your lives matter dont throw it away for popularity Again we rate this game at five out of five a really good game and it will really touch your heart and have a spooky day.

Just finished the good ending and just WOW. The attention to detail in this game was absolutely insane! The personalities of the characters, the butt dials from Dect. Murilo, the songs especially Rex’s awful rap, ALL ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! And we are so in love with the backstory of these games, the Simulacrum? Coolest thing ever!! 10/10 man, definitley worth it and we’re truly hoping there will be more games!!

Best game we ever played could not wait for simulacra three.

Beautiful Scary game, we wish it was much easier though , we hope they make a Simculra 3 , please make these games more easier, we have to keep looking up game answers online But please dont make these games have a lot of MB or GBytes please , we dont have enough storage.

Even if you find the game is too scary just sit in the main menu and listen to the fire music.

We have to admit we are TERRIBLE with scary games and mostly played this game for the puzzles. However some of the scares still got us, even with the sound off! The game is super fun and we have already played it multiple times to try to get all of the endings. Sadly, the game glitched out one after we unlocked a certain blueprint, and we had to start back a little bit. Dont let that hinder you from buying the game though! Its super fun!

One of the best mobile horror games we’ve ever played. Amazing story. Well developed. Have not run into any bugs at all and gameplay was as smooth as can be. We do recommend this game to other people.

Please make more of these simulacra games we would buy every last one.

Both Simulacra and Simulacra 2 are some of the finest mobile games we have ever played. Honestly had us hooked immediately and kept us in the entire time. Id give them 10 stars if we could.

This is a really good game with multiple endings, we watched a couple playthroughs on YouTube but was thoroughly surprised how there were so many different endings to the game. We feel that once you obtain what we believe is the true ending things start to click more we context to the story as well! We hope to see more in the future.

We played it twice and both times the story plot just stop advancing. We clicked every single clue and nothing comes up.

This game would be a lot better if the detective didnt talk so much. We were figuring things out he didnt need to go on for five minutes of unskippable ranting about. We know you need a way to push narrative along, but we were not a fan of all the mandatory acting bits and his incessant messages about mostly unrelated chatter.

The only downside is the timed answers when you have to get the suspects to help you kill the rippleman.

We bought this game and now it will not download.

Clever, fulfilling, interesting, captivating, scary, fun. You’re making great games in an era of get-rich-quick freemium garbage, and we hope for the sake of humanity that you keep making great games.

This game will make you keep coming back to it for more.

Im a big fan of this series we’ve unlocked every achievement and egg in Sara Is Missing, Simulacra and Pipe Dreams. This game was fun to play through. It has some new jump scares and building on Murillos character from the previous game was fun. Theres even a new tool for finding clues and fixing corrupted images which is fun to play around in. Overall however, the game feels rushed. Theres little issues like the microphone color messing up when characters start speaking, or the game freezing/crashing. Theres no manual save feature so if you exit out of the game before it saves youre screwed. Theres a little plot twist they is pretty fun. But this games story is incredibly similar to the first game. We wish theyd expanded on the Similacras origins or the corrupt Iris company hinted at in earlier games instead of rehashing what fans of the series already know. A human antagonist purposefully working with the simulacra wouldve been more interesting to explore. Also useful and fun features from the previous games like achievement badges, sped up text, statistics on how many players made the same choice as you and a way to track how many ending youve gotten are all missing. Which is very disappointing. Theres 9 different endings but 7 of them are practically the same. Theres not as many interesting moral dilemmas either. Overall its a fun game. But we cant say its worth how expensive it is, given the missing features and similarity to the first game.

Got a say we were on hooked on the first and hooked on the second looking forward to the third if you keep it going . We like these kind of Games snooping and stuff. Keep them coming.

On Kamira, when we exited a post it was really slow.

We were talk to Ruben when we messed up during the conversation and exited the game to restart the game, problem is that for some reason when we got back on the contact for him disappeared and we cant advance any further in the game Please help.

This was $5 well spent. The game is done very well, the acting from the main character, the Detective and Rex are great (everyone else not so great). We always lose in your games but thats alright. We only encountered 2 bugs where the phone (the in-game one) froze. 1 sat us back quite a few minutes but the other one did not so it didnt bother us too much. The only thing is that we dont find this one to be replayable? (Personally, of course. Some people might since the game has different outcomes). Is a long game (which is not a bad thing!) but just the thought of having to go through all the convos again until we find something different just bores us to death. Same thing happened with Simulacra 1 so maybe its just us.

So, we played Simulacra with our girlfriend. She had a great time watching us squeal and scream at each wrong noise and unexpected turn. That was fun. Simulacra 2. Not only have we experienced it, but nearly every review on here mentions it as well. The BUGS. We’ve put four hours in now to try and get the good ending, and now because our phone decided to refresh the app when we went to text our mom, we cant interact with Ruben, and cannot progress with the game at all. We really, REALLY dont want to have to restart because finding every clue and taking screenshots of stuff so we wouldnt forget them was really tedious and we dont want it to be for nothing. So please, do something. We know app design and coding is hard but please, we really do not want to redo all of that. We want to give to this game a higher review but the very fact that the game costs $5 and was released in an unplayable version is unforgivable. Please do something. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

If we could get past the beginning… It keeps on exiting the game for us… Is this happening to anyone else?

Im hearing good things about this game but we cant even play it. We select start and the game immediately crashes. Once we got to the character selection and then it crashed again. We want to have a fun time but sadly cant.

Sara is Missing, (as short as it is,) and the first Simulacra are both way scarier and more intriguing. We just wasnt creeped out by this installment and the replay values just arent there. Nice try but… Missed. Wish it werent so.

We were having a great time through it. We have a feeling Im close to the end, but it wont stop refusing to let us go forward, even though we have all the required information. Some finished events still say pending, and others, that we have what is needed to do them, the game just wont let us start. We have emailed you, but have gotten no response, which is unfortunate because we were having a great time. If the issues arent fixed, we kindly request a refund since we cant go further in the game.

We’ve only been playing for less than ten minutes and already the game isnt working. Im trying to restore the phone and it wont let us exit the photo album app in game. Its just stuck there and pressing the home or back buttons does nothing. We’ve restarted the game twice and it still wont work. We dont recommend downloading (at least until they fix the problem.)

What we really liked about the first game was that it didnt FEEL like a game. This one definitely feels like a game, and not in a good way. There are timed choices to make while you are still reading the dialog and there is no way to read your choices before the timer runs out. The acting is pretty bad too but that would be fine if the game wasnt so frustrating. One example is that you need to find a favorite quote to break into her password. She is an influencer and there are possible quotes all over the place! Live, laugh, love, ugh. We couldnt finish this game.

It doesnt even let us get to the pics and videos. It just crashes when we try to play it and honestly with as little as we’ve been able to play (Ive tried multiple times and it still just stops on the same spot), 2 stars is generous cuz we havent even gotten to the actual game yet. We cant restore the phone, we can get into the photos and then the moment we click on the folder we want to go into, it crashes. So honestly, not that great compared to the other two.

The format of this game has so many possible narratives and engaging stories, yet the developers take the easy route and craft an uninspiring mess. The game itself is not challenging whatsoever. They basically give you the answers right off the bat. Here is the biggest takeaway for the developers: The live actors you employ are the downfall to these games. They are terrible and take you out of the game. We dont know where you find them, but you keep integrating them as bigger parts of the narrative without actually addressing the issues this brings to the game. In the first game it was tolerable. There wasnt as many interactions with live actors and when there were, they were short. The voice acting in the first game was terrible and was one of the biggest complaints of the first game. Why would you make love actors the sole vehicle for your narrative when you havent took time to find actors that are even a little bit convincing in their performance? Its cringy, messy and underwhelming. Sara is Missing was more immersive than this game. Stick to the gameplay, the puzzle solving and playing with the idea of the found phone genre. Its your strong suit and you dropped the ball here by trying to make it cinematic and larger than life. From the get go, you lost us on immersion. Requiring us to pick a person to play as and the lengthy un skipable intro sequence immediately takes us out of it. It feels like Im playing one of those terrible DVD games from the early 00s.