Freeways is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Captain Games Inc., Freeways is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 15th September 2017 with the latest update 25th March 2021

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


352 people have rated 1.6

You can download the game Freeways from APP STORE.


You are a freeway engineer.

Draw freeway interchanges with your finger.

Optimize for efficiency and avoid traffic jams.

Updated on 25th March 2021

Update for iOS 14

Freeways Reviews

Such a great game! However, we recently upgraded to our first iPhone with a notch, and the only downside we noticed is that currently when you try to use the Home Bar to go to your Home Screen, the game will still do things when you touch the screen there. This causes various issues like unintentionally creating new roads underneath the Home Bar, and selecting road signs on accident. It’s a minor issue, but it does get in the way sometimes when building roads near the Home Bar, as you sometimes try to stay away from the Home Bar to prevent that from happening every time.

Would happily pay for the development of a few features like undo, and maybe snap-to but this doesnt stop us from loving this game.

The problem with level 36 is when we complete it and when we speed up theres this 1 guy who is dumb and blocks the whole traffic (theres 3 levels that we completed theres was lots of gridlock but your game still counted it was going normal and we got away with it) Anyways, we love this game! We wish you can expand even more further that reach the level 100s, we want to see route 222 be expanded and add new interstates, routes, and roads, also, please make level 23 be connectable, It just a stadium with a bunch of parking lots, And one thing thats weird is that theres a small dealership thats surrounded by water, idk why its there, Thanks, we hope new updates will have our suggestions!

This game is so fun, please add more maps UNDO NEEDS TO BE ADDED that is one problem with it. Also, we used to play this on Galaxy, and when we try to stop it making pavement, it stops, But on Apple, when we try to stop making pavement, it doesnt stop. So to conclusion, this game is AWESOME.

Simultaneously zen and confounding. Endless replay value as you try to eke out tiny efficiency gains on completed levels. The decision to include only build and reset controls is clearly a core gameplay mechanic, encouraging players to take what theyve learned and try again. This would not be the same game if you could step backwards through your previous decisions and rectify them piecemeal. You must clear the board and try again, just like in Mario or SimCity. Approaching each level over and over again with a we will do better this time mindset makes this tiny game infinitely engrossing.

We have spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME playing this game. We are constantly trying to improve our current score. We do wish the game had 2 options though. 1. A way to control the volume 2. An undo button. Other than that we love the game. We hope more levels come out or a second version.

Needs an undo or delete feature. When you get into a complex design and you make an errant touch on the screen or a mistake, you might need to start over. Otherwise, this is great fun.

All this game needs is an undo button.

Love the game, not 5 start because of the lack of the undo button. We’ve played and finished them game 3 times in three days. Please add more maps we would also pay for more maps and an undo button.

Please add a delete tool or undo button.

Extremely annoying to have to clear the entire map if you mis-draw something or if you misclick somewhere. Can we get some basic undo/eraser buttons?

Needs to have an undo and erase feature. If there was a layer view it would be great.

The game is addictive and fun to play. However the iOS adaptation has lots of problems with the edges of the screen, so drawing your freeway to the edge always messes things up. Really needs an undo button!

NEEDS an undo button for iPhone. Very frustrating.

There needs to be a undo button because sometimes we make little mistakes, and we mean LITTLE mistakes! When youre almost done creating the best working design, a small mistake can ruin EVERYTHING! It is FRUSTRATING that when small mistakes happen, you have to start over! Im always afraid to mess up! PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ADD A UNDO BUTTON!!!

Great idea for a game. Could be a lot of fun to play. We ended up deleting the game after about 10 minutes. Roads are too difficult to make. What makes it worse is theres no undo button. The game is unplayable however with the right improvements it could be a solid game.

Great concept and the gameplay itself is fun, but on anything beyond basic levels/sectors it becomes more of a battle with the UI instead of fun puzzle solving, mostly due to the lack of any kind of undo or erase function. One mistake or pathing glitch, and you must clear the sector and start over; and since it depends on fairly precise freehand drawing mistakes are pretty easy to make. We played for a few hours then gave up in annoyance.

This game desperately needs an undo button. Strange that it doesnt have one, as that seems like it would be a basic feature. People have been saying this for years though, so it is unlikely that the developers will listen. A grid snapping tool would also be a huge improvement. If it had an undo button and grid tool, this would be a 5 star game.

It needs basic tools like delete or erase otherwise ever time you accidentally tap the screen you have to start over from the beginning.

Its very entertaining and good to pass the time. But the lack of an undo or erase button really kills it. Add the undo or erase and we will gladly change our rating to a 5.

The app is not optimized for mobile use you will constantly close out of the app by mistake.

Because of the activation zones on the iPhone screen for sub-menus, its not always possible draw roads from that edge of the screen.

Difficult to draw roads, no erase button, but no ads so, refreshing.

This game has potential, but the fact that there is no undo button is a major flaw in the game. There should also be a way to remove roads or even better, parts of roads. Connecting roads also is a bit wonky. But, without an undo function, this game is a no-go. We deleted and wish we could get a refund.

A really fun concept that is rendered nearly ruined by the lack of any undo function.

You tap in one spot and the app draws in another. No undo tool, eraser, or any indication what the stats mean.

The more we play this the more we realize how TERRIBLE the controls are. Makes the game annoying to play. Pass on this one.

We will happily change to 5 stars if an undo button is added. Great game but lack of either undo or delete buttons just makes the experience very infuriating.

Its a good game but we wish Id never bought it because it seems like the developer doesnt care.

Brilliant concept poorly executed.

We regret buying this. It was fun on the first two levels, but once it got to the busier interchanges, it was just too difficult to draw out the roads. We kept having to restart since there is no pinch/stretch zoom, erase or undo. We want our money back!

#1 requested feature, dev doesnt care. Ruins an otherwise decent game.

We’ve never been so irritated with a game. It’s an incredible concept, but basic functionality is terrible. No undo, too close to edges which is always causing issues, and more. Please fix this!!!!

Game is FRUSTRATING because its easy to make a mistake and theres no undo feature. You have to blow away the entire board and start all over again. Not sure if its worth the $2.99. Graphics are a bit too crude. Not enough real estate to lay out roads, especially with how easy it is to mess up. Needs UNDO!

Literally the only thing this game actually needs, its so easy to prank yourself an hit the wrong button or drag weird- ruining a build.

Great game. Can you add a way to clear the whole world? Thanks!

We live playing this game and we havent found anything thats close to it. We’ve played it over and over because theres no new additions. We wish theyd make more levels and keep updating.

This is a really fun and addicting game, even though it could use a few things, like an undo button, and many bugs fixes to fix roads going to places you don’t want them to go. Overall though, we enjoyed the game and we hope it eventually gets more updates.

This is a great game! It has a lot of potential but we finished the game in under a day. Please add more levels!!!!!

This game is just awesome. Theres no other game like this. Had more fun with this game than battlefield 5. Thank you so much devs for making this game!

This game is harder than it seems. Anyone can draw the lines and connect them, but you gradually learn new methods and templates that can be adjusted for each level. The new photo challenges are nice because they give you a target for each level. You cant press undo in life, so why would there be an undo button here? We would appreciate a bit more info about the efficiency formulas, but this seems to be partially a PoC for self driving car technology,

This game is hands down one of the best on the App Store, and by far our favorite. It would be amazing to see some more levels in the future!

We have been playing this game for a month now! Im legit obsessed Im pretty sure we just beat it. Reading the other reviews before we bought it we were nervous. Dont listen to the other reviews it is a great game, people say it needs an undo button but that would make this game completely pointless and way to easy! We think this game is awesome, cant wait for more levels!!!

We think the game is great the way that you have to overlook problems to try and match all the roads up. Im not the type of person to complain about whats wrong with games we like to make suggestions and see if the developers move forward with them. Every time you complete level it gives you some score about how much concrete you used, And the efficiency of your highway. We would like to see other players scores to know if we did well or not because how do you really know if you did a good job on this map. Other than that really enjoy it.

We like the game very much. The concept,the levels,the graphics, the game sounds are perfect. Now for the developer, please add road drawing tools to the game. There are lots people who would like to see straight roads and perfectly curved road. AND UNDO BUTTON IS MUST. PLEASE ADD UNDO BUTTON.