Frosthaven Scenario Viewer

Frosthaven Scenario Viewer


Step into the gaming world with Frosthaven Scenario Viewer, one of the top $4.99 games in the App Store! Crafted with creativity and innovation by RVG Software ltd, this captivating Role Playing game is bound to grab your attention. With its content rating of 4+, it caters to a wide audience. Ever since its release on 1st December 2022, it has been constantly updated, with the latest version rolled out on 28th March 2023.

Whether you have a liking for Role Playing, Board, games, Frosthaven Scenario Viewer is sure to keep you hooked!

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The Frosthaven Scenario Viewer is the successor to the Gloomhaven Scenario Viewer used by over 100,000 Gloomhaven players to have a convenient, efficient, spoiler free experience when playing these exceptional board games. The new Frosthaven Scenario Viewer now also allows you to mark scenarios as being completed in addition to hiding spoiler sections with a simple to use touch toggle and custom monster setup based on the number of players playing in the scenario. Elevate your Frosthaven gaming experience!

What’s Fresh in the Latest Update?

Discover what’s new in the recent update of Frosthaven Scenario Viewer on 28th March 2023:

Updated all scenarios with the latest Errata. Errata is shown in the scenario with a yellow underline

Hear from the Players – Frosthaven Scenario Viewer Reviews

Find out what gamers are saying about Frosthaven Scenario Viewer:

Id like to be able to mark scenarios in the list with two more factors. Add a check box for Unlocked and one for Blocked. Would be cool if this was smart enough to tell which are available and blocked upon tapping the mission complete checkbox for the user. Also add a way to track if the loot deck treasure card is looted or not as well as the in mission treasure chest if they exist for the mission. That way this app could track and record our progress and it would be easy to see what missions are available to us. Or if we need to repeat a mission to gain a treasure we missed. Also a icon for missions that require building upgrades to enter would be cool.

The concept here has potentialhowever, the implementation has too many issues to be relied on at the table. A hyperlinked PDF of the scenario and section books would be more usable. We’ve only looked at Scenario 0, but in that scenario: The 6 snowdrifts in the Scenario Key are listed as rubble. A snowdrift in Room 1 is shown as a pile of rubble. In the second room, the entrance is shown as a black circle instead of the number 1, the pit-style traps are shown as mechanical traps, the 4 stalagmites are shown as snow rocks, and the normal/elite indicators are misaligned with the monsters. Section 197.1 is mentioned, but not included. In general: Scrolling is choppy and non-standard. You cannot double-tap a section to zoom to it. Safe areas are not correctly implemented around the corners of the screen or notch, so UI elements are partially cropped off. There is a massive blank area around the content, so you can just scroll off forever into nothingness. References to other sections are not implemented as hyperlinks. The content is represented as medium-resolution images which get pixelated when you zoom in instead of as vector art or text when possible.

Love love this app and what it can do. It still needs to be updated with more errata from the official FAQ, even after the 1.02 release.

The scenario viewer has not been fit accordingly to the iPhone cut out. Part of the words and letters are way off to the side. Hopefully, an update to fix this can occur.

We started our playthrough of FH today and thought the app would speed up the setup of the game. Sadly we found significant errors in the first (zero-eth?) scenario with the layout differing from the actual scenario book. The app shows snow rocks that should actually be stalagmites in the second room. If even the first scenario has these kind of issues there is no way we can trust it for subsequent scenarios, making the app a waste of money.

We used the Gloomhaven version of this app as well, and that app helped tremendously! Yes, there is a charge for the app, but its well worth it imo instead of constantly flipping back and forth between the two books. This way, all info is on your phone screen and is hidden until you reveal it. No books, no back and forth, no problems! One thing we hope the developer makes note of: the app is not currently formatted to fit the iPhone screen with the camera and speaker at the top, so it is hard and sometimes impossible to read and interact with some of the prompts at the top of the screen, but Im hoping this will be fixed!

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