State of Survival: Developer Feedback, February 17, 2022

State of Survival Dev Feedback 17 02 2022

Welcome to Developer Feedback time. We have share some info about most frequently asked questions as well as future developments plans, updates and changes that will be implemented in-game, State of Survival soon. Let’s learn more about the latest changes and development of the game.

  1. First, we have received some feedback from players regarding the Mining Mayhem event, including:
  • It’s too demanding for players who have just participated in State Warfare that there can be no soldiers at the Enlistment Office when entering the Mining Mayhem event.
  • When attacking other players’ HQs, the troops will be killed in the Mining Mayhem battlefield.
  • Players should be allowed to reselect the event time, or at least be informed that the choice is unchangeable.
  • We hope that the Mining Mayhem Finals will only involve the 2 alliances that are competing for the championship, without interference from other alliances.

Thank you all very much for your enthusiasm and support for the Mining Mayhem event. We have carefully read the above suggestions and plan to improve in future updates. So stay tuned.

Next are some other issues of concern:

  1. When will the Firecracker items from the Chinese New Year event be recycled.
  • Don’t worry, the Firecracker recycling will start next week, so please be patient.
  1. We hope there’s another event to get The Joker’s fragments.
  • Thank you all for your love of The Joker events! We’ll be opening The Joker-related events later, currently scheduled for February 14, so stay tuned.
  1. Are there any ways to get the skins from past State Events.
  • This is a good suggestion, we have taken it on board and it is in the planning. Thank you for your advice.
  1. We hope the VIP level cap can be raised to Lv.13.
  • Sorry, Lv.13 for VIP is not available now, but please don’t worry, extra VIP points will be recycled through recycling events.
  1. Is it possible to extend the time period of Reservoir Raid.
  • First of all, we appreciate everyone’s love for the Reservoir Raid event and we understand your enthusiasm to participate in the event as much as possible. Extending the time period will result in fewer players waiting to be matched at the same time, thus making it more likely that players will be matched with the same opponent repeatedly. Therefore, we are not currently planning any extensions, in order to ensure a better gaming experience for you.
  1. There is not enough space in the Settlement, we hope we can delete the World Event season-related buildings.
  • Thanks for your suggestion, we have confirmed that in v1.14.40, we will launch the Settlement Storage feature to help players store season-related buildings and decorations that are temporarily unused. Players will not have to delete season-related buildings and will also have more space to put their favorite decorations. We hope you enjoy the upcoming storage feature. Please stay tuned.
  1. We need more resources to treat and train troops.
  • We have noticed that high level troops require a lot of resources for healing and training, so we have made a series of adjustments in the past few months to try to meet your demands. For example: in version 1.13.60, both sides of the battle during State Warfare will receive a 25% bonus to healing resource consumption; and in December 2021, the improved Azurtane Heist was reopened, allowing players to get more resource rewards in the Azurtane Heist, etc.

In addition, we have also carefully evaluated and finally adopted the community players’ suggestions on Resource plots improvement. It is expected that in the version 1.14.40 release next week, level 9 Resource plots will be officially launched. The efficiency of players’ gathering will be further improved.

That’s all, thank you for your suggestions and support. We’ll see you next time.