Fun Feud Trivia: Quiz Games!

Last updated on May 30th, 2023 at 11:10 am

Fun Feud Trivia: Quiz Games!

Fun Feud Trivia: Quiz Games!

Fun Feud Trivia: Quiz Games! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Super Lucky Games LLC, Fun Feud Trivia: Quiz Games! is a Trivia game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 3rd June 2022 with the latest update 26th October 2022

Whether you are a fan of Trivia, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Fun Feud Trivia: Quiz Games! ?

4,534 people have rated 1.110

What is the price of the Fun Feud Trivia: Quiz Games! ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Fun Feud Trivia: Quiz Games! released ?

Fun Feud Trivia: Quiz Games! was released on 3rd June 2022.

When was the Fun Feud Trivia: Quiz Games! updated ?

The latest updated date of Fun Feud Trivia: Quiz Games! on 26th October 2022.

Where can Fun Feud Trivia: Quiz Games! be downloaded ?

You can download the game Fun Feud Trivia: Quiz Games! from Apple Official App Store.



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    Subscription price is $3.99 per week
  • Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
  • Subscriptions automatically renew at the end of the period unless turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period in the account settings
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Privacy Policy

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Updated on 26th October 2022


  • Daily rewards when you play!
  • Guess the most popular survey answers based on general questions!
  • Starts off easy and gets harder as you level up!
  • Are you smart enough to win? Try it now!
  • New Improvements and Fixes included in this release

Fun Feud Trivia: Quiz Games! Review

We love This game feels like Im playing the real game on TV.

We enjoy this app every time we play. Makes you think!

Love the game it really makes you think while having loads of fun for hours on end. Very good choice for games. We love it.

Self-challenging !! Educational !!

This is a pretty fun & addicting game!

This is a fun game which takes some thought process at times! One big flaw, you have to have the exact answers! We put in pool on a question about what you do in a bar besides drink and got the big X! Come on do better with you stupid game!

We really enjoy how much this game is like the classic show. Our biggest complaint is however that you win coins each round. Other than playing new rounds you have no way to spend them! It would be great if we could buy more gems, hints or even change the background. Just some use for them. We have 16K and its just going up. Also some of the answers are too picky.

Not a bad app, but way too many ads. After every session is finished a new add pops up.

We think the answers need a second look. For example, name a rime when you exchange gifts. Birthday was one of the answers and people dont exchange, gifts are given. Another one was Name what people win on game shows, and BEAR was one of the answers!! Also, when you put for example pizza and the answer is food or meals, its wrong-when it technically is not. This would be fun if the right answers were given.

Fun game but definitely drains your battery fast started out with a 80% battery played 3 rounds and our battery is at 44%

This game is too specific on answers. Like one time we put Baby as an answer and it gave us an X and when the answers were revealed one answer was New Baby. Another one was something someone doesnt want to see on their windshield and we typed Crack and got an X and when the answers were revealed one answer was A Crack. Come on! Also we feel the the coins earned in the game should be able to purchase more gems instead of having to spend real money – but we guess that wouldnt be beneficial to the creators.

But the adds are RIDICULOUS. We had to watch 4 adds straight through once. And this is after every game which only takes less than a min sometimes. The adds are longer. We feel like Im watching way more adds than enjoying the game. And those adds are sometimes very hard to get out of. Sorry, its a big NO for us. Bye.

We responded to a question about what can be found in a hospital with medicine. A synonym for medicine was included in the list but we didnt get credit. It happened again with an item that could be found on a work desk. We deleted the appits not fun to have to predict precisely what someone might label something.

Yes, we have a love-hate relationship with your game. On one hand we absolutely love playing this game, but the problem is it freezes many many times and then you have to start over. It is not our phone we have plenty of room in our phone and this only happens in your app. You need to fix the bugs.

Too many Ads!!! Would be a very nice game but too many ads.

We got a question Name something people win on game shows and it had 4 answers. We got car, money and trip right. We tried EVERY possible thing (jewelry, furniture, appliances). Would you believe the 4th answer was a bear?!? Id like to know on what game show a BEAR is one of the prizes!! Thats the most absurd answer we’ve EVER heard!!

We love Family Feud! The only issue is when we are in the middle of a gamemy answers wont go through. That makes it seem like we are not answering at all. Despite the issue with the gameI still lose our tickets and coins. Very frustrating since it takes almost 2 hours to gain another ticket.

Its really a lot of fun, until you answer the question correctly but without a simple word thats unrelated. Example: Question: Name a kind of pyramid. Our answer: Scheme Their answer: Pyramid scheme Seriously? SO many insignificant problems like this.

We usually love trivia but you need to seriously check out answers to your questions. To the question: Name something found on an office desk-office supplies was a correct answer but so was paper and pens- wait! What?! To most people, pens and paper are office supplies so we tried everything else and, of course, got XXX. We are deleting game until we see an update which will tell us you checked out the questions and their answers because many are like that. For example: Name TV characters that are also found at Disney, you give Disney princesses as a vague answer but there is Cinderella, Mulan, Aurora, Ariel, etc. All of them have been on TV and Disney. How is someone going to know you have grouped them all together. They would XXX out before guessing Disney princesses is correct. Shame on you for being unfair.

The first hundred levels were really good about similar answers. For example if we put cop it will give us policeman. After level 100 it stops doing that. It has to be the exact word or phrase or it doesnt give it to us. Its very annoying. If we say car it should give it to us when the answer is vehicle. Theres at least one or two like that on every board.

We normally don’t mind ads in a free to play game but the frequency of the ads thrown at you while playing is gonna strong arm you to pay the minimum 2.99 to get rid of them or send you back to the App Store looking for another trivia game. Playing the round itself is shorter than then watching the ads. So it’s more like watch ads app and in between ads there’s a mini game you can play while the next ad is loading up. If you stick adds in between levels and not rounds, it would be ok. Since the rounds go so quick.

This game is made not to win, if you dont have the exact spelling, it will not accept, also , there are answers that are impossible to answer because it has Absolutely nothing to do with the questions , there for you are pushed into buying more credits, we would nit spend 1 dime on this game.

Entirely too many ads. Not worth the trouble.

We put telephone and got it wrong. The correct answer was phone. Name an animal starting with the letterc that you would NOT want to eat. Cow was listed as an answer. We think all the burger restaurants would disagree!

Okay when asking what people talk about around the water cooler in an office one of the answers was gossip which makes no sense since thats what they are doing in the first place.

We understand there are ads in free games but please, not after every single turn!

Dont load very quickly extremely slow.

The answers are really kind of awful. Pizza toppings, it marks anchovies, pineapple, and olives as wrong. Junk food, it marks pizza and burgers as wrong. There are many, many, many more examples of this. Ultimately, we are terribly disappointed.

We were feeling the game. We purchased a no ads package for 2.99 and yall charged our card 8.98. What a rip off.

Definitely too many ads. There is a ad after every round or pay at least $5 to not have them? Some of the answers are silly. Overall,it is a ok game but we will be deleting and not getting again.

Answers are too exact or too general. One answer was car and we got an X for auto. And your penalized if the answer is in the same category. Like animals you can train, we said dolphin then said whale, it . Not the same but we still got an X. We really like playing this, it moves fast, but the answers need to be fine tuned.

Fun game but ridiculously excessive ads. Got fed up after one day and deleted the app.

We realize you have to have ads, but after each ad it goes to the App Store to get the game being advertised. Aggravating!

Fun game but the amount of ads is RIDICULOUS! An ad after every round seriously!? Im not paying to get to get rid of ads. We understand some ads but after every round, is that really necessary?

Same as everyone else, lots of errors! Lots of spelling errors! We got a wrong answer because they spelled the answer wrong! Then, Name someTHING that uses a gun. We answered cop, hunter, something else, we cant remember. The last answer was Dirty Harry. What!?!

The questions are way too easy and they give you a lot of time to answer, so theres no challenge. We got bored after playing 3 levels. Maybe kids or teens would enjoy it, but not real trivia enthusiasts. It also gets very repetitive since theres only one game mode. If they added more variety to the game play- such as a speed round or player vs player- and made the questions more challenging, we would consider re-downloading. Until then, deleted.

One level said name an animal that youd never want to eat that starts with C. The 2nd answer was Cow. That was the last straw of terrible answers.

Literally sums up the app you watch more ads than answering questions. Every question you answer is an ad. We wish we can give negative ratings because this app would have gotten a -5 star rating. Dont waste your time downloading. And NO nobody wants to purchase your ad free scam.

The people who created this game has to be stupid. We searched up all the correct answers and some of them gave us and X we hate the game its really horrible to let the people know if the read the reviews first dont download this game.

Way too many ads. Doesnt need an ad after every question. Also, we answered a question with tablet only for it to be changed to computer which fine we get it but tablet was also an answer so why would it change from tablet to computer if tablet was an answer already. Terrible game ripping off a great iconic game show.

The game will be a lot more fun if it didnt freezing & showed less ads.

We were enjoying this game in the beginning until we realized English isnt exactly your first language. You need to include words that have the same meaning if we guess something different. I.e. MY answer: Husband YOUR answer was Spouse. Its the same thing, but there are others that just wrong because you misspelled the wordI.e. Computers was our answer, but you misspelled it and marked it wrong as Compters.

Ads pop up all over the place and dont allow you to actually play.

Played for literally 3 minutes. Ads every second. Deleted immediately.

A few rounds. Got aggravated with the mechanics of the game. The ads are ridiculous! So many ads not enough game! Deleting!

Answer was campfire, we said smoke, wrong. Answers were types of ball, accepted golf, tennis but not gum although the answer was gum ball. Marks you wrong for spelling error but often doesnt register a letter you typed, so itis easyto spell wrong. Too fussy. Not much fun.

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