Account Binding

Account Binding

Tap your avatar (top left corner of main screen) –> Account –> Account Bind!

Currently Android players can bind their accounts via Google+ and Facebook. iOS players can use Game Center or Facebook to bind their account. Those who have VK accounts can use their VK account. Binding an account allows players to play their same character on different devices.

For example: Say you_ve bound Account _A_ through Facebook on Device _1_. If for some reason you want to play Account A on another Device _2_, then you need to download the game on Device 2 and create a new Account _B_. After reaching a certain amount of progress, you just bind Account B through the same Facebook account, which will load Account A data onto that device, and you_re done!

If Device 2 already has Magic Rush downloaded on it (like if you borrow your friend’s phone), then it_s even simpler! Just use the _Switch Account_ function and login to the Facebook account through which your Account A is bound. Voila! (But make sure your friend has also bound his account, or else his data could be lost!)

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