why i lost account when server is being merged?

why i lost account when server is being merged?

dear hero,

sorry for the inconvienience brought to you. but this is just a misunderstanding.

actually , your account didn_t get lost.


If you login to the game during a merger, then the system will automatically log you into a server where you already created another character. If you don’t have another character, then the system will take you to the newest server. After the merger is complete, you can select your old server from the list in the Switch Server page and log back into that server.

(How to switch back to your desired server: from the main page, tap your avatar -> Server List and then select the server you want to return to. Players taken to a new server must complete the New Player Tutorial before they can tap on their avatar.)

if you still have questions, please contact mail service:

[email protected]

thank you for support and understanding!

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