Advance Your Hero (Color Level)

Advance Your Hero (Color Level)

Each hero has several quality levels. In ascending order they are Grey > Green > Blue > Purple.

All heroes, no matter what, start out from Grey. The type and number of runes necessary to advance to each level are different, and they differ for each hero. After collecting all runes necessary to advance, just tap “Advance” to go up one quality level. (This is one method of raising battle power.)

When a hero advances to Green, Blue, or Purple level, one of the hero’s passive skills will be unlocked. Hero equipment will also unlock as the hero advances (tap on equipment to see its info).

Advancing to a new color level requires a lot of runes, so where can we get runes?

1. Campaign stages will drop runes. Each stage will display which runes it contains (and there’s also a chance of dropping other random runes).

2. The Wishing Pool, the different markets and shops, Team Raid rewards, and various packs all contain different runes.

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