Evolve Your Hero (Star Level)

Evolve Your Hero (Star Level)

High star heroes get better attributes, such as attack damage, health, ability power, etc…

Heroes have from 1 to 5 stars. Some heroes start with 1 star, and the highest starting star level in the current version is 3 stars. To allow players to better experience the benefits of raising hero star level, we’ve split up the amounts of soulstones between star levels into several smaller steps. For example, a 1-star hero needs a total of 20 soulstones to level up to 2 stars, but it’s broken up into smaller steps of 4+4+4+8, and at every step the hero gets a bump in power. All the other star levels are divided up similarly. And each star evolution costs a certain amount of gold!

It takes a lot of soulstones to raise a hero’s star level, so where can you get soulstones?

  1. Complete Elite stages in Campaign(can sweep stages passed with 3 stars).
  2. Make wishes at the Wishing Pool (also possible to win whole hero cards here, and if it’s a hero you already own, it will be turned into the corresponding amount of soulstones).
  3. Purchase at the various markets and shops
  4. Complete Quests to get soulstones as a reward
  5. In Crusades, every stage drops soulstones (10 stages total).
  6. In the Monthly Sign In event hero soulstones are given away for free.
  7. Various diamond packs will contain hero soulstones available for purchase.
  8. 7. Participate in various fanpage and forum events for a chance to get hero soulstones as a prize!

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