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The Star Soul system unlocks at Troop Lv 88. Every hero can recieve the protection of multiple Star Souls. Each Star Soul has a varying number of stars. Use Star Stones to light up these stars, activate their hidden power, and give your heroes all-new ability boosts. Star Souls are unlocked in a certain order, and their unlocking is restricted by hero stars and the number of Star Trial stages passed. All-new abilities include Absolute Damage Increase & Absolute Dmg Reduction. Absolute Damage Increase: Increases the final amount of damage dealt by a hero according to a percentage. Absolute Dmg Reduction: Decreases the final amount of damage received by a hero according to a percentage. When a hero lights up enough Star Souls, it will enable a "Change Fate" attribute-changing feature. Using this feature, Commanders can adjust each hero’s Star Soul system attribute distribution according to their current needs. This feature will be released in a later update.

The Star Soul system in particular complements heroes with higher star levels. The stronger a hero’s abilities are, the greater the boost the hero will receive from the Star Soul. In other words, this is a system that allows heroes to receive sustained attribute boosts. Pretty much every time a hero’s base attributes go up, the hero will also be able to get a bigger boost from the Star Soul system. Star Soul boosts to a hero’s fighting power are dynamic and will go up as a hero’s base attributes go up. So whether it’s an early or late stage, enhancing a hero’s Star Soul has a similar effect on the hero.


The Astrologer mode unlocks at Troop Lv 88. The astrologer can control a certain number of star slots to do a horoscope. Each horoscope will add a random amount (within a certain range) of Star Stones or Star Crystals to each star slot. 1 Star Crystal is equal to 10 Star Stones. After doing a horoscope, you can do a Gold Prayer or Diamond Prayer. Prayers will add a random amount of resources to each star slot. Each star slot can only hold a limited amount of resources, after which point the slot will explode and all resources will be lost. Diamond Prayers will not put a star slot over the resource limit.

After each horoscope, there is a certain probability of triggering a Miracle and getting a free prayer chance.

After completing a certain number of horoscopes, the Astrologer will level up. Upgrading the Astrologer will increase the number of free horoscopes you get per day, increase the amount of resources received, and the number of star slots controlled.

At a certain VIP level, a Quick Prayer feature will be enabled, allowing you to fill all slots to max capacity. If you happened to get multiple high-level resources in a round of horoscope, then you could consider using Quick Prayer to collect all the resources.

The Astrologer mode is one of the main sources of resources for the Star Soul system, and it takes a certain amount of skill. Commanders can use prayers wisely in order to get the maximum amount of resources at minimum cost

l After tapping on Horoscope, 1-12 Star Stones or Star Crystals will randomly appear in each star slot. When the horoscope ends, the Star Crystals received will be converted into Star Stones according to a certain proportion.


l Gold Prayer and Diamond Prayer will add 1-8 resources in each star slot. Each star slot can hold up to 20 resources. The star slot will be unable to hold resources past this limit, and the current resources held in the star slot will all be erased. Gold Prayers may cause resources to exceed the limit, but Diamond Prayers will not cause resources to exceed the limit.


l Get Star Stones which can be used to light up stars in the Star Soul system.


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