How to get STAMINA?

How to get STAMINA?

Never have enough stamina? The following are ways to get more stamina:

1. Daily chicken leg buffet 2xs. After server reset time at 5am, you can claim your first stamina meal any time. Your second stamina meal can be claimed any time 6 hours after claiming the first up until the next 5am server refresh. Each time gives 60 stamina.

2. Every time you upgrade troop level, you’ll get some free stamina.

3. Automatically get 1pt of stamina every 6 minutes until reaching the max limit. But you can still claim stamina buffet past that.

4. Diamond Buy: The higher your VIP level is, the more times per day you can buy stamina. Check VIP privileges for specifics. The more times you buy, the more diamonds it costs!

5. On the World Map, when you rally attack Wild Monsters, there’s a chance they’ll drop items that can be redeemed for stamina.

6. We will often be having various events on the fanpage and forum where it’s possible to win stamina as a prize. Come follow us now!

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