New Alliance Stage

New Alliance Stage

When your alliance reaches Lv 7, a new Alliance Stage portal will be added:

Alliance Stages are related to Alliance Activity Pts. The rules for Activity Pts are as follows:

  1. Alliances gain 1 pt of Alliance Activity for every point of stamina spent by alliance members. Each member can contribute up to 720 pts per day.

  2. The Alliance Leader or an Elder can choose to spend a certain amount of Activity every Sunday to open an Alliance Stage. After a Stage is selected, it will be open for play on Monday at 05:00 server time.

  3. Alliance Stages are divided into 8 levels of difficulty. At Alliance Lv 7, difficulty levels 1-4 are unlocked. At Alliance Lv 8, difficulty levels 5 to 8 are unlocked.

  4. When an Alliance Stage is open, Alliance Team Raid cannot be played. After the Alliance Stage is passed, Team Raid challenges will resume.

  5. After Alliance Stage is opened, players can challenge that stage from Monday 05:00 server time to Sunday 05:00 server time. After 05:00 on Sunday is monster rest time and no challenges will be accepted.

  6. Activity Pts required for opening the various difficulty levels of Alliance Stages are as follows: Difficulty 1: 100000 Activity Pts

Difficulty 2: 115000 Activity Pts

Difficulty 3: 130000 Activity Pts

Difficulty 4: 145000 Activity Pts

Difficulty 5: 160000 Activity Pts

Difficulty 6: 175000 Activity Pts

Difficulty 7: 190000 Activity Pts

Difficulty 8: 205000 Activity Pts

-ID Cards:

  1. After an Alliance Stage is opened, players can use ID Cards to enhance their heroes’ abilities in the stage.

  2. Each player has one chance to draw an ID Card for each week of Alliance Stage.

  3. Unused ID Cards can be donated to other alliance members for their use.

  4. Once an ID Card is used, it cannot be changed or donated.

  5. There are 5 different types of ID Cards:

Centaur Marksman: Increases attack damage of a player’s Marksmen heroes.

Greybeard Mage: Increases the ability power of a player’s Mage heroes.

Rocket Gunner: Increases the ability power and attack damage of a player’s Cannon heroes.

Commander: Greatly boosts the capability of the reinforcement hero the player receives.

Monster Slayer: Increases the ability power and attack damage of all a player’s heroes.

-Alliance Stage Rules:

  1. The Darkness is always looking out for a chance to steal the power of a hero’s soul. Defeat these imprisoned heroes, and they will join your troop as reinforcements and help you defeat the Dark Rider, Malachi.

  2. Imprisoned heroes are affected by the dark aura, giving these enchanted heroes special abilities. Choosing the proper order to take on these heroes will greatly increase your chances of passing the stage.

  3. Even the earth itself is not free from the invasion of the Darkness. Each hero’s battlefield will have different map mechanics.

  4. Defeating the four imprisoned heroes will unlock Malachi’s seal. Defeat Malachi and your whole alliance will reap huge rewards.

  5. Each alliance member can make two challenges per day.

  6. Each Monday after the Alliance Stage refreshes, the Alliance leader or an elder can choose to spend Activity Points to activate a Wealth Blessing, which will increase the amount of alliance honor, Academy resources, and Soul Coin rewards given out by Alliance Stage.

  7. Every Friday and Saturday, the alliance leader or an elder can choose to spend activity points to activate a Power Blessing, which will increase the damage dealt by all alliance members in the Alliance Stage.

  8. Blessing effects last for the current round of Alliance Stage.

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