tree of Life

tree of Life

Tree of Life Rules Description:

  1. At the beginning of creation, each alliance will receive a gift from the goddess of life—the seed of a tree of life.

Members of the Alliance work together to gain a fountain of life and water the tree of life. For each drop of water, the tree of life gains a little growth; for every 300 drops of spring water, each member will receive a gift from the Tree of Life.

After the growth value reaches a certain value, the tree of life will be upgraded, and will also give a better gift to the entire alliance. Over time, the tree of life will grow from green onions to big trees.

  1. The way to get the fountain of life:

1 Monster buildup. Members of the Alliance may gain the legacy of the monster through the Monster Gathering Alliance. Alliance members will open the Monster Legacy to gain rewards and a fountain of life. Each day, up to 10 monsters are inherited from each league.

2 Buy Union Gift Box. Allies buy Union Gift Boxes and other members receive gifts and fountains of life when they open.

3 Purchase a gift package. The purchase of a gift by an ally may trigger a gift box. Other members open the gift box to receive a gift and a fountain of life.

  1. Three ways may trigger different quality gift boxes. The quality is divided into: ordinary (white), excellent (green), excellent (blue), epic (violet), and legend (orange). More than 3000 (including 3000) gift packs are bound to receive legendary feedback gift boxes.

The quality of the five quality gift boxes is divided into 1, 1, 2, 3, and 5 (the number of springs in the box is 1 drop). The higher the gift quality, the better the gift rewards. Lucky players may also open the purple beast and the hero’s entire card.

The gift of the Tree of Life and the three gift boxes are valid for 2 days. If they are not picked up for more than two days, the system will automatically clear them.

  1. Players can go to the avatar-system settings and change the gift box trigger display to anonymous.

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