Unlock after team level reaches level 13! Players can apply to join an alliance created by others, or they can create their own alliance (spend 300 diamonds).

  1. Assembling Attacks: Players in the same league can gather and attack a single target or occupy a vein by assembling an offensive function. Other players involved in a staging attack will be deducted for one attack and will skip the declaratory phase at the time of completion of the assembled unit and enter the war state directly with the attacked player (the number of destructive attacks on the monster will not be deducted). Resources are divided equally. The build-up must be completed within 60 minutes, but the coalition members must travel within five minutes with the assembler’s sponsor to participate in the build-up. The speed of participation in the build-up march is three times normal. When an attack is assembled, only the sponsor’s team will fight, and the other team’s team’s combat power will increase by a certain percentage to the team of the assembler’s sponsor.

  2. Alliance members can contribute their own resources to upgrade the alliance. As the ranks of the league increase, the maximum number of members of the alliance will also increase. League honors can be used to purchase items at Union stores. Products will be unlocked more often with Alliance updates in the Union Store. Refresh every 24 hours.

  3. Alliance war:

1 Using the season system, the registration league selects the first 321 participating teams based on the team’s copy ranking. Each season is composed of a total of 4 points and 4 rounds of eliminations, each round of a one-day round.

2 Each round of alliance warfare is composed of five stages: registration stage, matching stage, preparation stage, marching stage, and combat stage.

3 On the Monday of the first week of the season, starting from 5:00 to 5:00 on the league this year, only league leaders and elders can sign up for league games on behalf of the guild.

Match the opponent’s time from 5:00 to 6:00 on the 4th of Tuesday and the match is automatically performed. Each season is divided into sub-games, the first round of elimination, the second round of knockout, the third round of elimination, the final five rounds of competition, the points match is a random match.

5 Tuesdays from 6:00 to 18:00 preparation time, all members who joined the alliance before matching can configure the team during this period, and assign up to three teams to one of the upper, middle, and lower three routes.

On Tuesday 6th from 18:00 to 20:00, the team marches. At this time, the configuration and line allocation of all teams cannot be changed. Only the allies and elders can exchange all the teams on the middle and lower roads.

At 7:00 on the Tuesday of the Tuesday, the two armies and three roads met. On each line, the two sides strangled one by one according to the rank of the team’s fighting power from low to high, until one of the many teams had been eliminated, and the alliance that had won two lines was Won this round of victory.

8 There is a continuous battle fatigue setting in the alliance war. Each team reserves the blood volume for the second battle, does not retain energy, and can play up to 5 rounds in a row, and is forced out of play after 5 rounds.

9 points according to the outcome of the championship will be divided into winner group 16 and loser group 16, respectively, into the victory and loser list for the fourth round of elimination, the elimination of the game rules and the same as the championship.

At the end of the 10 seasons final season or when the league encounters eliminations, the league will be rewarded based on the rank of the league. The members of the league will be ranked according to the total rank of the three teams that have gone on the battle. They will receive different awards and be issued by mail.

11 After the end of the finals this season entered an eight-day offseason, the end of the offseason went into the next season.

12 Alliance Wars rewards can be viewed on the leaderboard

13 Alliance Battle: It is guessed that with the alliance war, a total of five rounds. The division game will select 6 games from all the battles, and then the second and third rounds will randomly select 3 games from the winner group and the losers respectively. The fourth round will be the semi-final match and 4 matches. All quiz, the fifth round of quiz is also the final, a total of two games. The betting time is the preparation phase of each round. As of the beginning of the battle, the specific bonus acquisition mechanism should be viewed in the game.

  1. Members of the Alliance can migrate their castles through the veins to the green building points near the Union Mine! The premise is that this vein has been unlocked, and as the league level increases, the unlocked vein rating will be higher and higher! (Including the territories and neutral areas of the countries to which they belong)

  2. Team copy: When the level of the league reaches level 2, open a copy of the team. Only one copy of the team can be challenged at the same time. After the success of the challenge, the second copy of the next copy is automatically started. The members of the alliance can take turns to challenge the same copy. The quantity does not reply, each guild member can enter the team copy challenge twice a day, in order not to affect the experience of other coalition members, the hero can not exceed one minute each time, the fighting time can not exceed 3 minutes, the daily server time 4:30 to 5 points for the monster break time, during which no team copy battles can be conducted. Daily participation in the team copy will also receive a certain number of league honors. When each team copy is cleared, all the members of the alliance can obtain a certain amount according to the team copy level. Alliance honors. If you pass within 4 days of opening a team copy, all members of the Alliance can receive more honorable rewards. A copy of the team will record the cumulative combat damage and maximum word damage scored by each coalition member. The top member can receive an additional honor reward when the copy is cleared. Members who complete the final blow of each team’s copy can also receive a certain amount of honors. When each team’s copy is cleared, the Alliance can receive a certain amount of Alliance Construction Value Awards. Members who join the Alliance after each copy is opened will not be counted in the list of open copies, but they will receive daily rewards. (Also need to go through your own copy, click on the desired rune within 24 hours after the copy is cleared, and roll the dice to a random number. Compared with other people, the size is the highest. You can get the runes up to the highest limit. No. The first place has the opportunity to choose runes three times, and the second three places only have two chances.)

  3. Alliance Technology: Turn on when the league is in level 3. The alliance leader and the elders can choose an alliance technology for R&D. R&D requires a certain amount of R&D time. After the R&D time is over, the corresponding alliance technology will rise to the next level. The higher the level of alliance technology, the higher the attribute and growth value of the addition, and also the longer development time. At the same time, the alliance can develop two alliance technologies. All alliance members can choose one R&D technology to speed up, and each acceleration can reduce R&D time by 20 minutes. Acceleration requires the consumption of certain herbs, and at the same time obtain the corresponding union contribution value.

  4. After joining the alliance, members can use heroes for each other to use for additional checkpoints (other battle modes are still under development) and borrow money to play heroes for each other during the bonus period (such battles are still under development). By lending heroes, you can earn league honors.

  5. League gift box: Union allies can click to purchase different types of gift bags during the event period, and then send out to the league to chat with other allies. Other allies can click to receive in the league chat. After buying the gift box, they can also go to the league chat.

  6. The League learns from each other: You can learn challenges from friends and try out different lineups. This is a good opportunity to train your hero lineup!

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