Subterra Interface:

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1. The center of the main page displays the 4 protectors for that round. Tap on a boss’s icon to view rewards and recommended lineups.

2. On the bottom, players can choose to do a Team Challenge or a Solo Challenge. Choosing Team Challenge will send players to the Main Hall where they can be matched up in rooms or create their own room. Solo Challenge unlocks after Difficulty Lv III is passed.

3. Tap the Whole Challenge icon in the lower left corner to view info on all 7 Subterra bosses.

Subterra Rules:

1. At Troop Lv 55, players can take part in Subterra events. Subterra is open every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 05:00-07:00 and 17:00-19:00 server time. Each time 4 bosses will be selected from a total of 7 for players to challenge.

2. Each boss has his/her own unique mechanics, requiring players to use particular heroes to complete the challenge.

3. Players with a deep pool of heroes to choose from will have an advantage in Subterra. Solo Challenges require players to send 4 lineups.

4. If your pool of heroes is limited, you can try creating a room and waiting for another player to take the challenge together with you, or joining another player’s room. Team Challenge requires you and your teammate to each send 2 lineups.

5. Each day this event is open, players can pass the stages 3 times. 1 chance will be spent when the challenge is completed either solo or as a team. When all chances have been used up, players won’t be able to start another challenge.

6. Players can win lots of runes for completing a challenge, as well as decent amount of Beast Soul enhancement materials and even purple soul components! In addition, when two players form a team together, they will both get rewards from all 4 of the bosses.

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