Talent and Ancient Ruins

Talent and Ancient Ruins

Talent Interface:

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1. The lower left corner is the Captain Skill Handbook. Tap to view detailed info on all Captain Skills.

2. Tap the Stardust Wish button in the upper right to enter the Stardust Wish page.

3. In the middle is the hero selection area. Tap on any hero to enter the Hero Talent page pictured below.


4. The main area in the middle is the hero’s talent info.

5. Tap the Talent Combo button in the lower right to view all the Talent Combos the hero has.

6. The upper middle box shows the Captain Skill the hero has.

7. Tap the “Switch” button on the left to switch heroes.

Talent and Ancient Ruins Rules:

1. Talents and Ancient Ruins will unlock when players reach Troop Lv 70.

2. Heroes at Purple quality level or higher can activate Talents in the Talent page. Activating Talents can greats increase hero attributes. Once activated, continue leveling up Talents to get even more attributes.

3. Some heroes can also activate Captain Skills which will cast a powerful skill at the beginning of a battle. The whole team must have activated a required total amount of Talents first for the Captain Skill to be activated. Before a battle, each team can only select 1 hero to be the captain and cast his or her Captain Skill.

4. Activating a Talent or Captain Skill requires first gathering the requisite amount of talent fragments and star dust. Talent fragments and stardust can be obtained from Ancient Ruins stages.

5. Talent fragments can also be obtained by buying Stardust wishes. The talent fragment hotspot changes daily, and buying a 10x wish must yield hotspot fragments.

6. Some heroes will share the same Talents which will form them into teams. Upgrade the talents of these heroes to a certain level (or beyond) to get bonus attributes. Only a certain number of heroes needs to meet the requirements to activate a group.

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