Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter

Last updated on May 29th, 2023 at 04:40 am

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by ABIGAMES PTE. LTD, Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter is a Casual game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 15th November 2016 with the latest update 21st May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter ?

518,537 people have rated 5.5.15

What is the price of the Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter released ?

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter was released on 15th November 2016.

When was the Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter updated ?

The latest updated date of Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter on 21st May 2023.

Where can Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter be downloaded ?

You can download the game Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter from Apple Official App Store.



Earth’s last hope is in your hands, take control of the lone spaceship and protect Earth from alien swarms. Your goal will be quite challenging as you will have to save the Universe from its evil enemies. In this space shooting game, you will be facing an increasingly large number of enemies in hazardous environments. As the game progresses, you will earn the right to upgrade your spacecraft to unleash its full lethal capacity.


  • Touch screen to move and kill all enemies.
  • Collect items to upgrade or change your weapons.


  • Multiplayer mode
  • High quality images optimized for tablets and large screens.
  • Ability to use active skills during the space battles.
  • The game is packed with 140 levels on various difficulties.
  • Beautiful levels with immersive missions to complete.
  • Multiple extreme boss battles.
  • Upgrade your guns and lasers.
    Enjoy classic space combat – powered up. Download Galaxy Attack Space Shooter now!

Updated on 21st May 2023

  • NEW FEATURE: Hextech Chest – Golden Ship
  • Big event: Hextech Mechanic
  • Mini event: Infinity Stone
  • Fix some bugs

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter Review

Adolf hitler is holding us at gunpoint he wants to gas the jews but we were too busy writing this review.

We have played so many games but this one is the best game ever since we first downloaded it.

The game is so good and fun you shoot space ships and you can play it with other people to we have started trying playing it with our friends and one of them has the GAME we would highly recommend playing this if you had not.

Its fun and amazing we play when Im bored.

It is a very fun and challenging game and its pretty good and it has no ads so its a fine game to play.

When you delete the game and re-download it, you cannot recover your data. It is assumed that when you open the game, it restarts, and then after that you return your data, but when you download the game and open it, nothing works. We hope you understood us well. To solve our problem, download the game on ios, then connect to Facebook, the problem will appear, we hope to solve it as soon as possible, thank you.

So, we do love this game, always play majority of free time, and it is really cool that its slow and progressive if money isnt spent. Just main thing is matching making for PVP. For example, only 10% win rate right now, no beloved ships or skins, and we were put up against someone with the starting 8 ships, and evolved and skins for each. Its just unfair and doesnt make the game enjoyable, he managed to easily get 5/6 waves ahead of us, whilst we were taking twice the time he was. If theres a way to have similar win rates go against eachother, or have people who are overpowered go against similar stats and vise verse, that would be greatly appreciated.

You can only go so far before buying crap. Even if youve watch 1,000 commercials youll still have to pay. They make it impossible. Have plaid this game for years. Been on the same level for months. We refuse to pay more. But Id watch ads which is the same thing.

The ONE and ONLY section of this game that was any fun and was even slightly balanced (PVP Survival) is now just as broken as the rest of the PVP section. The difficulty has been ramped up way above previous updates. Now in 1 vs 100 not even HALF the players ever make it past the first boss. In some cases we’ve seen as few as THREE (YES ONLY FREAKING THREE!!!!!!!) players make it past the first boss. Which is just stupid as it takes away the entire point of the whole Survival section. All these developers (and yes we use around the word developer because at this point if we were ever near one of them in real life and they claimed to be a game developer we would blatantly laugh in their face at such a ridiculous statement) seem to care about is rushing to push out the next mini event in order to make more money off the players that with through the exhaustive use of their credit cards. Even though every single aspect in this game also has promo videos attached to it as well. We dont even have the will to point out all the MANY broken portions of this game anymore. Theres no use. They dont care that its broken, only that enough people are willing to buy their wins and thats it. Congrats. Its time to toss this game in the toilet where it belongs. At least the game Ill replace it with is one that we saw a promo video for while playing this game. Lol. Guess thats karma.

Game crashes after every campaign mode.

We logged out, and back in as you suggested. However, we still did not get everything back. Below is what we have as of today. The evolve levels that we had were set for us to get the Element Lord Ship. It is hard enough to play this game the long way because it seems to force you to have to spend money on it. Please fix this. We were just about to get the Element Lord ship. And now it appears that we will have to start that process all over again. This is not right!

IOS UPDATE IS ALWAYS A DAY IR 2 later than Android!!! The whole thing is screwy!!!

We no longer get a daily gift and lost all our energy points.

This game is fun because it helps us relax and it is good and the alliens are cool.

The first time we started we did not get nothing free but we did become a pro and we have the last spaceship!!!!!!

Only just started playing and Im hooked. The gameplay is just like in the demo and just as fun. The do a good job making it a challenge, and the boss fights are especially cool. If you spend a lot of time on mobile games like we do, we think this is the game for you.

Este juego us gusta pero no us gusta quando pierdo y no tengo diamantes azules y no lo suficiente de monedas entonces tengo q empezar otra vez quiero q quando pierda y lo comience otra vez q empieze en el mismo nivel.

Fun and addictive but expect to pay dearly for it. You can spend hours a day in Campaign mode if youre willing to watching dozens of commercials or pay up. There is a head-on-head mode too. Unfortunately PVP mode is highly flawed and not really worth your time. For example, we commonly gets matched against an opponent whos combat power is four to six times higher than ours. There is virtually no chance of winning such a match up.

If you want to waste some time game is engaging. Be warned like most P2W games this fits the criteria. Advance quickly at first then you hit a wall. Win 10 in a row then lose 15 to keep you from advancing. Advanced weapons almost impossible to achieve without paying. Every 100 to rank up takes forever in PVP and be prepared to meet players/bots way beyond your inventory and become fodder. Complete P2W with little advancement without spending big money.

The gameplay is fun, but this game is a textbook example of predatory practices. There are several different kinds of currencies, ads, premium packs, its nearly impossible to play without spending real money, and lots of it. Even if you subscribe and pay monthly, youll be constantly funneled into spending more and more daily AND watching ads. Its quite predatory and no one should download this app.

Twice now in two days the game completely reset on us. Any and all progress gone. Fix it.

This doesnt deserve any star, people in charge of this game dont care about players.

We have no clue where to click to start the game. It is as busy and over loaded with crap that we have no idea the meaning off that Im just deleting the game. Its the most basic game on the planet – swipe left or swipe right. It fires for you but in between screens, it attempts to show itself as something so cool that you cant put it down. Well, you have to put it down because you have no clue how to do anything with it including getting the next round started. Deleted!

We would spend money on this game if there was an option to use the ship that we buy permanently.

This game really should be fun: It was in the beginning. We will say we are hooked and play almost daily but its like an abusive relationship. We were in a clan and quit playing for over a year when we started playing again our ability to play the player versus player games was disabled and we can join a clan but cant sing in or be an actual part of the clan we can only buy gold daily. We also dont have a sign in password for the clan so we cant leave it because it says it needs our password which we dont have. We keep thinking maybe this was just a time out and if we keep playing our ability to fully play will be restored, not the case. What is worse we can only play player vs player in what they call the arena. This is about 30% actual hackers so it is no fun at all. They zap your ships so you have the weakest possible ships we dont know how these people have any fun cheating on every game but maybe they just try to out cheat each other – we are an over 69 woman this is jst no fun. So we play endless over and over which is boring but does help with stress relief. We wish they would figure out we are no hacker and just let us play but its been like 4 months back to playing now and still in hacker jail. We do get free stuff all the time but we dont know why it happens recently we went from level 103 to 133 just a jump for no reason then we were able to rank up a few of our ships then again no reason went to level 150 ranked up to top talents and all but 1 ship is at the highest rank. We dont know why this happened but it really doesnt help when your playing against cheaters and we havent even still. Even able to beat levels we couldnt beat before so its kind of smoke and mirrors – also go into PVP the hackers are still zapping the ships anyway. We have also has fraudulent charges on our account probably the hackers so cant even buy something on the game if we wanted to because when we do then 2 or 3 fraud charges will pop in right with our purchase. Dont play you may get hooked then treated like crap by the developers and the other players.

We used to love playing this game our iPhone had to be reset because of fraud, and that resent our game settings, and for whatever reason this game doesnt restore purchases, from the restore purchase options in setting! Smh, everything we had previously earned, or paid for, has been lost!

Basically, you CANNOT WIN UNLESS YOU CONTINUOUSLY MAKE IN APP PURCHASES. Scam. They have PvP modes that dont use algorithms to pair people based on ship level, etc. Therefore, unless you spend hundreds of dollars on newer, more powerful ships, you spend all your time on the app losing. Their customer service agents claim they are aware that there is a PvP issue and that theyre working on the algorithm to pair players – but thats a lie. This game has been around for years. Disgusting.

We previously rated this game 4 or 5 stars we believe, but now its disappointing. The rewards and skin upgrades are not attainable without spending real money. Before over time you could level up and it was fun, but now the only way to advance is pay money. Even if you do well in the tournaments instead of using the coins that you actually earned, now you trade them end into a random matrix which tells you how many coins you actually get to use. So as an example, we just finished the latest event and earned over 6k coins. When we went to the matrix we only had about 200 event credits which only allows you to buy 2 of the 3 lowest items out of 9. What makes it better is those 2 tickets that we acquired are only good to go into another random matrix with a chance to land on another 9 items. Like other said before, before they turned to profits only it was great! We delete and download from time to time to see if they have changed it back and clearly this is a cash cow for some. A truly good game has been ruined.

Great game being playing it for years. At the end is very hard but entertaining.

This game is great its just like galaga if you like that kind of thing but on mobile.

Your game is awesome its very talented and very fun we hope you see this have a great day.

Im a great ummmmm, we just cant say it but ITS FIRE.

What’s going on? You’ve taken away all the every daily bonus there is, it’s really sad how greed screws up a game, we’ve had this app for over 5yrs, you can barely win a match the games rigged for the highest purchased what a joke!

Oh our god this game soooooooooooooooooooo good we play it for hours except we don’t like the ads.

The problem we have with game is we like to play with our iPad turned sideways and the doesnt rotate. Which is funny because the ad we watched and clicked it demoed sideways.

When you go spin for a prize there is no way to get back to the campaign without force closing and restarting the app.

We loved this game. It reminded us of space invaders on Atari. Now, however, you end up playing people who are miles ahead in experience. We play a lot. And we are now winning about once per day. In PvP when someone gets 6 levels ahead they win. Thats great, but when Im a level 63 playing a level 155 we’ve lost on the second stage. We dont mind losing a bit, its all part of the game, daily Im at about 12% win percentage.

We really liked this game but glitches halted our progress and would not refresh rewards or quests. Support copied and pasted their responses to us over weeks, so we deleted it. We really put some good work in but we wont stand for jerking your fans around. Lame.

We had just bought something and it took the money from our account but it hasnt given us the item that we bought, bummer.

We actually love this game we enjoy playing it. Unfortunately the games algorithm cheats! We have recorded the game to make sure it was not just us losing track or was the game really cheating. We have found if you purchase skins, ships or bullets you do not get them as often as youre supposed to you get them on your very last leg. Unfair. When youre battling live the more you spend the quicker you get one of your ships that youve paid for, unfortunately if you do not keep spending money you never get upgrades so youre constantly losing. So our advice to you is dont pay for anything use only the free stuff so the game does not cheat.

When watching ads to get free play on 1v30/1v100, the game often starts before the ad is done playing. Many times our ship is destroyed and free play over before the ad is complete (I can hear the game going while still watching the ad). This happens specifically with the EXTREMELY long Royal Match ads. Not only are they ridiculously long, you have to click through a gauntlet of Xs and arrows to successfully complete the ad without being directed to the App Store. We understand the need to generate revenue, but come on!

So in the ads it said after every wave you clear you get an upgrade well we just got internet ads and no upgrades so we dont recommend it Becease there ads lie.

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