Truck Simulator PRO 2

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Truck Simulator PRO 2


Truck Simulator PRO 2 is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by CONSULIT PIOTR KAZMIERCZAK MICHAL MIZERA SPOLKA CYWILNA, Truck Simulator PRO 2 is a Simulation game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 2nd February 2017 with the latest update 19th December 2017

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Entertainment, or Racing games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,171 people have rated 1.7

You can download the game Truck Simulator PRO 2 from APP STORE.


This is the moment everybody has been waiting for – we present the brand new Truck Simulator PRO 2, a bigger and better version of the highly successful last year’s edition. Build up your transporting empire driving huge and powerful trucks on American soil in the best and most advanced simulator
game available on mobile devices.

An enormous open world with thousands of miles of precisely mapped roads awaits for your arrival. Admire carefully designed viaducts, huge road intersections and bridges as well as more diversified routes amongst hills, valleys, deserts and swamps.. TSP2 enables you to explore the eastern half of
USA’s highway system and visit 12 big cities: Las Vegas, Denver, Phoenix, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Helena, Portland, Salt Lake City, Seattle, El Paso, Albuquerque, San Diego.

Have you ever wondered what is it like to work as a professional truck driver? Experience the struggle through realistic fatigue and fuel consumption systems that can leave you with your gas tank empty in the middle of nowhere! You need to plan the route carefully and manage every aspect of your work to deliver your cargo on time and maximise your gains. Remember, you are not alone on the road – the police will be watching closely, so any type of reckless driving, speeding or damaging other vehicles can result in tickets and penalties that affect your wallet.

Along the long and winding road to wealth you will get to acquire and drive 8 different, fully customizable trucks, each with a different driving model. You can customize various elements of your trucks, from mechanical like gearboxes and engines to visual like wheels, fenders, exhausts and other
chrome goodness- you are limited only by your imagination!. Feel free to create a powerful truck of
your dreams and compare your designs to those of your friends.

Sick and tired of repetitive tasks? That is no longer an issue! In Truck Simulator PRO 2 you will
experience realistic quests of a professional driver – like delivering timber to sawmills or heavy
machinery to road works. Hundreds of missions to accomplish will keep you occupied for a long
period of time!

▶ 8 trucks with different driving models that you can own, customize and upgrade
▶ Variety of cargos to transport across a huge map covering the eastern half of USA
▶ Over 30 different types of shipments/cargos to deliver
▶ Breathtaking open world to explore
▶ 12 big cities to visit
▶ Realistic fuel consumption and fatigue system
▶ Expanded customization
▶ Hundreds of realistic quests
▶ Detailed interior view for each truck

Updated on 19th December 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Howdy Truck Simulator PRO Friends,

iPhoneX support! Enjoy the best truck simulation for mobile on the gorgeous edge-to-edge display!

Fixes and improvements in current version:

  • MAJOR UPDATE – added assistants mode – now you can hire other drivers to do your jobs!
  • Improvements in car traffic
  • Improvements of truck behaviour in higher speeds
  • Graphical enhancements
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

Thank you for your continuous support! Have fun!

Truck Simulator PRO 2 Reviews

We love this game! It would be more realistic if you added road trains. You should need a perk to pull the road trains, and the more perks you have the longer the road trains can be. Overall though great game. Thanks so much!

It needs to update more needs more trucks needs to feel like real life truck driving where if you get a ticket you need to be pulled over by the cop not just a ticket and we would like to see more weather like wind snow sleet we would like to see where you dont have to pull into a truckstop you can just pull off the side of the road and sleep and also if you need a little bit asleep we would like to see you can control your sleep you need a little bit then you can take a little bit.

Love the game!! One thing. We should have break damage and Jake breaks! And we should have multiplayer! Plus we should add the speed limit to the map. And actually add oversized load trucks and jobs.

The game is awesome but can use more updates like flashing beckon lights for on the truck and jobs where you can hall more then one trailer at once and have some special trucks like a tow truck and missions where we can hall broken down cars.

Because it has everything you can think of besides e brake.

We love this game. We play it every day for hours. The only thing we wish you could do to make it better is to put a exhaust/Jake brake on the trucks. If that could be applied to the game this game would be the best truck Driving game out there. So please please add that minor detail of the exhaust/Jake brake.

We want to play with controller plz add support for it.

Can u add a jake brake and can we travel over to the east coast for longer hauls running the same runs get old.

Its an awesome game we absolutely love it. The only thing we dont like is that you cant sell old trucks once that is fixed it would be the best game yet.

Excellent Can’t wait to climb up in our cab and go to work.

We need a steering to drive more easily.

This game is one of the best!!!! Only con we have is the trucks dont have different sounds, they are all the same and its boring like that!

Please add multiplayer with a stable connection! Would love to play with friends.

Its need more customization in the game we love it need more stuff to put on the trucks.

A awesome game we just wish that the blinker buttons was a little big and we can play music.

This game is hard and our mom is going to get a new phone which will have 4X more space than this phone.

We LOVE THE APP IM A TRUCK DRIVER MYSELF we WOULD LIKE TO SEE A PETERBILT 379 dual exhaust with straight pipes option and different type of options for stacks would be awesome!!! Plz add a Peterbilt 379 day cab with dual exhaust For truck options Lights front and back of truck Different type of Stack pipes AND MORE PETERBILTS!!!!!

We like the game is fun but the bakers are bad can you fix it pls and thx.

Can you update so steering works for iPhone 11?

We love the game when yall going opening the hold maps so we can drive cross country that would be great.

You should add a new truck called rocker smooth 2. It should have extra wheels in the front and back. Upgrades So you should extend the length of the roof sleeper lights and make them more realistic. And make the time of the haul off because when Im on a quick haul Im losing time even when we skip red lights and the time keeps running out even when we have the fastest truck in the game. New Trailers You should make trailers more realistic. Also make a new trailer that has two trailers and you can make your own trailer in main menu for your own account for all the ones you have. And add detail to the grizzly power. Also a reminder to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PlEASE just make a trailer extend to when you choose your ride PLeASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us choose how many trailers we want to choose to haul for extra money. And make level up gems 20 gems and make stuff more cheap.

So much fun no ads really cool game.

How do you get out of the trucks.

Just amazing for a mobile game.

Add weight stations and some snowy road ways.

This game is the best truck game ever.

This driving have is great, but we would enjoy it more if it had controller support.

This trucking game is the best one we have ever had !!!!

We just recently re downloaded this app, when we noticed their was no restore purchases now all of our previous purchases was lost.

We think the game is fantastic however we also play the trucking USA game and we noice some aspects of the game that we do prefer 1. Would be jake brake 2. Would be we own several trucks on that game and the engine notes are very different for every truck that we have we have a cabover kenworth on that game and the sound of a catapillar engine is distinctive it matches the truck when we drive our peterbilt the engine note is different it matches the truck sounds like a Cummins xc15. 3. Weight stations. 4. The drive experience taking off the truck is slow and stopping is a bit abrupt. 5. The ability to increase hp and torque numbers offers more power upgrades. 6. More space for turns would be sooo amazing. 7. One of our ultimate faves being able to play online play with other truckers would be nice nice. We like opt of career and lobby. 8. We know this is different but we would like to have the option of extending the axle on the cabover just a single axle is ok but another axle would be better. 9. It would be nice to had can model upgrades for the trucks. We noticed that this game is very detailed and we really like that if you do add weight station it would be cool to see the weight number roll on the scale. 10. One more thing and we think this would make this game stand out offer more trucks configurations and even van options for different. Missions we have not seen any other game off sprint van type options and straight truck weigh 16ft, 22ft, and 26ft box trucks. And have them Customizable too this game would certainly take over its 3/4 there just needs some more options. Just take some looks at trucking USA.

The customization is really good BUT! As a suggestion to the developers… You should allow us to customize the size and height of our stacks and the length of the wheel bases and also have a little more detail to the fenders such as double jump fenders and colors and visors for the windshield!

Really love the game (best truck simulator we’ve played) its a great time passer. But! We would really love an engine brake! Thanks.

Need weight stations, big map with more states like New Jersey, New York we mean east side of u.s.a , more trucks in traffic.

This game is awesome definitely a 5 star but just one thing we wish the trucks had a cruise control Hope this gets added Thanks.

We need more trucks and variety of cargo but so far we love it.

Very fun game thats easy to get addicted to. Very realistic graphics and easy to play.

Please add a Engine break to the game even if we have to buy it idc thats all this game needs to be perfect thanks.

We like the game but the timing is its not realistic.

Amazing game accept why does it cost free thousand dollars to park at a motel and sleep in the back of ur cab plz change that as well as it being an amazing game why does it take away all ur time at the hotel?????!!! Plz fix that anyway great work amazing game.

Can you guys update where you can customize the interior of the truck too? And more accessories to the truck. Like interior accessories. Like a gps and others. Other than that, its freaking addicted!! We love it and we cant stop playing it!! Keep it up and more updates please!!

This game is amazing and very fun to play. There are a plethora of good things about this game. We wish that there would be better truck sounds. The steering is pretty annoying the more we play the game. It would be nice if it was smoother especially on turns with the trailer. If there was a way for the map to not take up half of the screen, that would be awesome. In reality, if a driver needs sleep, we dont think they would be penalized for time in order to drive safely. The ability to drive for companies, take double trailers, and have a story mode would be cool. Some of the roads canter much more than a normal road would. Also, many roads dont have that many curves. It would be nice if there was more weather than 30sec of rain. Many of the longer drives go to the same states. Youre seeing the same thing over and over. Id personally like to see more variety in trailer loads. Possibly have much bigger loads like wide loads would be cool. Lastly, if there is a longer drive, itd be nice if the EXP was worth much more than what it is. Just a couple ideas.

The game has good qualities,but has horrible braking. Turning over 50 kilometers is like turning a car on ice.

Great game just 2 small things wrong. 1. Yes the steering is bad but only on the first 2 trucks. The 3rd one is perfect. 2. The map is in a bad spot but you can click it out of the way just watch for the turns so really its pretty good. Im happy with it.

BIGGER CONTROL Options. We need bigger controls whenever we go turn we often hit the wrong button and on highway we will crash.

We love the game but we were wondering if there was anyway to get the trucks, to have a jake break and make it where you can go into Canada and more of the USA.